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    Candace L
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    3 Mar 07, 2013

    This must be the after Eaton spot :) After hiking for 7 hours I was WAY over due for my morning latte, so this was our first stop post hike. Very friendly, welcoming, family owned coffee shop. They also serve food - didn't try any of it but would recommend if you are in need of a cup of joe. There is a parking lot beside them or street parking.

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    Schel @schel74
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    3 Mar 07, 2013

    So this little café is an interesting joint. I am not quite sure how or why, but it seems like a ton of people that I know have reviewed this place. This is very peculiar since its not on the beaten path whatsoever. I think it is primarily due to its proximity to the Eaton Canyon & Natural Area where many people that I know have been hiking. So as my buddy Candace L pointed out this must be the post hike stop for a lot of people.

    So what exactly is this lil café… I would call it an Armenian café with an American twist… They have a number of Armenian style dishes and modern American fare as well. They serve breakfast, lunch, smoothies, and coffee for the most part.

    Pro Tip: This is a small mom n pop owned business, worth supporting if you are in the area.

    The grub itself my friends thought was good. Most of them got sammies of some sort here after we had hiked Eaton Canyon. A few also ended up getting tea as well. As for me I got the fresh squeezed OJ. The OJ was awesomely fresh, literally just squeezed with the right amount of rind oils mixed in. However for some reason the inside of my Styrofoam cup looked like it had partially been eaten away by something in it… like something too hot or when microwaved a little bit. I think it was just a funky cup (I hope). But it was 5 days ago and no adverse reactions… so I am calling it tasty OJ =)

    The wife “mom” was working the front and the husband “pop” was in the back making the sammies and some of the drinks. The service was a bit slow, but on a lazy Saturday after hiking when hanging with a bunch of friends, you don’t really care about that… anyways it just lets you drag things out a little bit more too, which is nice. They also had huge smiles for all of us.

    Overall this seems like a great alternative to some of the coffee tea chain shops and deli’s that may be in the area. It will also allow you to try something new if you are in the mood for it. Check them out as a great place to relax after hiking Henniger Flats, Mt Wilson, or Eaten Canyon…

    I am suddenly craving some fresh squeezed OJ again though…

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