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Put on your sailor hat on and get your sea legs ready, because Brittany is best seen from a sailboat. Dramatic cliffs, pink granite rocks, and long sandy beaches line the coast here. Enjoying life is a serious matter around these parts, whether you're relaxing at one of the seawater spas, sampling some of the best seafood in the country or taking a stroll in the cobbled streets of quaint towns. Brittany is practically another country; the region's Celtic roots deeply influenced the peninsula's music, culture and customs. Nantes, the sixth-largest city in France, is a destination for culture lovers -- from museums to theaters, there's something for everyone. Officially in the Loire region, Nantes was the historical capital of Brittany, and still bears many influences from the region. Those with a sweet tooth should know that Nantes is the birthplace of the famed butter and chocolate schoolboy cookie by LU.


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