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    13 reviews

    Attended a Gogobot Mixer event at Izzo.

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  • 2

    Hunan Home's Restaurant

    9 reviews

    Great hole in the wall place in Chinatown. Not much in terms of atmosphere (looked very 80s) but the food was authentic fresh and tasty. The Kung Pao was great. The black mushroom with greens was also good. There was a line to get a table by 6 pm. Came with kids and they also liked it.

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  • 3


    14 reviews

    I haven't eaten "real" food at Sinbala, just their shaved ice. There is a check list for all the toppings, making it easy to order your favorite fobby combination. I usually share with a friend or two and request both egg pudding and red bean.

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  • 4

    PA PA Walk

    10 reviews

    PA PA Walk has some of the best snow ice in the 626 area, and that's saying A LOT. They have two variants: shaved ice and snow ice. The snow ice is much finer, creamier, smoother, so if you haven't tried it, make sure to get that. You can also get it in different flavors like green tea (yum!). Make ...

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  • 5

    A & J Restaurant

    One of my favorite places to go in Cupertino. They're known for their spicy beef noodle soup; they hand make the noodles (get the thick noodles). Love the thousand layer pancake as well; dip it in your soup.

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  • 6

    Ten Ren's Tea Time

    8 reviews

    Shout out to Manager Andy Huang! The staffs here are also very attentive and nice as well. Ten Ren is a great place to just grab a drink and have some snacks while catching up with your friends. Sometimes, you will also see students "studying" at Ten Ren because their drinks and atmosphere is that great. A few of my ...

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  • 7

    Why Thirsty

    7 reviews

    the place that has good taiwanese popcorn chicken and boba. this place has a great variety of original tawainese food that everyone is used to. you have to try out the railroad dish they have if you have never eaten here. it is basically a ton of food on a plate with veggies and pasta.

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  • 8

    Class 302

    7 reviews

    The layout and d├ęcor of this restaurant mirrors that of a typical classroom in Taiwan. They even have some fun memorabilia in the front from Taiwan that many in their 20s and 30s remember fondly. Typically there is a wait for a table to eat inside, even on weeknights. If you don't want to wait, you can always order to ...

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  • 9

    I Dumpling

    6 reviews

    If you're looking for delicious, authentic dumplings, then come here. My dumpling expert friends all highly recommend it, and I see why. By far the best Shanghai dumplings I've ever had!

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  • 10

    Au79 Tea House

    7 reviews

    One of the best tea houses in San Gabriel Valley. Perfect tasting boba - slightly sweet and chewy without being overcooked or slimy. Fun hangout for groups. Monthly specials are posted on their Facebook page. For the motorcycle enthusiasts, check out their monthly bike night.

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  • 11

    Yami Teahouse Inc.

    6 reviews

    This place is more known for its milk tea and shaved ice. The drinks are really good and just recently you have a choice of how sweet you want your drinks to be (healthier?). They also serve hot meals like noodles and rice dishes. The staff are friendly although sometimes the service can be slow. There is free wi fi.

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  • 12

    Meet Fresh, Irvine

    Meet Fresh is like 85c bakery for dessert... Their specialties traditional Chinese dessert that often hard to find in US. I try their #1(Herbal Jelly with taro and mango jelly and some shaved ice.). overall it was phenomenal. Wait was god awfu long... They gonna open more stores soon, I said wait but if you happens to be in the ...

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  • 13

    Pangea Bakery Cafe

    5 reviews

    It's more expensive than other bakeries around the area but everything I've had is really good. They also have a variety of fancy coffee drinks and a lot of people study here. I recommend their macaroons.

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  • 14

    Boiling Point

    4 reviews

    The broth & the dipping sauces are so yummy here. Lunch time is a much better deal than dinner ;-) Service is great but when it gets busy you have to wave them down.

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  • 15

    Easy Earthen

    4 reviews

    Great service and menu. I especially like the beef rolls. I also like the fact that they give you everything in plastic containers so that you can just get a lid and bring it home if there are leftovers.

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  • 16


    4 reviews

    A dinky little hole in the wall, but it packs quite a punch. This is the place for some hard core spicy Taiwanese style Szechwan food. Sometimes there are open flames and ninja stoves at tables cooking a hotpot way too spicy for most people to handle, sometimes the waitresses walk by with what looks like a full place of ...

  • 17

    Tofu King Incorporated

    Great stinky tofu along with lots of other great small eats. Too bad there are no braised pig ears.

  • 18

    Arcadia Tasty Garden

    3 reviews

    Tasty Garden has THE best honey walnut shrimp ever! Each shrimp is gigantic and lightly crisped with batter - the sauce perfectly complements the shrimp and the walnuts are lightly roasted and sprinkled with sesame and usually placed to the side. Each time I come here, I have to order this dish; the only downside is that this dish is ...

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  • 19

    Mama Chen's

    4 reviews

    It is an extremely sad reality and state of affairs that in order to get pretty authentic Taiwanese fare of any sort, one would have to make the trek to Southern California to do so (let's not get started on Japanese and Korean in NorCal mmm kay), as even their typical or average offering would blow away what Northern California ...

  • 20

    Boiling Point

    5 reviews

    (Takes sip) HOT HOT HOT HOT! (Burns tongue) -_- So I've been to hot pot places where you share with the entire group, places where they just give you the broth, but this is the first place where everything is already thrown in for you. First thing you will notice is the wait, we came in on a Sunday at ...

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