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    Salar de Uyuni

    22 reviews

    Giant salt flat in Bolivia's alti-plano not far from the Chilean border. The salt flats are stark and beautiful, and one of Bolivia's biggest tourist attractions. Your visualization experience will change depending on the season you visit the flats. I recommend trying to visit during the rainy season when you can get the stunning visual of a thin layer of ...

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    Isla del Sol

    12 reviews

    Beautiful. It is an absolute must see if you are visiting Lake Titicaca. The sapphire blue lake is spectacular, and being on the island watching the alti-plano change colors at sunrise and sunset is magical.

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    Tiwanaku: Spiritual and Political Centre of the Tiwanaku Culture

    7 reviews

    With major ruins still being uncovered here, Tiwanaku remains a mystery. The uncovered structures are very impressive, especially since they predate the Inca and exhibit the same laser precision and craftsmanship. Some claim this is the society that taught the Inca how to build. However if you are short on time, and have seen other major ruins around Peru/Bolivia, they ...

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    Witches' Market

    5 reviews

    It is becoming one of the more famous cultural sights in La Paz, which is starting to make it feel a bit more kitschy. Try to ignore the other tourists and talk to some of the vendors who will be happy to explain some of their traditions, and may be able to help you experience a reading from a curandero

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  • 5

    Plaza Murillo

    5 reviews

    Probably the most impressive plaza in the city, and filled with history. I have seen the presidential motorcade pul-up there more than once, and be sure to check-out the bullet holes still present in the place and police headquarters from when the police fought the army.

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  • 6

    Valle de la Luna

    4 reviews

    Anice retreat from the urban center of La Paz. Good day trip. Kind of the poor man's Bryce Canyon.

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  • 7

    Plaza 24 de Septiembre

    3 reviews

    Lindismo parque para pasar a cualquier hora del dia, en la tarde venden cafe muy rico unos señores vestidos elegantemente

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    Jesuit Missions of the Chiquitos

    2 reviews

    You got to be a bit of an independent traveler to complete this circuit, especially if you plan to make it to the smaller spots like San Miguel, and Santiago de Chiquitos. But for those of you willing, I was impressed by all the missions I saw, loved the unique Chiquitano culture, and the hot, arid forests of the region. ...

  • 9

    Parque Nacional Amboro

    2 reviews

    Beautiful national park the spans a vast area and encompasses 3 distinct ecosystems (Highland Yunga style rainforest, Lowland Amazon style forest, and dryland Chaco). From the Buena Vista side of the park you can visit the northern (Amazon) part of the park. The hikes inside of the park are beautiful, and the amount of wildlife inside the park is astounding. ...

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  • 10

    Maragua Waterfall

    2 reviews

    SUPER IMPRESSIVE WATERFALL. This might easily be the most epic waterfall in the country, and it has a twin fall 3kms away (Irupampa waterfall). It flows year round, and gets massive in the winter. There are plenty of caves to explore around the top. Getting down to the bottom is a bit of a scamble, but very much worth the ...

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  • 11

    Parque Nacional Madidi

    2 reviews

    A savage experience. There are two different types of deadly butterflies in the park, it seems like half the things you encounter are life threatening. However, incredible scenery, and biodiversity. Be prepared for humidity, and difficult trekking. It is completely disorienting the whole time, as the foliage is too dense to see the sun, so you are constantly lost. Definitely ...

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  • 12

    Zoológico Municipal Noel Kempff Mercado

    3 reviews

    This is one of the saddest zoos I have ever been to. Basically what the zoos in America were like int he 70s (or so). Jaguars caged in concrete blocks, kids feeding candy tot eh monkeys, and they have the audacity to have one of their exhibits be the ones you see on a farm, or roaming the streets ...

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  • 13


    2 reviews

    Definitely a SCENE. lots of people watching, dressed to the nines, pretty decent age range, great live music.

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  • 14

    Irupampa Waterfall

    2 reviews

    At the top sits La Silla de Don Miguel, which is a frighteningly beautiful view of the falls and valley beyond. The falls are over 200 ft tall, and flow year round. In the winter right after a rain they are huge. There is no great trail down to the bottom from the top. To get to the bottom there ...

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  • 15

    Santa Ana

    2 reviews

    A short ride from San Ignacio, the church in Santa Ana is truly a treasure. The church was the best maintained of all the Jesuit Missions, and you can see the local pride and love that the people hold for their church. Check out the amazing organ as well.

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  • 16

    Don Miguel's Chair

    2 reviews

    Not for the faint of heart, or those afraid of heights. It is located at the top of the Irupampa Waterfall. You must lower yourself down about four feet to the seat. Then dangle your legs off the 200ft plus drop. Better than coffee in the morning.

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  • 17

    San Juancito

    2 reviews

    A bunch of reed huts with a school house and a small lake. Nothing in particular to see, but a quaint place to get lost for an afternoon.

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  • 18


    2 reviews

    Also referred to as "Sexpo-cruz", this fair is filled with attractive scantily clad women selling all kinds of products from around the world. There is also food stands, and bars, so it has a festival type vibe to it.

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  • 19

    Cristo de la Concordia

    2 reviews

    One of Cochabamba's biggest attraction. The Cristo is supposedly a bit larger than the world famous one in Rio de Janeiro. If you are up for a work out take the trail up to the top. If you aren't up for that you can take the cable car up. As a warning the trail up has had some safety issues, ...

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  • 20

    San Miguel

    2 reviews

    Nice mission town in between San Ignacio and San Rafael. It is easy to get to either by hired taxi, or motorcycle from San Ignacio, or jumping off the bus heading to San Rafael and San Jose de Chiquitos

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