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    Museo de Arte Latinoamericano de Buenos Aires

    25 reviews

    The Malba is one of Buenos Aires’ most popular and well-known contemporary art galleries. It host exhibits from local and international artists, including photographers, illustrators, painters and sculptors, throughout the year and houses a fairly large bookstore full of artistic souvenirs and texts. It also presents a wide range of independent films and documentaries, from Argentina and other parts of ...

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  • 2

    Casa Rosada

    47 reviews

    Excellent attraction! Looks beautiful at night with all the colorful lights!

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  • 3

    Feria de San Telmo

    11 reviews

    Tucked inside the Feria de Anticuarios (off of Defensa), you'll find tons of fruit and vegetable stands to buy your fresh produce for the day/week. And if you go on Sunday, you can take advantage of the Feria de San Telmo.

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  • 4

    Recoleta Cemetery

    69 reviews

    Located at Recoleta neighborhood, this cemetery keep the graves of famous and historical characters from Argentina's history. Listed by the CNN among the 10 most beautiful cemeteries in the world. The cemetery contains many elaborated and bigs mausoleums, decorated with statues, in a wide variety of architectural styles

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  • 5

    Expanish Spanish School

    7 reviews

    I studied here for a couple of weeks before travelling around south america. speaking even a tiny bit spanish made a massive difference to my trip, and this school was pretty much ideal. friendly and effective.

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  • 6

    El Ateneo

    26 reviews

    If you're not a Spanish speaker you won't find much amongst the contents to detain you. However the conversion from a theatre to a bookshop is worth the trip to look at

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  • 7

    Boca Junior Stadium

    19 reviews

    Catch a game at the legendary Boca Junior Stadium to take part in a quintessential Argentinean activity: watching (and loving) futbol. But watch out: fans are known to get more than a bit crazy.

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  • 8

    Palermo Soho

    28 reviews

    Palermo Soho is a very young and trendy barrio in Buenos Aires. Here you'll find tons of excellent bars, clubs, restaurants, and cafes filled with young people out to party or hang with friends. There is a great street art scene in the neighborhood, as well.

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  • 9

    Museo Nacional de Bellas Artes

    10 reviews

    The Museo Nacional de Bellas Artes (Buenos Aires’ National Museum of Fine Arts) houses, amongst others, a permanent collection of Argentine Art, dating from the late 19th century to the present day. The collection is particularly interesting because it covers a broad range of artistic styles, touching on impressionism, romanticism, cubism, minimalism, surrealism and post-impressionism, to name a few. There ...

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  • 10

    Planetario Galileo Galilei

    6 reviews

    Whether you're visiting the Planetario's museum (which contains a moon rock) or dancing to drum circles at the monthly Full Moon Party held outside, you'll be sure to have an excellent time under the stars.

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  • 11

    Bosques de Palermo

    9 reviews

    The sprawling Bosques de Palermo can be considered Buenos Aires' own Central Park: a green respite from the bustling city. I love to go jogging there and, weather permitting, catch some rays while drinking mate.

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  • 12

    Ciudad Cultural Konex

    4 reviews

    La Bomba del Tiempo, the resident percussion ensemble in Buenos Aires, performs here every Monday night. If you're looking for electrifying music, catchy rhythms and ridiculous energy, this is the place. Lots of locals come here, so it's also a great opportunity to meet some porteños.

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  • 13

    La Viruta

    6 reviews

    La Viruta seems seedy on the outside - and perhaps it is, a little, on the inside, too - but it has a character all its own, and always draws an energetic, local crowd to the dance floor. A tango dancer myself, this was one of my all-time favorite places to go and dance; not for the quality of the ...

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  • 14

    Parque Rivadavia

    3 reviews

    This charming park contains chess tables at which you're bound to see elderly men playing and drinking mate. On weekends, the park also has an outdoor book fair, at which you can browse old and new books as well posters and other decorative items.

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  • 15

    San Telmo

    46 reviews

    Art galleries, tango, cafes and antique stores, plus a street market.

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  • 16

    Floralis Genérica

    34 reviews

    The Floralis Genérica is a sculpture made of steel and aluminum, located right next to the Universidad de Buenos Aires de Abogacía ‎. Created in the 2002, the original idea was that it should follow the sun, closing its petals in the evening and opening them in the morning, although this mechanism is currently disabled.

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  • 17

    La Catedral

    3 reviews

    Up the creaky stairs of an old building in Almagro lies a post-punk/neo-goth hall that hosts the largest beginner tango lesson in the city. Made up mostly of college-age tourists and local couples, the lesson often turns into a polite mosh pit of tango beginners accidentally running into each other and muttering "perdon." Once the lesson is over, the venue ...

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  • 18

    Buenos Aires Japanese Gardens

    27 reviews

    Relaxing and a great place to take some fun pictures, the Japanese Garden also offers free activities every day (from massages to Origami lessons), so everybody wins. There's also an interesting restaurant and a cute souvenir shop.

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  • 19

    Plaza de San Martin

    6 reviews

    There’s a romantic Argentinian movie called “Medianeiras” and, as it is in part narrated by an architect, it shows a lot of buildings in Buenos Aires. In fact Buenos Aires is the city of architecture, there are so many different styles from the turn of the XIX century (when Argentina was one of the richest countries in the world) to ...

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  • 20

    Plaza de Mayo

    33 reviews

    The largest plaza I went to and probably the most famous. The Casa Rosada is located here as well as several other famous and historical buildings. It was a blend of historical and modern architecture. You really got a sense of history when you walked through the plaza for the first time.

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