Boyana Church

Sofia Bulgaria
8 reviews

One of the 9 UNESCO World Heritage sites in Bulgaria, the Boyana Church, at the foot of Mount Vitosha, in the southern suburbs of Sofia, is one of the few complete and perfectly preserved medieval monuments that have survived until the present day. It was built in three stages: 11th century, mid-13th century, and mid-19th century.

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  • 1
    0.42 mi

    National Historical Museum

    ул. Витошко лале 16, Sofia, Bulgaria
    0.42 mi from Boyana Church
    4 reviews

    The historic and archeological collections of the National Historical Museum (the largest in Bulgaria) are displayed in the former Boyana Residence, where the last communist leader was removed from power in 1989. But this is no collection of simple farm implements, or rough uniforms. They have artifacts from the Bronze Age through Thracian gold, Roman relics, and on. Over the ...

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  • 2
    4.82 mi

    Rila Monastery

    Sofia, komplex "Iavorov" block 67, Sofia, Bulgaria
    4.82 mi from Boyana Church
    17 reviews

    Tucked into a hidden valley the elegant architecture of the monastery provides a great contrast to the rugged landscape that surrounds it. I especially liked the murals depicting sinners in hell and the beautifully painted exterior walls and arches. The monastery is about 2 hours outside of Sofia, depending on traffic. It can also be reached by bus.

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  • 3
    4.15 mi

    Free Sofia Tour

    Palace of Justice, Sofia, Bulgaria
    4.15 mi from Boyana Church
    6 reviews

    After I read hundreds of reviews in other web site about this tour and how amazing, fun, knowledgeable it is, I decided to make a tour, although I am born in Sofia. I was amazed how many things I DID NOT KNOW about my own town!!! Story is described so colourful and with a great sense of humour. A lot ...

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  • 4
    4.41 mi

    Alexander Nevsky Cathedral

    Sofia, Bulgaria
    4.41 mi from Boyana Church
    5 reviews

    The St. Alexander Nevsky Cathedral is a Bulgarian Orthodox cathedral in Sofia, the capital of Bulgaria. It is one of the largest Eastern Orthodox cathedrals in the world, as well as one of Sofia's symbols and primary tourist attractions.

  • 5
    4.6 mi

    Borisova Gradina

    bul. Tsarigradsko shousse 11, Sofia, Bulgaria
    4.6 mi from Boyana Church
    4 reviews

    Lovely park! Very popular in the sunny weekends. Except green nature it offers also some attractions like walking water ball or horse riding. There are also a lot children play grounds. In the park there are a lot of coffee shops, which offers sandwiches, drinks and ice cream. The summer swimming pool complex and beach is also a nice place ...

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  • 6
    4.31 mi

    National theatre Ivan Vazov

    ул. Дякон Игнатий 5, Sofia, Bulgaria
    4.31 mi from Boyana Church
    4 reviews

    Located in the top centre of the town, near all landmarks. There is a park and fountain which makes this spot very preferable for walks in the summer.

  • 7
    4.61 mi

    Aleksandar Nevski Cathedral

    улица Александър Невски 1, 1000 София, България
    4.61 mi from Boyana Church
    3 reviews

    large orthodox church built lavishly in the beginning of 20th century

  • 8
    4.41 mi

    Sveta Nedelya Square

    Sofia, Bulgaria
    4.41 mi from Boyana Church
    2 reviews

    Sveta Nedelya or St. Nedelya square is in the heart and the very center of Sofia. At the square races the old and beautiful church with the same name. Behind the square is also Sheraton hotel. You cant miss the square, it has its own character and beauty. There is also a huge willow tree which offers great shadow during ...

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  • 9
    3.34 mi

    Casa De Cuba

    София, ул. Цветна градина 1, България
    3.34 mi from Boyana Church
    4 reviews

    Nice place, nice staff, OVERCHARGING! Pathetic! Such a pitty, it was a good night, ruined by greedy non-thinking people - we would have left this money as tip anyway.

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  • 10
    3.98 mi

    Mall of Sofia

    Sofia, ul. Al. Stamboliyski 101, България
    3.98 mi from Boyana Church
    2 reviews

    The mall is one of the first in Sofia. Not the biggest, but the location is nearly in the city center, on a beautiful central boulevard. Prices in general in BG are not cheep even in the outlets. Mall offers everything, restaurants - visit Happy bar and grill, fast food, shops, supermarket, pharmacy, hairdressers and most important - 3D cinema, ...

  • 11
    4.04 mi

    Piano bar Camino

    4.04 mi from Boyana Church
    2 reviews

    Piano bar Camino is one of the best piano bars in Sofia, is located in the centre of the town. Every evening there is a live music show.

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  • 12
    4.41 mi

    Russian Orthodox Church

    Sofia, Bulgaria
    4.41 mi from Boyana Church
    2 reviews

    The church was built on the site of the Saray Mosque, which was destroyed in 1882, after the liberation of Bulgaria by Russia from the Ottoman Empire. The Russian Church is officially known as the Church of St Nicholas the Miracle-Maker.

  • 13
    3.61 mi

    Culture beat

    улица „Професор Фритьоф Нансен“ 43, Sofia, Bulgaria
    3.61 mi from Boyana Church
    2 reviews

    House in the house

  • 14
    4.6 mi

    Sofia University Saint Kliment Ohridski

    Tsar Osvoboditel 15, Sofia, Bulgaria
    4.6 mi from Boyana Church
    1 review

    Build in 1888, this university is the oldest in Bulgaria. It is build with donation of two brothers -Evlogi i Hristo Georgievi. This is one of must see attractions in Sofia, the building is very impressive.

  • 15
    3.32 mi

    Capitan Cook Fish Restaurant

    James Baucher 100, Sofia, Bulgaria
    3.32 mi from Boyana Church
    1 review

    Captain Cook is a very stylish, elegant and chic restaurant, that serves sea food. The brand has 2 restaurants in Sofia and one in Varna. The food is great, the atmosphere and service also.

  • 16
    4.65 mi

    National Opera and Ballet

    Dondukov 30, Sofia, Bulgaria
    4.65 mi from Boyana Church
    1 review

    I have watched "La Bayadere" , it was great performance, very emotional. The interior is very nice with an old times feeling. The tickets are not expensive at all. Worth a visit !

  • 17
    4.54 mi

    National Assembly of the Republic of Bulgaria

    пл. Народно събрание, Sofia, Bulgaria
    4.54 mi from Boyana Church
    1 review

    The National Assembly is the body of the legislative of Bulgaria.

  • 18
    3.82 mi

    National Palace of Culture

    Sofia, Bulgaria
    3.82 mi from Boyana Church
    1 review

    having a lovely day out, I love Saturdays :)))

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  • 19
    4.3 mi


    улица „Иван Вазов“ 12А, Sofia, Bulgaria
    4.3 mi from Boyana Church
    1 review
  • 20
    4.33 mi


    Sofia, Bulgaria
    4.33 mi from Boyana Church
    1 review
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