Borghese Gallery

Piazzale del Museo Borghese 5, 00197 Rome, Italy
35 reviews

We could not speak of Villa Borghese without considering the Borghese Museum and Gallery. On the ground floor and displays sculptures, while on the upper floor the Gallery collects paintings.

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    0.64 mi

    Piazza di Spagna

    Piazza di Spagna, Rome 00187 Italy
    0.64 mi from Borghese Gallery
    110 reviews

    My favorite part of the Spanish Plaza is the fountain. In fact one of the coolest features of Rome is that fresh, drinkable, delicious and free water flows from lions' mouths everywhere you go.

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  • 2
    0.85 mi

    Piazza del Popolo

    Piazza del Popolo, Rome 00186 Italy
    0.85 mi from Borghese Gallery
    82 reviews

    Fun place to go for a few hours. Nothing to do with the People's Piazza. It's about popular trees nearby. Serves as a monument to Roman imperialism with some obelisks that were nicked from the Egyptians.

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  • 3
    0.31 mi

    Villa Borghese

    Piazzale del Museo Borghese 5, 00197 Rome, Italy
    0.31 mi from Borghese Gallery
    69 reviews

    So many people pass up Villa Borghese when visiting Rome. To me it was my escape in the city. The park really is massive - you could wander around all day. The trees envelop you and the little fountains, benches, and museums throughout are not to be missed. Such a great way to escape the crowds and appreciate the beauty ...

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  • 4
    0.85 mi

    Piazza della Repubblica

    Piazza della Repubblica, Rome 00185 Italy
    0.85 mi from Borghese Gallery
    41 reviews

    Definitely go at night when it is just eerily beautiful to behold. Roman grandeur writ very large. And it's a lot of fun too, especially navigating the crowds and climbing the steps.

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  • 5
    0.88 mi

    Via dei Condotti

    Via dei Condotti, Rome 00187 Italy
    0.88 mi from Borghese Gallery
    27 reviews

    Via dei Condotti, directly opposite the Spanish Steps, is home to many of the biggest names in fashion and jewellery. Along the network of picturesque streets in either direction are scores of other shops where your credit card will take a battering.

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  • 6
    0.7 mi

    Villa d'Este

    Piazza Trento 1, Tivoli, Rome 00019 Italy
    0.7 mi from Borghese Gallery
    24 reviews

    Lovely Villa, Beautiful Scenery and Spectacular Gardens. Well worth a day trip from Rome, if you are staying long enough to manage a visit.

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  • 7
    0.7 mi

    Santa Maria della Vittoria

    Via 20 Settembre, 17, Rome, Province of Rome, Italy
    0.7 mi from Borghese Gallery
    18 reviews

    Rome is filled with precious pieces of art history that a traveler in a hurry could overlook, and this church is one. Secreted inside is Bernini's masterwork Ecstasy of Saint Teresa, a prime example of sensual Baroque sculpture.

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  • 8
    0.7 mi

    Capuchin Crypt

    Via Vittorio Veneto 27, Rome 00187 Italy
    0.7 mi from Borghese Gallery
    15 reviews

    Recommended to me by fellow Gogoboters, this is an insanely beautiful yet haunting crypt with the bones of hundreds of Capuchin monks. They have a taste for the macabre, but it's one of the most remarkable tributes to the pedigree of the order.

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  • 9
    0.68 mi


    Piazza del Pincio, Rome 00187 Italy
    0.68 mi from Borghese Gallery
    7 reviews

    A lovely place to sit on the wall, look over a panoramic view of Rome and take in a sunset, the Pincio is also usually less crowded than the Gianicolo.

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  • 10
    0.84 mi

    Santa Maria del Popolo

    Piazza del Popolo, 12, Rome, Province of Rome, Italy
    0.84 mi from Borghese Gallery
    10 reviews

    This church contains two great Caravaggio paintings, the Crucifixion of St Peter and the Conversion of St Paul. The drama of the paintings is a must experience while in Rome.

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  • 11
    0.87 mi

    Quattro Fontane

    Crossing of Via delle Quattro Fontane and Via del Quirinale, Rome, Italy
    0.87 mi from Borghese Gallery
    6 reviews

    These four fountains on the corners of an intersection in the Quirinale is one of the many small pleasures to be discovered while walking in Rome. Not really worth the trip on their own, but if you go to the intersection, you will be next to Boromini's church San Carlino, which is well worth the trip.

