Burger King - McCarran International Airport

5757 Wayne Newton Blvd T3 Domestic, Las Vegas, NV, United States
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    The D terminal at McCarran Interanational airport is pretty new. You have to take the little shuttle train to get out there, and after that, you have to walk out toward a big atrium and go up a 2 story escalator..

    Of course you have to pass some ubiquitous slot machines on the way to your gate. This is mostly a United Airlines terminal.

    It isn't a shopping mall like the main terminal is, but it is less crowded and congested, wnd clean.

    This Burger King is one of the choices you have to eat out here. There are the usual fast food airport suspects serving, well, fast food, so this is as good as any.

    We have over the past 10 years traded in airline food for terminal fast food, what with the airlines competing on price and still losing money. And we are spending more time in the terminal than in the plane. Not sure which is better or worse. At least in the terminal, you have a choice of more than chicken or pasta.

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