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Our May Gogobot SF Rock Star of the Month – Donna H!

May Gogobot SF Rock Star of the Month

Our May Gogobot SF Bay Area Rock Star of the Month is Donna H! With over 640 San Francisco spots stamped in her Gogobot Passport, she’s a veritable local expert (and worthy of the title “SF native”)! Today she shares her travel aspirations and favorite spots in the world.

1.) What do you like most about using Gogobot?

I really like the Questions section, and sharing great places and must-eats that might not be in a guidebook. It’s like “go here and fall absolutely in love with this city.” Another thing I really enjoy are the events. They’ve been really creative and it gives me the opportunity to meet travelers and explore neighborhoods I might not usually hang out in.

2.) What are some of your favorite spots in the Bay Area?

Breakfast: Art’s Cafe
Parks: Dolores and Lafayette (People watching and dog watching!)
Flea Market: Treasure Island (The views of the city are amazing, and there are some really cool finds)
Farmer’s Market: Alemany
Stadium: AT&T Park (Those Giants and garlic fries)

3.) Where is your favorite spot to travel to in the world?

It’s odd for me, but I really love Hong Kong. I was born and raised in San Francisco, but I’ve traveled there to visit family for as long as I can remember. Maybe it’s nostalgia, but I love everything about the lifestyle and the vibrant city. The food is amazing – even something as simple as a noodle soup breakfast and a Hong Kong-style milk tea. I also get to brush up on my Cantonese. Not to mention, their subway system is impeccable. I don’t really have a lot of family back there now, so it’s been a while since I’ve been back.

4.) Where are you looking to travel next?

Southeast Asia‘s on my list – definitely Vietnam and Thailand. I still like the idea of hostels and roughing it a little, but also relaxed travel. So when it happens, it’ll be important to find like-minded companions. I’m most excited about the food. It sounds amazing.

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Keane Li is the Gogobot Community Manager for the San Francisco Bay Area. He enjoys craft cocktails and historic landmarks, even better when magically put together.No information is provided by the author.

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