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  • 12
    0.97 mi

    Museo Nazionale Romano

    Largo di Villa Peretti, 1, Roma, Italia
    0.97 mi from Borghese Gallery
    6 reviews

    Near Termini, a visit here was the perfect choice for me on a cool rainy Roman day. Wow was I pleasantly surprised! Not only do they have TWO amazing Greek bronzes (really rare, and I was disappointed that the Boxer was at the Met in NYC during my visit) but they also have an eye-opening collection of Roman mosaics. The ...

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  • 13
    0.75 mi

    Santa Maria degli Angeli e dei Martiri

    Via Cernaia 9, Rome 00185 Italy
    0.75 mi from Borghese Gallery
    5 reviews

    Step through the unassuming entrance to this amazing church located in a building that used to house Roman baths. You will be greeted by a grand dome topped with an incredible stained glass image of the solar system. Inside, you can admire the old meridian which, until the mid 1800s, was used to set the clocks in Rome.

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  • 14
    1.0 mi

    Mausoleo di Augusto

    Piazza Augusto Imperatore, Rome, Province of Rome, Italy
    1.0 mi from Borghese Gallery
    2 reviews

    It amazes me that more people don't visit this monument. It is a little out of the way but before the sackings of the 5th Century, it housed the ashes of most of the Julio-Claudian dynasty.

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  • 15
    0.83 mi

    Palazzo Barberini

    Via delle Quattro Fontane 13/via Barberini 18
    0.83 mi from Borghese Gallery
    4 reviews

    We bought tickets for the Galleria before leaving for Rome. Highlights: Caravaggio’s Young Sick Bacchus, Boy with a Basket of Fruit, Portrait of Pope Paul V, Still Life with Fruit on a Stone Ledge, Madonna and Child with St. Anne (M. de Palafrenieri), David with the Head of Goliath, John the Baptist; Bernini’s Aeneas and Anchises, Rape of Proserpine, Apollo ...

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  • 16
    0.61 mi

    Via Veneto

    Via Vittorio Veneto, Italy, NY 00187
    0.61 mi from Borghese Gallery
    4 reviews

    La calle por excelencia de la alta sociedad romana, donde suelen pasear algunas de las "celebrities" del país. Algunos de los lugares a visitar de esa calle, son el famoso Café de París y el Harry's Bar.

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  • 17
    0.78 mi

    Fountain of Triton and Fountain of the Bees

    Piazza Barberini, Rome 00187 Italy
    0.78 mi from Borghese Gallery
    6 reviews

    One of my favorite fountains in Rome. I really loved the monument here, the detail in the sculpture work is really nice. I also love the bronzed color. It's a great piece to photograph.

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  • 18
    0.88 mi

    Sant'Andrea delle Fratte

    Via S. Andrea delle Fratte, 1, 00187 Rome, Italy
    0.88 mi from Borghese Gallery
    4 reviews

    Sant'Andrea delle Fratte is a late Renaissance/Baroque church dedicated to St. Andrew and at one time was the church of the Scottish people in Rome (as St. Andrew is the patron saint of Scotland). Part of the building was designed by the Baroque architectural genius, Borromini. Inside are some angels designed by Bernini and intended for the Ponte Sant'Angelo but ...

  • 19
    0.77 mi

    Piazza Barberini

    Piazza Barberini, Rome, Province of Rome, Italy
    0.77 mi from Borghese Gallery
    3 reviews

    Piazza Barberini lies at the foot of several Roman streets, among them Via Barberini, Via Sistina, and Via Vittorio Veneto. Bernini's Fountain of the Triton (Fontana del Tritone).

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  • 20
    0.61 mi

    Quartiere Coppede

    Quartiere Coppedè, Piazza Mincio, Rome, Italy
    0.61 mi from Borghese Gallery
    3 reviews

    What a original place in Rome. This block was designed at the beginning of 1900 in a very original style by the architect Coppede. It is a very fascinating and mysterious place. Houses are really strange, a little gothic I would say, with very high ceilings and strange style. The entrance to it is a huge arch connecting two buildings. ...

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