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Dare to compare: announcing hotel price comparison on Gogobot

By: Gogobot Editors’ Choice 

Our mission at Gogobot has always been to help travelers find the perfect places to go at home or abroad, in short, to be the go-to place for places to go. From hotels to restaurants to attractions, millions of recommendations, reviews and photos from people like you help put your finger directly on the places you’re most likely to love.

Now it’s easy to make the money-saving most out of the great advice you’re used to finding on Gogobot, with metasearch. Meta-what, you say? That’s the technical term for at-a-glance hotel price comparison. Search major sites like Hotels.com, Expedia, Booking.com and Travelocity and save up to 25% on the price of your hotel, without leaving Gogobot. Easy as pie.

Tweet that: Dare to compare. Gogobot now helps you get the best price on hotels, from sites across the web. Try it now http://gbot.me/NadpTq  #gogodeal


Price comparison for the W New York

“On the heels of Tribes, hotel metasearch is Gogobot’s most exciting new feature,”said Gogobot CEO and co-founder Travis Katz. “With the launch of metasearch, Gogobot now marries intelligent recommendations on where to stay with real-time visibility on pricing from the web’s top booking sites. For our users, this is a big win, streamlining the trip planning process further while saving them 25 percent or more on their accommodations.”

Did you know that the majority of travelers pore over an average of 15 travel sites before booking? (source: 2012 report by the Cornell School of Hotel Administration) In fact, nearly 5 percent of travelers — and remember we’re talking about millions of people, so 5 percent is quite a few –actually visit more than 150 sites before securing a room on a hotel’s website. Hotel price comparison should drastically reduce this slog through the internet. For example, a quick search of Las Vegas hotels on Gogobot now reveals prices from more than 30 different booking sites.

So whatever your summer travel plans — a jaunt to Paris, a stop in Seattle, or a few months backpacking Southeast Asia, just set your dates and let our new price comparison tool find you the best deals from across the web. Dare to compare!

Try it now.


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