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    Cabras (Las)

    I spent a week in BA and this was my favorite place. The line can be long, but if you can get a table outside its an awesome dining experience. The steaks, caesar salads and wines are all great. This is a must do if you want a great steak dinner and don't want to go to the typical tourist ...

  • 42

    El Preferido de Palermo

    2 reviews

    Fantastic restaurant favored by locals, use the door on the corner for the cheaper menu, lots of options.

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    Nucha Café

    If you are passing by Buenos Aires, there is no way you don't make your self time for enjoying a meal or a coffee at Nucha and taste some of its delicious cakes, desserts or cookies.

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    Café La Poesía

    2 reviews

    La Poesía in San Telmo has two things going for it: firstly, it prepares a variety of large and tasty picadas (cheese, olive and cold meat boards) and secondly, it’s walls are covered in literary memorabilia and references to Argentine poetical greats.

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  • 45


    Coming to Buenos Aires on Winter, it's a good place to drink a hot beverage.

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    El Pobre Luis

    2 reviews

    Close to Chinatown, this place has one of the best steak in town.

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  • 47

    La Rosalía

    2 reviews

    This restaurant is incredible. Everything here will please you, the place is beautiful, the decoration is unique, the service is awesome and the food...superb. And no, I'm not exaggerating. La Rosalía is three or four blocks away from Plaza Dorrego, where every Sunday they have the famous "Feria de San Telmo" (San Telmo Fair), so if you are in Buenos ...

  • 48

    casa felix

    2 reviews

    Casa Felix is one of those special places that you read about as a child—a secret garden, a cloud at the end of a giant beanstalk, or a palace under the sea. You aren’t sure it actually exists until you go there. That’s because this intimate dining venue is a Puerta Cerrada, a ‘closed-door’ (underground) restaurant that takes place thrice ...

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    2 reviews

    Coming to Buenos Aires on Winter, it's a good place to drink a hot beverage.

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    Las Violetas

    2 reviews

    “Merienda” literally means “snack.” In Buenos Aires, a merienda is a light meal that you might take at about 5pm in the afternoon, perhaps a little later during the week, and would normally comprise of bakery snacks, including toast, medialunas (croissants) and other sugary delights. For the best merienda to accompany a strong cup of coffee in Buenos Aires, head ...

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  • 51

    Coffee Town

    2 reviews

    With an amazing selection of beans and brews, this place (located in the heart of San Telmo) satisfies every possible coffee aficionado craving, especially in a city not known for a great coffee (sad thing indeed) I went for a Chemex brew with guatemaltecan beans recommended by the lovely staff (passionate about their products and not hipsterly snobbish), and I ...

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  • 52

    El último beso

    2 reviews

    My favorite restaurant in Buenos Aires! Nice for couples! They have a cute store inside.

  • 53


    2 reviews

    We asked our taxi driver to take us to Puerto Madero for dinner, but it informed us that it was way too early to have fun in that area, and told us he'd take us to Palermo Soho instead... which worked out, since it's the area we're staying in. We figured we might as well ask him for a recommendation. ...

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  • 54

    The Gibraltar

    3 reviews

    One of the few British pubs in Buenos Aires and a very popular place with locals who come after work. Great beer on draft and a nice traditional English menu (Fish and Chips included). If you want to eat, come early as seating is limited. There's also a pool table and a backyard for respite. Overall, very nice atmosphere, friendly ...

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    Café Martínez

    2 reviews

    On a hot summer’s day in Buenos Aires, coffee addicts will benefit from the frappuccinos in Café Martinez. Café Martinez is a chain coffee shop in Buenos Aires and it serves some of the best frappuccinos in town. The extra servings of cream and dulce de leche on top of these frappuccinos makes this coffee shop choice particularly sweet.

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  • 56


    A wonder ful small quaint place to eat in the heart of Palermo. It is not at all near the tourist attractions but at the same time not a far walk from them. It is tucked away in the residential areas of Palermo. We kind of wandered there and noticed a lot of locals eating there, so we assumed it ...

  • 57

    La Vineria De Gualterio Bolivar

    La Vineria is an ambitious restaurant in a city that is most known for direct, simple foods like steaks and potatoes and pasta. Therefore, it is interesting to find a Chef that applies modern cooking techniques like liquid nitrogen, etc. Reservations are not that difficult to come by even though the restaurant is really small. The restaurant serves a set ...

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    La Cholita

    La Cholita is the steak house version of sister restaurant Cumana. The decor is very similar to Cumana- bright colored walls, rustic tables and the service is equivalent- fast, direct and efficient. The food here is delicious and the steaks were cooked perfectly here and very tasty. In BA you find a lot of restaurants that screw up the temperature ...

  • 59

    El Club de la Milanesa

    2 reviews

    El Club de la Milanesa is a chain restaurant that is growing a lot in Argentina. It's main attraction is a whole menu of milanesas like if they were pizzas. This one, located at Av Callao, is one of the biggest and really nice.

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  • 60

    Bio Restaurant

    In the meat-lover's paradise of Buenos Aires, Bio Restaurant offers a welcome sanctuary for vegetarian set. Serving up creative, mostly organic fare inspired by a host of world cuisines, Bio is sure to delight even the most carnivorous travelers.

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