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    Recoleta Cemetery

    69 reviews

    One of the world's biggest cemeteries, it encompasses about 14 acres. There are over six thousand mausoleums and graves here, and about seventy have been declared National Historic Monuments. This is one of the must-sees in Buenos Aires.

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  • 2

    Museo de Arte Latinoamericano de Buenos Aires

    25 reviews

    The Malba is one of Buenos Aires’ most popular and well-known contemporary art galleries. It host exhibits from local and international artists, including photographers, illustrators, painters and sculptors, throughout the year and houses a fairly large bookstore full of artistic souvenirs and texts. It also presents a wide range of independent films and documentaries, from Argentina and other parts of ...

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  • 3

    San Telmo

    46 reviews

    In my opinion, San Telmo is the most beautiful district in Buenos Aires. It is filled with wonderful sites, old buildings, great graffiti murals, amazing shopping, cafes, restaurants, ice cream shops, souvenir shops. It is the home of the Ferria De San Telmo, which is an incredible display of local arts, antiques, and much more. You can catch tango dancers ...

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  • 4

    Teatro Colón

    29 reviews

    The Teatro Colon took almost thirty years to build, but it finally opened it's doors in 1908. It is one of the most beautiful theatres in the world, and when I was there twice in 2010, it was still being worked on. However, I was able to sneak a peak. If you're interested in classical music, ballet, opera, etc...this is ...

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  • 5

    Caminito, Buenos Aires

    49 reviews

    El Caminito (Little Lane) is La Boca's most colorful street. I really enjoyed the walking this street lines with restaurants, arts-and-crafts shops, museums, and gift shops. This is a must-see!!

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  • 6

    Centro Cultural Recoleta

    9 reviews

    Centro Cultural Recoleta is no ordinary cultural center. It's in the beautiful and fancy Recoleta neighborhood, just a short walk away from the famous Recoleta Cemetery, and La Biela, a historic and protected café (bar notable). I've seen many amazing art shows and events for free, including JazzFest, several photography exhibits, urban art, and Argentinian/Latin American paintings and sculptures. There's ...

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  • 7

    La Boca

    22 reviews

    La Boca became famous in the 19th century when the Italians began building their homes along the dockside, in this, the southernmost part of Buenos Aires. The area is known for its colorful buildings and it's soccer team, the Boca Juniors.

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  • 8

    Puerto Madero

    74 reviews

    Puerto Madero is a thriving waterfront of restaurants, museums, and retail shops. It was once the old wharves for storing perishables that were being exported abroad. But Buenos Aires officials recently redeveloped the waterfront to make it more tourist friendly, and they succeeded beyond their wildest imaginations. The Italian restaurant Sottovoche makes great Italian food!

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  • 9

    Puente de la Mujer

    24 reviews

    A very uniquely shaped bridge connecting two points in Puerto Madero. The bridge spans a canal built by the Argentines.

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  • 10

    Catedral Metropolitana

    7 reviews

    The Catedral Metropolitana is located on the all important Plaza de Mayo. It has 12 columns representing the twelve Apostles of Christ. The Catedral is a very important symbol for Argentinians, as the Argentine hero of Independence, Jose San Martin's remains are buried here.

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  • 11

    Museo Nacional de Bellas Artes

    10 reviews

    This building was once Buenos Aires water-pumping station converted into a fantastic museum. There are over 12 thousand artistic works, but only 700 can be displayed at a time. Opened in 1932, this is one of the finest art museums in all of Latin America. I would strongly recommend that you pay them a visit while in Buenos Aires.

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  • 12

    Galerías Pacífico

    5 reviews

    The Galerias Pacifico is located right off Avenida Florida, and is considered the rodeo drive of Buenos Aires. Built in 1889, and remodled in 1945, the building became a shopping mall in the 1990s.

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  • 13

    Plaza de San Martin

    6 reviews

    There’s a romantic Argentinian movie called “Medianeiras” and, as it is in part narrated by an architect, it shows a lot of buildings in Buenos Aires. In fact Buenos Aires is the city of architecture, there are so many different styles from the turn of the XIX century (when Argentina was one of the richest countries in the world) to ...

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  • 14

    Plaza de Mayo

    33 reviews

    The Plaza de Mayo is the very heart and soul of Buenos Aires, and by extension, Argentina. Before independence this was a marketplace, and during the quest for independence, the renowned citizens (freedom fighters) of Buenos Aires met here to plot strategy. After Independence, this became the administrative and political center of Buenos Aires, where political rallies and citizen protests ...

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  • 15

    Iglesia Nuestra Señora Del Pilar

    10 reviews

    The Iglesia Nuestra Senora Del Pilar was built early in the 18th century. It is one of the more important Iglesias in Buenos Aires. When I was there in 2010, a high ranking military man's funeral mass occured at this Church.

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  • 16

    Feria de San Telmo

    11 reviews

    Amazing street market. Tons to browse through and a great place to pick up more authentic souvenirs. Be on the look out for Tango dancers and mind your purses and pockets - it's very crowded and I've heard the pick-pockets are very good at their work.

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  • 17

    Ciudad Cultural Konex

    4 reviews

    Ciudad Cultural Konex is the home of Bomba del Tiempo, and it really does feel like a little art village.. There are really cheap or reasonably priced concerts, experimental theatre, art festivals (such as the Young Adult Bienial-Bienial de Arte Joven), and there's something to do there almost every day. There's also a bar, and artists talks. Despite the many ...

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  • 18

    Abasto Shopping Center

    3 reviews

    The old Abasto area was redeveloped beginning in the mid-nineteen-eighties. It was once a wholesale/retail market for fruits and vegetables. But now it is a big beautiful mall.

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  • 19

    El Ateneo

    26 reviews

    One of the most beautiful book stores in the world.

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  • 20

    Casa Rosada

    47 reviews

    Excellent attraction! Looks beautiful at night with all the colorful lights!

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