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    0.07 mi

    Chambers Eat + Drink

    0.07 mi from Brenda's French Soul Food
    24 reviews

    Another great brunch spot to eat if you are in the Tenderloin area. This place is so classy, trendy, and definitely a hipster alert place. Love their food, their drinks, and definitely their friendly staff. Order a bunch of breakfast food, share, and enjoy! I would recommend this place to anyone and you can impress your out of town friends ...

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    0.09 mi

    Saigon Sandwiches

    0.09 mi from Brenda's French Soul Food

    Yet another Tenderloin gem. It's been a while since I've been, but Saigon Sandwich used to be a favorite lunch destination during my law school days. And really, with their cheap and delicious sandwiches, it's quite a bargain. It's cash only, so make sure you have the $3-ish on you. There's no sitting room in place, but I'd recommend taking ...

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    0.14 mi

    Lers Ros Thai

    0.14 mi from Brenda's French Soul Food
    12 reviews

    Lers Ros is located in Little Saigon Tenderloin neighborhood, a bit ghetto, but this Thai restaurant is worth a detour. The restaurant itself is clean, spacious, and relax atmosphere. The service is good and efficient. The price is reasonable and the portion is generous. The food is authentic and delicious. A few dishes you must try: - a The pork ...

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    0.23 mi

    Tommy's Joynt

    0.23 mi from Brenda's French Soul Food
    10 reviews

    Yummy hof brau with serious selection of beers from all over the world. Pastrimi, cornbeef, ham and buffalo stew. They have salads too... But we dont come here for that. Daily specials? That we do! Bring cash, they dont take credit cards. That is okay too. Prices wont break the piggy bank.

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    0.09 mi

    Turtle Tower Restaurant

    0.09 mi from Brenda's French Soul Food

    I thought something was wrong with me when I was unimpressed by the pho ga from Turtle Tower. TT gets a ton of hype here and the restaurant is always pretty full. A bunch of my friends feel the same way, though. We prefer the beef noodle soup with carrots and leeks. It's much more flavorful. I've tried many other ...

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    0.09 mi

    Philz Coffee

    0.09 mi from Brenda's French Soul Food
    7 reviews

    Must get the mint mojito! It's one of their more popular items on the menu, but you really can't go wrong with anything you order here. =) Would definitely recommend coming here to start off your day!

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    0.15 mi


    0.15 mi from Brenda's French Soul Food
    8 reviews

    The first stop of many in a night of bar hopping. Very well made drinks at a reasonable price; the bartender was very friendly and helped me and my friends plan a route for exploring the city.

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    0.23 mi

    Thai House Express

    0.23 mi from Brenda's French Soul Food
    8 reviews

    My friends tend to look at me like I'm crazy when I profess my love for this place. I don't really understand their objections; it's reasonably priced, it's centrally (to the castro) located, and the food is possibly the best Thai in the city. It's not fancy, there aren't any frills, and sometimes I think the waiters are talking about ...

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    0.16 mi

    Philz Coffee

    0.16 mi from Brenda's French Soul Food
    6 reviews

    Mint Mojito Iced Coffee is great!

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    0.11 mi


    0.11 mi from Brenda's French Soul Food

    Pagolac is known for their seven courses of beef, which was about $18 the last time I checked. The meal is interactive, since some of the courses involve rolling your own spring rolls. I think this would make a fun date night spot, though it's in the Tenderloin so be wary of the shady people wandering the streets nearby.

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    0.23 mi

    A La Turca

    0.23 mi from Brenda's French Soul Food
    6 reviews

    + EZME- Crushed roasted red and green bell pepper, tomato, onion, parsley. Very refreshing and mildly spicy! + HUMMUS - Garbanzo beans puree with garlic lemon juice, tahini and spices. Not to bad, not gritty at all. Nice and smooth and creamy +LENTIL SOUP- Red lentils with rice, carrots, onion, potato and spices. Yum!!!! Their lentil soup is abbbsolutely delicious! ...

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    0.23 mi

    Edinburgh Castle Pub & Theater

    0.23 mi from Brenda's French Soul Food
    6 reviews

    Great little beer hall with wicked fun weekly trivia.

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    0.62 mi

    Blue Bottle Coffee

    0.62 mi from Brenda's French Soul Food
    51 reviews

    Some of the best coffee in the country. BB coffee takes their business and product very seriously, maintaining the integrity of their product. I wish they had one in Hawaii :)

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    0.76 mi

    House of Prime Rib

    0.76 mi from Brenda's French Soul Food
    46 reviews

    Always a great place to celebrate. The ambiance is low and cozy. Service is great. The prime rib is delicious. Remember, if the size you ordered isn't enough, you can get a second serving of prime rib!

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    0.91 mi


    0.91 mi from Brenda's French Soul Food
    39 reviews

    I love this bar! Very laid back feel, lots of history, they have bar games and a HUGE patio! So far my favorite San Francisco bar!

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    0.71 mi

    The Cheesecake Factory

    0.71 mi from Brenda's French Soul Food
    51 reviews

    Such a convenient location, great food, great cheesecake. I love their sweet corn tamales cake, thai chicken lettuce wraps, kobe burger, and ahi tare tare! I usually have to get it all the time! Yes, all of them because I can never decide!!!!! Food is very consistent, always the same. It's the service that always changes. Sometimes good, sometimes it ...

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    0.92 mi

    Samovar Tea Lounge

    0.92 mi from Brenda's French Soul Food
    35 reviews

    If you find yourself exploring the SOMA area (“South of Market”) in San Francisco, Samovar Tea Lounge will lure you in with its floor to ceiling glass walls, bamboo partitions and appreciation for tea culture. From the Japanese tea service to their signature spicy-sweet masala chai, Samovar offers a worldly selection of artisan teas. There is a distinct ‘zen,’ yet ...

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    0.93 mi

    Zero Zero

    0.93 mi from Brenda's French Soul Food
    36 reviews

    Great place for pasta and pizza. Been here both for lunch and late suppers and I can attest they offer solid service and great food. I wish they didn't take the pizza (mushrooms and prosciutto cotto) off the menu. Besides that small issue, I recommend it to friends looking for a decent Italian restaurant.

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    0.65 mi

    Zuni Cafe

    0.65 mi from Brenda's French Soul Food
    34 reviews

    I dream about there chicken for 2 roasted in the brick oven. The warm bread salad with red mustard greens, scallions, currants, and pine nuts is out of this world... it takes a while to prepare, but it is well worth the wait. This is like no other roasted chicken I've had. I try and go there everytime I am ...

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    0.78 mi

    Dosa on Fillmore

    0.78 mi from Brenda's French Soul Food
    31 reviews

    This is my all-time favorite restaurant! There are plenty of vegetarian options, which is a definite plus. The food is flavorful, fresh, and unique. This is my go-to place any time I have a reason to celebrate (especially if it's to celebrate a raise, as it's a pricey restaurant).

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