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Where's the best place to go jet-boating in Queenstown?

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Scott Kennedy recommended Shotover Jet (Queenstown)
Shotover Jet (Queenstown)Shotover Jet Queenstown Gorge Rd, Arthurs Point New Zealand
The Shotover Jet in Queenstown is an awesome experience. Ripping up the river as the canyon walls brush past only inches from the boat. Hold on tight - it's a great ride!
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Scott Kennedy

The Shotover Jet is definitely the most exciting of the jet-boat trips in Queenstown. If you haven't done it before, you'll love it!

Kristin Repsher commented on this question

I seem to have deleted my previous comment by accident, but anyway, I agree with Scott. I didn't find the Shotover Jet to be scary like some people, but it was definitely exhilarating flying through the canyon with outcrops looking like they were about to take our heads off! I think the only jetboat experience that could come close is the Huka Falls Jet in Taupo, which I haven't been on but I've seen going up very close to the base of the waterfall.

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Michael Clark recommended Skippers Canyon Jet
Skippers Canyon JetSkippers Road, Queenstown 9300, New Zealand
The Skippers Canyon Jet boat ride is one of our favourites. Only 15 minutes from Queenstown you start to experience the scenic beauty of the area. You stop at the lookout at the Skippers Canyon saddle ... read more
and look over the Wakatipu basin, and the Remarkable mountains across the valley. Next you slowly wind down into the canyon looking out at Mount Aurum. There is lots of gold mining history to be seen, and then you have the exciting jet boat ride in the white water canyon of the Skippers. Definitely value for money, take the 3 pm trip so the trip doesn't cut too much into your day. 3.5 hour round trip.
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Michael Clark recommended Dart River Safaris & Funyaks
Dart River Safaris & FunyaksMull Street, Glenorchy 9197, New Zealand
Definitely visit Glenorchy and it you have the time "Do The Dart". This jet boat ride shows you the Southern Alps in a quick and comfortable fashion. A scenic experience not to be missed. Heated hand ... read more
rails, splash jackets provided. A very popular Queenstown attraction.
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Michael Clark

This trip is best done if you can put aside a whole day to experience the tranquility of the area.

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