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In the Limelight: Schel

By: Gogobot Editors’ Choice

Gogobot - Travel Reviews, Tips & IdeasSchel is a single father living in the San Gabriel Valley, Los Angeles. By day, he is in contract management: reviewing, writing, and negotiating contracts between businesses. He is also an action sports photographer who shoots things like Division 1 college sports, skiing, snowboarding, auto racing, and car shows. A Gogobot Pro since 2012, Schel is also a leader in the Family and Adventure Tribes. Just check out his Kid Stuff OC guide at left for great tips on what to do with little ones in Orange County.

Gogobot: What is it that you love about travel?
Schel: I have traveled most of my life. I have always felt that as you travel and learn about other places, you appreciate your own area more. It also adds great insight into why people  see the world in the way that they do. I absolutely love learning these things. It also helped that my family, while I was growing up, was more interested in experiences then in things.


Nikon in hand

Gogobot: What are your favorite destinations and why?
Schel: My favorite destinations are places that are adventurous and outdoorsy. For example, Mammoth Lakes, Ca. Not only is it a winter wonderland where you can go ski or snowboarding, but during the summer you can see some truly rare and special things that exist in few or no other places on Earth (Devils Postpile for the rare and you can stand within the San Andreus Fault for the no other place on earth). 
Walking the Freedom Trail, Boston

Walking the Freedom Trail, Boston

GOGOTIPDon’t be shy, be willing to try new things, and open yourself up to the crazy factor.

Some of my other favorite places would include Thailand, San Francisco, and Chicago. Thailand is the most lush, verdant, friendly, and inexpensive place that I have lived. San Francisco has great restaurants, night life, and is close to many wonderful outdoor activities. Chicago to me has many of the best dining options that I have experienced, as well as some fun museums.

GOGOTIP: Inquire with a concierge about coupons or discounts for any of your interests…You may find a way to save some money or learn something off of the beaten path that tourists never get to experience.

Gogobot: How do you use Gogobot and how has it improved your everyday and travel adventures?
Schel: Gogobot is a very nice tool that allows you to connect with people in places that you are looking at venturing to. The suggestions on the site and app provide some great opportunities that would otherwise be unknown to most travelers. It also broadens your pool of options for advice beyond the hotel concierge and/or waiter at a local restaurant (if they even speak the same language that you do.)

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