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    Gran Bar Danzón

    6 reviews

    We were taken to this chic, slick, hip spot by a friend in Buenos Aires who had come here on a wonderful date 6 years before, and who was waiting for another special occasion to come back. You walk up a flight of cement stairs that smells like the woods and is lit by candles. You emerge into a bar ...

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    2 reviews

    Funky and quirky bar with a great atmosphere. The place is huge, the decor is kitsch and the board games available for everyone (Monopoly, Domino, Life's Game, etc) are almost a guarantee that you will have fun. The food is just good and so are the drinks. But the highlight is its atmosphere. Great for a night out with friends.

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    Cafe Tortoni

    28 reviews

    Café Tortoni is one of the “cafés notables” in Buenos Aires, meaning that it’s one of the oldest and most traditional coffee shops that you could ever frequent in the city. One of the most traditional orders would be a coffee (either black, with milk or a “lagrima”) with three medialunas (or croissants) on the side. You’ll be served by ...

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    Cabaña Las Lilas

    One of the best steak house in Buenos Aires. Kobe Beef is one of their specialties! The place is modern and they have very good service.

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    La Boca - Buenos Aires

    La Boca may feel a bit Disney-ish at times, what with decked-out tango dancers offering to take a picture with you (for a small fee, of course), but the colorful scenery and warm atmosphere will charm you. Have a seat at one of the many cafes or restaurants for empanadas and a beer and watch a tango or chacarera performance. ...

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    La Cabrera

    19 reviews

    I loved La Cabrera for the steak, sweet breads, location, and red wine. I didn't like the rude waitstaff or the loud family sitting next to me.

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  • 7


    11 reviews

    Although a very common chain available all over Buenos Aires, the quality of the ice cream is great and always consistently delicious. My favorite by a mile is the chocolate chip dulce de leche because it is AMAZING!

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    Gran Café Tortoni

    11 reviews

    For me this place is more a tourist spot. The decor is beautiful. The food is below average and is on the expensive side. Do not order the iced cappuccino, it's no bueno!

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    Siga La Vaca

    13 reviews

    Great restaurant! Food is really good and it's all you can eat, so all meat lovers will feel home here.

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    8 reviews

    go for dinner, stay for drinks. my fave bar in BA. three stories of fun, food and fabulous drinks. oh, and the people are just the right amount of hip. there's a great back patio to hang out when it's nice. order a fernet 1882 y coca-cola. yum! oh, and the 3-story spiral staircase is a great place for a ...

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    Don Julio

    8 reviews

    Don Julio is one of the few steak houses in BA that actually cooked my steak correctly. There cuts of beef are spectacular and they shine perfectly with a bottle of Malbec. This steak house attracts less of the backpacker/tourist crowd that flock to La Cabrera and is more refined than some of the other steak houses in BA. The ...

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    Oui Oui

    8 reviews

    French style cafe in Palermo. Only had a light lunch there, but it was very good.

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    Havanna Alfajores

    The alfajor is a sweet treat, halfway between a biscuit and a cake, with lashings of dulce de leche, jam or mousse in the middle. The Havana brand is the oldest, most traditional brand of alfajor in Argentina, first set up in Mar Del Plata. There are thousands of Havana coffee shops all over Buenos Aires, but the Havana on ...

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    Cafe San Juan

    7 reviews

    This is hands down the best meal I had in Buenos Aires, and one of the best meals I've ever had in my life (and I've been fortunate to have lots of great meals all over the world!) The simple but delicious (and surprisingly affordable) menu marries interesting flavors, but more importantly, you can tell that so much care and ...

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    Café La Biela

    7 reviews

    Cafe La Biela is in the Recoleta neighborhood near the Centro Cultural Recoleta and the Iglesia de Nuestra Senora del Pilar. I will tell you, you have never had anything as tasty and delicious as La Biela's banana crepes!! The best in the world!!

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    5 reviews

    Italian influences in Buenos Aires are everywhere. The Porteño’s love for pizza is just one example. The pizza dough served in Guerrín is bar far one of the best in the city and you have the added option of either ordering a couple of slices to eat standing up, or entering the restaurant section for s sit-down meal. I suggest ...

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    6 reviews

    peruvian-style sushi in argentina. one of my favorite non-argentinian argentinian restaurants. as with any sushi feast, try a little bit of everything. you won't be sorry. that said, it can get pricey. bring your sugar mama/daddy or put it on your company's expense report.

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    El Desnivel

    El Desnivel is a tradition Argentinian Parrilla located in San Telmo. I have been here 3 times in the last 6 years and the food is consistently good and the location is excellent. During the Sunday San Telmo Antique fair, this place gets really busy so expect to wait. Other than that, you can walk in and get a table. ...

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    Kansas Grill Palermo

    I'll admit that this place reminded me a lot of a typical American restaurant but I have to admit that the food was amazing. The entire group that went there admitted that it was some of the best steak in Buenos Aires. I had the chicken also and it was a very savory alternative.

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    Cabaña Las Lilas

    5 reviews

    If price is not your problem, this place is the right for you. Definitively one of the TOP parrillas from Buenos Aires. You can sit indoors or outside with a beautiful view to Puerto Madero, the most nice neighborhood, with a view to the docks, the water, the great buildings and offices.

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