Bread and Ink Cafe

3610 Southeast Hawthorne Boulevard, Portland, OR 97214-5144, United States
1 review

A fine but casual Hawthorne restaurant with a varied menu and the highest quality ingredients. Breakfast, lunch and dinner. About 15 blocks from our vacation rental. There's also a waffle window, unrelated, around the corner.

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  • 61
    3.37 mi

    Salt & Straw

    2035 NE Alberta, Portland, OR 97211, United States
    3.37 mi from Bread and Ink Cafe
    24 reviews

    delicious. out of the ordinary flavors. fresh ingredients & undeniable taste. fun for all ages and reasonable in price. not a dessert person, but this is now a new favorite.

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  • 62
    3.01 mi

    Mellow Mushroom

    1411 Northwest Flanders Street, Portland, Oregon
    3.01 mi from Bread and Ink Cafe
    2 reviews

    Delicious pizza and amazing service! They overcooked out pie just the slightest bit and gave us a second one for free! We were also entered into a raffle for a change to win a brand new bicycle! Yummy food and great experience!

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  • 63
    2.75 mi

    Nong's Khao Man Gai

    1003 Southwest Alder Street, Portland, OR 97205, United States
    2.75 mi from Bread and Ink Cafe
    6 reviews

    Do try Nong's Khao Man Gai. I loved it. Simple, flavorful and comforting to eat. It's tender pieces poached chicken on top of rice cooked in chicken broth, served with a delicious soy bean-ginger-garlic-vinegar-chili sauce, and wrapped up in butcher paper, old school style. I ate this dish sitting at a nearby park, as there was no seating. Nong's is ...

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  • 64
    2.83 mi

    Saburo's Sushi House Rstrnt

    1667 Se Bybee Blvd, Portland, OR 97202
    2.83 mi from Bread and Ink Cafe

    Known to locals as one of the best sushi restaurants in town, this unassuming, unpretentious little eatery in Sellwood often features a line of waiting diners snaking around the block. But why stand outside for an hour when you can get pizza, pastries, and bar food around the corner? Because the fish is fresh, the rolls are inventive (and substantial), ...

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  • 65
    1.45 mi

    Voodoo Doughnut, Too!

    1501 Northeast Davis Street, Portland, OR
    1.45 mi from Bread and Ink Cafe

    If you are not in the mood to wait in the usually long line downtown the north east location is a great alternative for the same delicious doughnuts!

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  • 66
    3.12 mi

    BridgePort BrewPub

    1313 Northwest Marshall, Portland, OR
    3.12 mi from Bread and Ink Cafe
    6 reviews

    Amazing happy hour! Great service and fantastic staff! The biggest and best brew pub in town! It also serves as on the of the primary sets for the television show Leverage which is shot in Portland.

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  • 67
    2.6 mi


    703 Southwest Ankeny Street, Portland, OR
    2.6 mi from Bread and Ink Cafe
    4 reviews

    fantastic. something for everyone, from those with dietary restrictions to those that eat it all. prices are reasonable and the wide range of food options is impressive and delicious. one of my new top favorite places. side note; bathroom is located in the back behind a door that leads to a stip bar. so surprise there if you don't know ...

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  • 68
    1.75 mi


    318 Southeast Grand Avenue, Portland, OR, United States
    1.75 mi from Bread and Ink Cafe
    6 reviews

    This is one of the best places to get casual Lebanese food in Portland (and lots of people know it, so go early or plan to wait). The food is better than average, especially the za'atar served with pita, the hummus, and the tabbouleh (heavy on the parsley), and the portions are HUGE.

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  • 69
    2.86 mi

    Hot Lips Pizza

    2.86 mi from Bread and Ink Cafe
    4 reviews

    Hot Lips is among Portland's best pizza joints, and they have locations all around the city. They serve pizza pies and pizza by the slice, breadsticks, focaccia, salads, and a decent selection of microbrews. They also make their own fruit-based soda pop, which is sometimes available on tap. There are usually a couple of vegetarian options and a vegan option, ...

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  • 70
    2.59 mi


    214 Sw Broadway, Portland, OR 97205
    2.59 mi from Bread and Ink Cafe

    Absolutely love this place! I came to Portland for a friend's birthday with a large group of 20. Of course, we all wanted to try so many different places but couldn't decide where to go after spending some time near a few bars and clubs. Luckily, we stumbled upon this place when we were trying to locate half of our ...

