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Kate Iannarone
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Boston: Student or Young Professional?

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There’s a fine line between college students and newly inducted young professionals. On any given Saturday in Boston, you’d be hard-pressed to make the distinction. Sure, we young professionals may have more of an income and fewer excuses for midnight debaucheries, but that doesn’t mean we’ve completely outgrown the need for cheap pizza and beer. And there are plenty of enterprising students who have left behind the convenience of dining plans and dorm ragers to explore Boston’s ritzier nightlife scene. But that’s the great thing about this city; whether you’re looking for a cheap night of noshing and sloshing or a classy jaunt around town, there are plenty of options in Boston’s different neighborhoods. 


Metropolitan Club

Technically, the Met Club is a restaurant. And a posh restaurant, at that. But the bar is not to be ignored here. It’s definitely out of the price range for most people fresh out of school, but keep it in mind when parents come to visit. They’ll marvel at how sophisticated and refined your tastes have...

Brick & Mortar

Guess I really like speakeasys, as Brick and Mortar was designed with the Prohibition Era in mind. Mount a narrow staircase, and you’ll find yourself in a narrow room with a huge bar and mood-setting lighting streaming down the exposed brick walls. Young professional all over....

Deep Ellum Bar

Sorry, my cocktail-nerd is showing. I’ll be sure to cover up, but not until I moan a little about the Oaxacan Rose, a piquant blend of Mezcal, citrus, and bitters. The Aperol Fizz is a lighter, fun diversion, but don’t mess around with the Mexican Happy Meal. The space is intimate and romantic, and...

Emerald Lounge

Storybook swank meets Beantown beauty. Inspired by the Wizard of Oz, Emerald promises sleek scenery, eerily cool lighting, just enough kitsch, and not enough hours in a Boston night. The music is typically upbeat house, perfect for dancing. As for the drinks, I'm enchanted with the Lavender...

The Whiskey Priest

It’s your typical Irish pub, but its location overlooking the Harbor makes this place notable. The walls are lined with windows, lending an open, airy feel and providing sweeping views. (Not that you’ll have much space or time for gazing, when the place gets packed on weekend nights.) True to their...


This underground spot has a warm, cozy feel that is perfect for a date. There’s no menu; the mixologists here will concoct a custom creation. Like spicy drinks with tequila? Something fruity and frothy? How about long walks on the beach? Be as specific or vague as you want, or leave your fate to the...

Phoenix Landing

Fun scene, cheap drinks, and packed to the walls with Cambridge college folk, Phoenix Landing is also right across from The Middle East, famous for its live music shows every night of the week. Great for meeting other students!

The Beehive

One does not simply walk to The Beehive. There isn’t public transportation very close by, so unless you live in the area, a cab might be your best bet. But there isn’t a better place to be buzzed on Tremont Street. While the upstairs is small and quaint, a plush stairway takes you to a new world below; a...

Sunset Grill & Tap

Largest selection of beers on the east coast, with 112 on tap. ‘Nuff said. But really, a mecca for students.

Eastern Standard Kitchen

Eastern Standard Kitchen is a Boston landmark, and rightly so. The space is modeled after an old train station, lending a sweet air of reminiscence in sepia tones and gleaming leather seating. But don’t go for nostalgia, go for the food and drink: Brunch is spectacular, and the extensive cocktail...