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Evan Roth-Howe recommended Addis Red Sea
Addis Red Sea544 Tremont Street, Boston, MA, United States
Terrific food that will make you want to jump on one of the Ethiopian Air jets they have conveniently advertised in their lobby.
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Evan Roth-Howe recommended Sweet Cheeks Q
Sweet Cheeks Q1381 Boylston St., Boston, MA 02215, United States
Mighty fine Southern BBQ in a space that somehow captures the feel of a giant family picnic. You might not realize you're actually indoors given the smell of smoked meats, the weathered picnic tables, ... read more
and 4th of July atmosphere. Generous helpings of chicken, brisket, or pork (of the pulled, ribs, or belly variety) are so large that they are served on trays rather than plates. Side dishes (included with the trays) are large enough to be labeled "scoops" instead. The salt and papper potatoes are a much tastier alternative to fries, and the bucket o' biscuits with honey butter is absurdly, wonderfully gluttonous. For those who can't take on such heaping portions, all meats can also be served on smaller, cheaper sandwiches served on a bulky role or, better yet, Texas toast. For those at the opposite end of the spectrum, the $450 Big Rig contains 2 lbs each of four different meats, a full rack of ribs, a whole chicken, and a quart of each of their sides. Bring hungry, hungry friends.
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Evan Roth-Howe recommended Tres Gatos
Tres Gatos470 Centre Street, MA
Tres Gatos is wonderfully unique - it's a cozy home that's been converted into an eclectic tapas restaurant that also happens to have a pretty extensive collection of records for sale in the back. The ... read more
small space packs a lot of good food and music into the dining area, which makes it a particularly good date restaurant. The perfectly seasoned Golden Trout, incredibly tender Braised Beef Cheeks, and robust Glazed Carrots complemented one another perfectly, and are all delicious on their own, as well.
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Evan Roth-Howe

Tres Gatos isn't a perfect "family restaurant" because it's pretty tight quarters, but the food is fantastic, and the Jamaica Plain neighborhood most definitely is kid friendly and great fun to explore. Head to the Arnold Arboretum if you head this way.

Evan Roth-Howe recommended Finale Desserterie & Bakery
Finale Desserterie & Bakery1 Columbus Ave, Boston, MA 02116
Florence is to the fine arts what Finale is to dessert - it's classy, it's earned its stellar reputation, and there's just way too much of it. That they call themselves a "desserterie" tells you how ... read more
seriously they take their succulent creations. A great place for a date night, but beware - even the smallest desserts pack quite a rich punch. The signature dish is the Molten Chocolate cake, and I had a hard time finishing all of the gooey, chocolate goodness. The apple pie is also predictably yummy.
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Evan Roth-Howe recommended The Friendly Toast
The Friendly Toast1 Hampshire Street, Cambridge, MA
The 50's decor isn't my favorite, but the impressive, creative selection of breakfast and brunch options sure is. The extensive menu also includes some heartier meals, but it's the brunch menu that ... read more
keeps this place crowded way, way past brunch time. You really can't go wrong here, but I recommend the Crazy Quesadilla (with brie, mashed chipotle sweet potatoes, apple slices, pecans, and optional baked ham) or Anne Marie's Quesadilla (with American and cheddar cheese, black beans, scallions, roasted corn, and vegetarian sausage), the latter of which is inexplicably listed among the appetizers. One of the best brunch places in Cambridge.
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Evan Roth-Howe

If you're able to leave Boston proper, hop on the Red Line and explore Cambridge and Somerville. There's way more good eating up this way, and parking is a lot easier.

Evan Roth-Howe recommended Hei La Moon
Hei La Moon88 Beach Street, Boston, MA 02111-2510, United States
Fantastic dim sum in the heart of Boston's Chinatown.
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Derek D recommended Eastern Standard
Eastern Standard528 Commonwealth Avenue, Boston, MA
Stop by there to have a Whiskey Smash! Delicious. I have made a specific stop at this establishment for a drink while going through Boston.
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Derek D

Whiskey Smash!

Pro 2014
Julia P recommended Tico
TicoFl 13, 222 Berkeley Street, Boston, MA
Duck confit with jalapeƱo and poached eggs make a very special brunch. Combined with a great cocktail list including my new fave the Paloma, this is a solid Back Bay choice for brunch or dinner with a ... read more
Mexican twist.
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Julia P

Not sure if this is too late! But enjoy Boston :-)

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