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    2 reviews

    A shot bar. It is a place to get shots. Located near Calle 85 it is one of the places to go and get lit if you needed to. Then off to another club. The shots here are cheap and the bartender has you play some silly games. There are shots specifically for women that are great to get on ...

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  • 2

    Parque de la 93

    4 reviews

    Beautiful place to visit in the Zona Rosa area of Bogotá both at night and in the day. The area is full of a lot of food places to eat. Especially one of my favorites BBC. There are a lot of cafes in the area and the night life here is beers or food. The parks is nice to just ...

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  • 3

    Zona Rosa City

    2 reviews

    Bar district in Bogota, with a vibrant night life especially popular with university students and young professionals

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  • 4

    Bogota Beer Company

    5 reviews

    On of my favorite places in Bogotá, mostly due to the fact that I love beer. But this place is one of the top places to get beer brewed in Colombia with classic flavors.

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  • 5


    3 reviews

    An intersting "cultural" area of the Bogotá. In this area there are a lot clubs and bars. They are not the fancy and fun ones, but where you will find everyday Colombians. It is odd because just a few blocks away is a whole different story. There are a lot of places to eat around here, if you are looking ...

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  • 6

    Centro Comercial Andino

    2 reviews

    Big gigantic swanky mall. I was here because my friend wanted to visit the new Victoria's Secret, we had assumed it was at this mall (we were wrong). The malls in Colombia are a great social gathering place for families and friends. This is no different, just more swanky.

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  • 7

    La Candelaria

    13 reviews

    La Candelaria, the historic center of the city, is the focus of most travel guides and attracts the most tourists. Candelaria does boast beautiful architecture and plenty of museums and other cultural centers, but there’s more to the city than just these few square blocks. Still, it’s certainly worth a visit, especially for the food. The neighborhood, particularly around the ...

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  • 8

    Museo del Oro

    25 reviews

    This lavish museum is a tribute to Colombia's Inca past and the wealth of that culture.

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  • 9

    Botero Museum

    20 reviews

    Out of the many times I have been in Bogota, this was my first visit to Botero Museum. I am not a fan of museums because most have famous names with their bad art, rather than just good art. This is an exception. This place has amazing art work from all sorts of artists, famous and mostly not famous. It ...

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  • 10

    Salt Cathedral of Zipaquirá

    20 reviews

    You can reach Zipaquira via bus from Bogota and it is well worth the hassle of the confusing bus schedule. This salt mine turned Cathedral is mindblowing. The scope the the construction is very impressive. While you are hundreds of feet underground the size of the caverns makes it hard to believe.

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  • 11

    Bogotá Cathedral

    18 reviews

    The Cathedral and square are very impressive. Definitly worth seeing. Be ready to walk!

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  • 12

    Iglesia de Monserrate

    14 reviews

    The view from Monserrate is not to be missed. A cable car ride quickly gets you to the top from which you can see the expanse of Bogota. The top is also peppered with venders and food sellers.

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  • 13

    Cerros De Monserrate

    10 reviews

    One of the iconic landmarks of Bogotá, the sanctuary of Monserrate sits atop the mountain of the same name, which borders the city to the east. Everyone in Bogotá will ask you if you’ve been to Monserrate yet, so you might as well do it early in your trip and save yourself all the recommendations. If you’re feeling brave, you ...

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  • 14


    8 reviews

    Usaquén (market and neighborhood): Back in the day, Usaquén was a village separate from Bogotá, with its own churches, plaza and old cobblestone streets. As the city spread like an amoeba, it absorbed Usaquén into its borders, but the neighborhood managed to cling to much of its colonial charm. With old-fashioned narrow streets and some of the best restaurants in ...

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  • 15

    El Carmen Church

    7 reviews

    A lovely colorful church in a very small street in Candeleria/Centro area of Bogota. It is a one of the main attractions of Bogota (but only recently been there to see it after 4 years). It is not crowded like the other tourist spots as it on the outskirts of Candeleria, but easy to walk to. The church has wonderful ...

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  • 16

    Torre Colpatria

    6 reviews

    on weekends after 9 or 10am and before sunset, you are allowed to the rooftop for COP5000 or so. Very nice 360 view of the city. Should you decide to go, plan for about an hour visit, no need to stay any longer.

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  • 17

    Iglesia de la Candelaria

    5 reviews

    Just a very nice building to look at. There is a lot to do around the area, such as good food or as the youth do, just hang out.

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  • 18


    5 reviews

    Bogota's first major modern mall. While several other gigantic malls have been built since it remains a popular place for people to meet up.

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  • 19

    Plaza de Bolivar

    4 reviews

    I love coming her with my friends and hanging out. Especially with my foreign friends. First time I came here it was just a plaza to hang out at. Each year it seemed like more and more tourist attractions popped up, like taking a photos with the pigeons (an old tradition brought back), but now they have alpacas in the ...

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  • 20

    National Museum of Colombia

    5 reviews

    I am kind of a history nut so this review may be biased BUT I really enjoyed visiting the National Museum of Colombia. It was well organized and easy to get around. I really like the displays and the special programs that they offer. I learned a lot that I never knew about the history of Colombia and South America.

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