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    Oren's Hummus Shop

    I was apprehensive about this place when my friend suggested we eat here because I've had a lot of underwhelming experiences at Mediterranean restaurants in the Bay Area. This place is excellent though. Try the sweet potato fries. I'm typically not a fan of sweet potatoes but Oren's sweet potato fries rival normal French fries in terms of deliciousness.

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    Dishdash Restaurant

    Dish Dash offers a miditerranean/Middle Eastern cuisine that is very refreshing. For the appetizer I had the Rihan and Hummus. With some pita bread this was an amazing meal. The hummus was seasoned perfectly, most places tend to add spices that are too overpowering. As for the Rihan (ORDER THIS) feta cheese + fresh tomatos = SOLD. I ordered the ...

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    Raffi's Place

    After an event in Glendale, Sidney T and I were looking up places to grab some food and we stumbled upon Raffi's Place on Yelp. Since it was highly rated and many of our Yelp friends had suggested for us to drop by, we decided to try some Middle Eastern food before we called it a night. Upon arriving around ...

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    DE Afghanan Kabob House

    By far the very best afghani food I've ever had. The only culinary highlight I've discovered in Fremont thus far!

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    One of the more upscale and authentic Mexican restaurants in the area, and a real trip due to its "Casablanca" (the movie) theme. They make all of their tortillas in house (literally in the middle of the restaurant for all to see) and serve up top quality dishes from across Mexican cuisine types.

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    The Kebab Shop

    Better than Dearborn!

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    Jannah Middle Eastern Ca Csn

    I've followed this guy from several incarnations of Yaya. Been to this location several times with different dining companions. I feel his is the best hummus I've ever had. Watch the appetizers, you may not be able to finish your entree...and you MUST leave room for dessert and coffee. If the owner is in, he may even read your coffee ...

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    Chicken Dijon

    Chicken Dijon is a neighborhood place I often forget about but it is very good. Our office uses them for catering from time to time, which always turns out great. The gyro meat is very tasty. The hummus and pita are also very good. When I dine in I usually order the Cesar Salad sandwich. The Mediterranean fries are also ...

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    Haritna Mediterranean Restaurant

    Did you notice that in the comments from the rest of us the word “excellent” was used 4 times? There’s a reason for that. It’s the perfect word to describe every aspect of this little neighborhood restaurant that serves “traditional, healthy, hometown, authentic Middle Eastern cuisine.” Haritna is located on the busy street of El Cajon Blvd in La Mesa ...

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    Oasis Grill

    simple fair. they roll the sawharma and falafel in lafa [a thin rectangular version of pita]. great selection of Mediterranean food, large snacks and drinks collection, NO good hot drinks. for this area, a great no frills meal option. to go or to sit. self service. have been here twice - wait may be longer than expected, but overall good ...

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    Laili Restaurant

    Not knowing where you're going for dinner can be exciting and fun. Since I did not get a hint of where we were going eat. I had to speculate the surrounding and assumed that we were going to have seafood as we were on our way to Santa Cruz. Arriving in downtown Santa Cruz and reaching our destination. I surely ...

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    Hummus Bar

    Even when the Israeli bring it to the Valley the Garbanzo doesn't want to adapt. There is something internally wrong with the Garbanzo... It says take me back to Israel where I am the master of Hummus & Falafel. I do have to say, with my actual love for Hummus, that this is as good of Hummus the US will ...

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    Oasis Grille

    A very classy decor mixed with a reasonable happy hour make this a great place to meet up and unwind with friends.

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    Wrap This Mediterranean Cuisine

    The best salads in town. I usually get the Greek salad with chicken, honey-mustard dressing! Mmm... My favorite! Although, I have tried the rest of the food, and its really good. But am on a diet, so the salad is best for me. Definitely check it out!

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    I have been here on occasion and usually it has consisted of buffet style self serve. It's alright. The food has been hit or miss and I've heard other tables complain about this or that. Eh... It doesn't change that some of the offerings I truly enjoyed like the prime rib. Some of the deserts have been also hit or ...

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    Attari Sandwich Shop

    The city nicknamed “Tehrangeles” is home to hundreds of thousands of Iranian Americans, many of whom live or work in Westwood. On Fridays they flock to Attari’s courtyard for the special abgoosht, a nourishing lamb-and-bean stew that’s mashed into a paste and served with lamb broth and piquant torshi (pickles).

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    Kabul Afghan Cuisine

    4 stars for price - this place can be a bit expensive. Ordering a few dishes for you and someone else can easily add up to $40 or more. Else, the food here is amazing. I had the lamb palaw which was awesome. Glazed with carrots and raisins under a bed of rice and lamb pieces. The lamb was very ...

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    Paradise Kabab House

    This is a nice family-run Persian kebab house. We always feel comfortable bringing the kids here as the husband and wife owners and staff are so friendly and unassuming. The lamb koobide and rice is delicious. And we always order their home-made yoghurt to eat with bread.

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    Cafe Zitouna

    I had been looking for a place in the city that made b'stilla. It's a meat pie with ground almonds in phyllo dough, baked and powdered with sugar and cinnamon. Like dinner and dessert in one! Though Cafe Zitouna prepares theirs with chicken, it's traditionally made with pigeon, something I learned one day while browsing through Morocco... on Wikipedia :-/

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    Ali Baba

    This place is delicious. I spent so many lunches here when I was at UC Davis. With great Middle Eastern specials, including some international items like their Gyro Burrito and chargrilled burgers, it's a great little diner to eat in.

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