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  • 1

    Chez Panisse

    Fresh local ingredients, attentive service, comfortable and cozy dining room, how can this place not be on top of list of everyone's comfort food/sustainable dining place?!

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  • 2

    Berkeley Bowl Produce Incorporated

    A truly exciting grocery experience, they have everything. Sustainable, local and awesome. Before there was Whole Foods of Wegmans, there was the Berkeley Bowl!

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  • 3


    16 reviews

    Sustainable seafood, creative presentations, chewy sourdough bread and a wine list -- wait for it -- priced practically at retail! This is our favorite restaurant in the Monterey Bay area, and we're pretty picky foodies. It's a locals' kinds of place, and the value-for-price ratio is super-high. The chef is super-conscious about following the Monterey Bay Seafood Watch list guidelines, ...

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  • 4

    Greens Restaurant

    11 reviews

    Built in part by the San Francisco Zen Center in the 70s, this icon of vegetarian cuisine in the United States is also located in one of the city's center of culture, Fort Mason. Come to dine on ground-breaking healthy gourmet meals amidst a backdrop of reclaimed lumber decor and a view of sailboats on the San Francisco Bay. Or ...

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  • 5

    True Food Kitchen

    11 reviews

    I absolutely love this place. The curry is amazing and I love the Hangover R/X fresh juice. Good appetizers, you can also order them in half size & it's plenty! So many wonderful, healthy options! I will come here over and over again! Plus they have great service and although they're busy, there's usually a short wait if any at ...

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  • 6


    37 reviews

    This place has yet to disappoint me. Every time, it's been excellent food! All of it! Vegetarians can eat here without question. The salads are alive with unique mixes, but my favorite was the smoked wild trout with grapefruit and avocado. It's hard to share this salad, but with so many good things on the menu (terribly designed with leading ...

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  • 7


    27 reviews

    Meatballs with buttermilk-soaked breadcrumbs atop carmelized root vegetables. Seriously, I think that's the only thing I really need to say. I could write poetry in praise of these meatballs. You know how places boast about being farm to table? Well, Farmstead *is* a farm. Here's my recommendation: Make reservations for no later than 6pm, and come early to go wine-tasting ...

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  • 8

    Sprout Cafe

    13 reviews

    This is a great place to eat in the summer, very light fresh food. It's a make your own meal kind of restaurant. You can fill out a form at the front to create or own salad or order a pre-made one. It's a little expensive for a salad restaurant, salads are usually around $12 but the servings are huge. ...

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  • 9

    Berkeley Bowl

    Oh, Berkeley Bowl? It's not a bowling alley, lest you be confused. Berkeley Bowl is THE BEST PRODUCE MARKET. It has everything! Baby corn NOT IN A CAN? Yeah, they've got that. Starfruit? Yup. Twelve kinds of melons? No biggie. (Just don't expect to find fresh durian here, let's be sensible.) It's great selection goes beyond fresh produce. I've picked ...

    Popular withFoodiesGreenVegetarian
  • 10

    Cafe Beaujolais

    13 reviews

    This place is the best place to eat in Mendocino for many reasons. That said, make reservation because around 7/8pm, it's couple wars for two-tops. With great local wines (mmm pinot noirs) from nearby and many seasonal dishes to try, you'll want to share and you won't be snubbed for it. It's a toasty atmosphere on a cold and misty ...

    Popular withFoodiesLocalGreen
  • 11

    Dr. J's Vibrant Cafe

    6 reviews

    Delicious and healthy foods in the heart of dtla. They have donation base yoga classes every Saturday and the teas are amazing. I recommend the chicken bowl and Lentil soup.

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  • 12


    18 reviews

    A first date after my own heart – he won it. Okay, not because he took us to A16 for our first official date after 11 years, but because good food and wine grease the wheels for cruising chemistry. We were getting to know each other so why not stick to the basics? We started with the Burrata which for ...

    Popular withFoodiesLocalGreen
  • 13

    Ravens' Restaurant

    3 reviews

    Of the four of us, not a one was a vegan, but we each enjoyed a very special tasty meal. I had the sea palm and filo dish. I loved it, but I just plain love almost anything with seaweed. The room was comfortable and lovely, though just a bit loud. Service was great. I had a chardonnay with my ...

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  • 14

    Koffi Palm Springs

    This is the second of three Koffi locations in the desert. This one is right next to the Ace Hotel, and across from the Saguaro Hotel. It's a little further than Starbucks (from our vacation homes), but it's worth driving a bit to support a quality local business like Koffi. The new Rancho Mirage location is a little quieter (more ...

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  • 15

    Oxbow Public Market

    22 reviews

    Every time I drive up to the Napa Valley, this seems to be my first stop. Not just to assuage my hunger with a quick sandwich, pupusa or scoop of Three Twins ice cream, but also to stock up on hard-to-find gourmet cooking ingredients, like at the Whole Spice Co. Olive oil tastings from a couple of vendors are free!

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  • 16

    Aroma Bakery Cafe

    6 reviews

    This is a place where you can non-meat food. Although no meat used in cooking, very delicious dishes come out. I myself tried pizza and some beverages. All of the we're really good. Pros: high quality and deliciousness Cons: overall is expensive

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  • 17

    Goodlife Cafe & Bakery

    2 reviews

    You might be inclined to diversify your breakfast spots while traveling, but while in Mendocino it will be a challenge to do once you've eaten at Goodlife Café & Bakery. In fact, if you're staying at a B&B serving breakfast included, you'll be tempted to shell out a little more just to snack a little more at this cafe. Here, ...

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  • 18

    Trader Joe's

    2 reviews

    Trader Joe's is great for those who want something a little special or healthier than the standard grocery fare but don't want to spend gourmet prices for it. Lots of vegan options are available which makes me happy! This location is right off the 91 freeway and in the town center along with many other shops and restaurants with tons ...

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  • 19

    Tender Greens

    4 reviews

    This picture just does not to this salad justice! Got a hot plate per recommendation which is a simple salad with your choice of protein. So baby spinach with grilled Thai octopus. Oh boy, so so good! Also must try the tangerine olive oil cake. Yum!!

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  • 20

    The Little Chihuahua Mexican Restaurant

    13 reviews

    Good not great and a bit pricier than the Mission joints too. The service was great, but the carne asada was dry and while there was a large selection of salsas, none really had a kick. Would have liked a little more guacamole too.

    Popular withFoodiesBudgetGreen
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