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  • 1

    Lake Tahoe

    101 reviews

    sugar bowl, kirkwood, heavenly resort. Sweet powder, good beer. what else can you ask for!?!? RIDE OR DIE!

  • 2

    Greater San Diego

    44 reviews

    I love San Diego, it has to be one of the best spots in southern california. The weather is amazing almost all year long. I know we dont have the... more

  • 3

    Napa and Sonoma Valley

    98 reviews

    This place is my home. There is a lot of great local and fresh foods through out the area. If you are vegetarian, there is a lot of options here.

  • 4

    Big Sur to Santa Barbara

    12 reviews

    The most magnificent, exciting, awe inspiring drive is along the coast, in and out of the cliffs, in Big Sur. Your knuckles will be white by the end of it... more

  • 5

    Southern California

    20 reviews

    There are many things to see and do in Southern California. The constant, sunny weather with no humidity ensures an abundance of outdoor activities whether it's volleyball, surfing, or rollerblading.

  • 6

    The San Francisco Bay Area

    71 reviews

    San Francisco is a busy city and as the sun goes down, life in and out of the San Francisco bay continues as this cargo ship makes it's way under... more

  • 7

    Monterey Bay Region

    23 reviews

    Always a cool, sea-salt and coast mist feeling to the Monterey Peninsula. All the towns on the peninsula have their own character, and each generally reaches back to a long... more

  • 8

    Palm Springs and the Deserts

    6 reviews

    The desert represents one of California's unique ecosystems. It can definitely be a shock going from the coast to basically an arid landscape, but it provides some of the most... more

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  • 9

    The Inland Empire

    2 reviews
  • 10

    Sacramento and the Gold Country

    4 reviews


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