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  • 71
    2.3 mi

    The Observatory

    8115 Southeast Stark Street, Portland, OR, United States
    2.3 mi from Bread and Ink Cafe
    4 reviews

    Loved it! Great ambiance and delicious food! I had the vegan quinoa mushroom burger, it was the most flavorful veggie burger I've ever had! Delicious and incredibly filling. And they also have a fancy selection for their late night happy hour menu including soup and salads and even fish and mussels all portions for under $5 plus $1 beers!

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  • 72
    1.91 mi

    Boke Bowl

    1028 SE Water Ave, Southeast Water Avenue, Portland, OR
    1.91 mi from Bread and Ink Cafe
    2 reviews

    Boke Bowl is a bit disconcerting. Located in the industrial section of SE Portland, Boke Bowl strives to make Korean and Japanese food with a western hipster edge. The menu speaks for itself. Ramen noodles and kim chi is saddled alongside vanilla miso twinkies. Despite my skepticism, I was surprised at how good their char siu and fried chicken steam ...

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  • 73
    3.13 mi

    Urban Fondue

    2114 Northwest Glisan Street, Portland, OR
    3.13 mi from Bread and Ink Cafe
    1 review

    Paired up with the fantastic martini bar next door, Bartini, the two places make for an incredible combination! Enjoy both delicious fondue, and the best happy hour snacks, with amazing drinks, half price at happy hour!

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  • 74
    3.3 mi

    Blue Olive Cafe

    2712 Northeast Alberta Street, Portland, Oregon
    3.3 mi from Bread and Ink Cafe
    1 review

    The best part of the experience here was the people! The cafe owner was behind the counter and she could not have been more lovely. You can get Middle-Eastern and Mediterranean all over the city but this place had heart!

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  • 75
    3.17 mi

    Oregon Culinary Institute

    1701 Southwest Jefferson Street, Portland, OR
    3.17 mi from Bread and Ink Cafe
    2 reviews

    Really cool and unique experience! It's a culinary school but when they have classes in session they do a several course service for both lunch and dinner! It was fantastic! All of the people in the service are students! Portland is known for its culinary schools so this is definitely a special local experience. Something really unique to try! But ...

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  • 76
    3.46 mi

    Sterling Coffee Roasters

    2120 NW Glisan St., Portland, OR 97201, United States
    3.46 mi from Bread and Ink Cafe
    3 reviews

    It is so hard to choose which coffee is the best in a city like Portland. But this tiny little shop on 21st had to be my favorite. Friendly staff and full service. But get there early, they are only open until mid-day and then the place switches over to a popular wine bar in the evenings. So hip because ...

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  • 77
    3.12 mi

    BridgePort Brewing Co

    1318 Northwest Northrup Street, Portland, OR
    3.12 mi from Bread and Ink Cafe
    2 reviews

    Amazing happy hour! Great service and fantastic staff! The biggest and best brew pub in town! It also serves as on the of the primary sets for the television show Leverage which was shot in Portland. Prices here are reasonable for the brew pub experience Portland is famous for. And the food is delicious! They have a veggie quinoa dish ...

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  • 78
    1.38 mi

    Rimsky-Korsakoffee House

    707 Southeast 12th Avenue, Portland, OR
    1.38 mi from Bread and Ink Cafe
    2 reviews

    A quirky Portland favorite, this music-themed coffee house is famous for its good coffee, delicious treats, and smattering of fun-house tables that turn or rise imperceptibly while you dine and chat. For added fun, don't mention the tables to your companions when you take them there and watch their faces when, halfway through their sentence, they realize their coffee cup ...

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  • 79
    4.59 mi

    Bob's Red Mill Natural Foods & Whole Grain Store

    4.59 mi from Bread and Ink Cafe
    2 reviews

    Mmmm. Not far from Clackamas Town Center you'll find the real genuine Bob's Red Mill. And maybe Bob will be about, looking exactly like his picture on the bags of teff, quinoa, and various whole grains. You can buy it all here, and don't miss eating some of their fresh-baked goodies. They also sell books and cooking tools. I bought ...

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  • 80
    3.3 mi

    La Sirenita

    2817 Northeast Alberta Street, Portland, OR, United States
    3.3 mi from Bread and Ink Cafe
    1 review

    In the late '90s, this Alberta-street taqueria was one of the only places in Portland to get decent authentic Southern California-style Mexican food. It was a tiny dive, with a handful of tables, a small beverage case half-full of Jalisco sodas, and the biggest, best burritos around. Since then (perhaps related to Alberta's gentrification and influx of hipsters), this spot ...

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