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Best Brunches in Europe

By: Gogobot Editors’ Choice

Gogobot - Travel Reviews, Tips & IdeasBloody Mary, Mimosa, Eggs Benedict: the holy trinity of brunch, with bagels and lox thrown in when you get within 100 miles of NYC. Brunch, the breakfast lunch hybrid perfect for a lazy Sunday is a weekend institution in the United States, where Mother’s Day would never be the same, and many young professionals would struggle to cure their hangovers without it.

Brunch has really only started to catch on recently in Europe, where Sunday lunch (from a ‘roast’ in England, to 3-4 courses with your entire extended family in Italy) has traditionally held sway. These days you can find a good brunch in many of the Continent’s capitals, each with their own quirky touch, from cupcakes three-tiered silver trays. Read on for the best places to dig in to brunch in Europe, but be warned: you may need to pack your own horseradish and celery. We’ve had a tough time finding a Bloody Mary outside the U.S. that knows what to do after tomato juice + vodka.

Brunch at Brunch and Cake, Photo by: Tina Nguyen, Gogobot

Brunch at Brunch and Cake, Photo by: Tina Nguyen, Gogobot

Homemade all-day brunch…American-style eggs benedict are on offer at Brunch and Cake and with a location that’s central and accessible, you can’t go wrong. Plus, finish off your meal with a cupcake, their other specialty. A nice break from tapas!

Gusto offers a buffet that features a mix of American favorites like scrambled eggs and Italian primi and secondi, with al fresco tables on Piazza Augusto Imperatore, this is a popular choice among expats and Italians alike, so try to arrive early (That’s 12 pm in Italy!)

Gusto, Photo by: Teresa Kim, Gogobot

Gusto, Photo by: Teresa Kim, Gogobot

The Acoustic Cafe, a humble Stoke Newington outpost, serves brunch all day, in numerous exciting variations from Popeye’s Delight (Eggs Benny with Smoked Salmon AND spinach) to Mediterranean breakfasts and pancakes. Relaxed, super friendly, and with great coffee, this is a perfect place to get your fix. We also like the Breakfast Club, with its various locations around London, but the long lines at weekends can get old quick!

Berlin needs brunch. It needs it bad, because, let’s face it, you’re going to spend a few nights out at the clubs and/or bars, and the next day you’re going to need to recover. Cafe Rix is a favorite spot to handle a hangover, if you can get there before 2pm when brunch ends. The setting, in a former ballroom next to a courtyard, is an added bonus. Other morning-after favorites include Anna Blume, where breakfast arrives on a three-tiered tray, like an illegitimate child of brunch and high tea that whispers sweet nothings to your hungover soul.

Courtyard at Cafe Rix, Photo by: Rachel Stern, Gogobot

Courtyard at Cafe Rix, Photo by: Rachel Stern, Gogobot

Brunch is not Amsterdam’s forte, but if you find yourself in the Dutch city and in need of French Toast. look no further than Gartine. They grow their own vegetables and make their own pastries, and while you won’t find many egg dishes or even mimosas on offer, the pancakes and french toast have a real reputation for delicious-ness.

Koff is our standout on the Parisian brunch scene. In a city that’s often traditional and a bit staid, Koff does a 21 euro brunch that hits the spot with scrambled eggs and smoked salmon, plus pancakes. Did we mention that bagels are available? Convenient to the Abbesses metro in Montmartre, here’s a great place to while away a hungry morning.

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