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    San Francisco

    California, USA
    1970 reviews

    Foodies with insomnia can always eat well in San Francisco, which won the survey for both fine dining and wine bars. Up until 2 a.m., one of the hot places to linger these days is the recently revamped Tosca Café in North Beach, the iconic bar that now also serves food—such as crispy pig tails, lamb ribs, and classic cannoli. ...

  • 2

    San Diego

    California, USA
    647 reviews

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    Los Angeles

    California, USA
    506 reviews

    This sun-filled strip mall is an American cultural Mecca. Sprawling and full of traffic, LA is hard to love but the weather is nice, the food scene is sophisticated, and there are great museums and shopping. Contrary to its image, this is not the place for a beach holiday. You definitely need a car.

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    California, USA
    45 reviews

    There's not a whole lot to love about the suburb of Anaheim surrounding the Disneyland Resort. Motels, chain restaurants, shopping malls and more corporate brands than a prime-time TV commercial break dominate the city. If you want a more relaxed, authentic SoCal small town experience, detour to Old Town Orange not too far away for cafes, vintage shops, bars and ...

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    California, USA
    35 reviews

    Leading from the Left Coast!

  • 6

    San Jose

    California, USA
    88 reviews

    Hi, we went to Santa Clara in September, 2011. We saw Napa valley wine country is very beautiful for wine. We love Napa

  • 7


    California, USA
    36 reviews

    I used to work in Pasadena, and even though I no longer have to drive there I still make the trip every other month or so. Pasadena has a wonderful selection of museums, restaurants, small businesses and gardens that gives this quaint town such a homey yet cultured feel. The one drawback: on the weekends, parking is a BEAST. If ...

  • 8

    Santa Monica

    California, USA
    143 reviews

    3rd street promenade has amazing shopping right by the beach! Traffic is insane so be prepared! Awesome fun on the weekends and evenings with street performers, artists and love music.

  • 9

    Palm Springs

    California, USA
    104 reviews

    I love warm, hot weather and the carefree, luxurious vibe of Palm Springs! If you like to golf, drink or just lounge around a pool then this is the perfect weekend playground.

  • 10

    Mountain View

    California, USA
    33 reviews

    Autumn Leaves

  • 11

    Palo Alto

    California, USA
    50 reviews

    Palo Alto is a great city. It is in the middle of Stanford University and Silicon Valley. There are great restaurants and smart people everywhere.

  • 12

    Santa Cruz

    California, USA
    132 reviews

    I never get tired of swinging by Santa Cruz on my up or down the Central Coast, driving between Santa Barbara or San Luis Obispo and San Francisco. I could spend all day at Main Beach and the boardwalk, or along West Cliff Drive heading toward Natural Bridges State Beach. Penny Ice Creamery and the Picnic Basket are my favorite ...

  • 13

    South Lake Tahoe

    California, USA
    70 reviews

    A must-visit location year-round. Enjoy both water and snow sports, shopping, spas, dining, exercise and the nature that surrounds. There are a number of hotels and rental homes, great for a romantic getaway or vacation with family and friends.

  • 14


    California, USA
    33 reviews

    Don't believe everything you've heard about Oakland, full of great people, neighborhoods, a lot of culture and booming small businesses. Public transportation is easily accessible and just a train ride away from the city.

  • 15


    California, USA
    59 reviews

    Somewhere you just have to go to say you've 'done it'. There are so many winery regions to visit around San Francisco and the Bay Area, but Napa is the most well known - as well as the most expensive on the whole. Definitely give Black Stallion a try, as well all the names you know like Mumm, Beringer, Sutter, ...

  • 16


    California, USA
    126 reviews

    This town really is unique. Monterey Bay sits between two major oceanic zones, and gets all the cross-traffic between them. This place was destined to be popular, and we're all blessed to have be a protected area.

  • 17

    West Hollywood

    California, USA
    38 reviews

    One of the more pleasant neighborhoods in LA. A glorified series of strip malls but with extra greenery and style. The heart and soul of LA's gay community.

  • 18

    Big Bear Lake

    California, USA
    58 reviews

    One great way to get away from L.A. smog and pollution is going here, enjoy the nature and snow activities.

  • 19


    California, USA
    68 reviews

    Beautiful view, but that's about it. There's a beach and there's sea, but not a lot else. Still, nice for chilling in the sun or going for a swim. I wonder if it's sunny every day of the year here??

  • 20

    Beverly Hills

    California, USA
    61 reviews

    If you have never been to Beverly Hills, the first thing to be aware of is that it's so much more than just Rodeo Drive. This tendency toward stereotypes is one of the biggest problem's with L.A.'s image in general. One little detail overpowers everything else and people miss out on the rest. Public art is one thing that I ...

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