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  • 21

    LA Quinta Resort & Club

    37 reviews

    Wonderful and Luxurious Spa with incredible menu of services. Fantastic Restaurants Great New Year's Eve Celebrations! The best Grass Tennis Court in the valley.

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  • 22

    85°C Bakery & Cafe

    45 reviews

    Yay for brick toasts! Not so yay for the long wait. Apparently a lot of people come to bakeries late at night. I wasn't too hungry so my friends and I all decided to share the maple brick toast. Mm...crunchy, sweet, delicious, goodness. Aside from the long wait, I guess it was pretty decent, but I think this is one ...

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  • 23

    Arnold Palmer's Restaurant

    38 reviews

    5 minute drive. The food is considered comfort food and is quite delicious, but the true attraction is being able to see all of the decades of memorabilia about the great Arnold Palmer. You feel like you have been invited into his personal library. There is even a putting green outside on the back patio along with a giant fire ...

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  • 24

    Kokkari Estiatorio

    38 reviews

    Exceptional Mediterranean food served in an elegant atmosphere. Suitable for business or a date. Reservations are essential and the waitstaff can sometime get pushy about turning the tables. Regardless, well worth a visit. Service is very attentive.

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  • 25

    In-N-Out Burger

    37 reviews

    A must if visiting California. I have been eating at In-N-Out since I was a small child living in Los Angeles and was thrilled wen they expanded to San Diego. I eat at one at least once a week.

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  • 26

    The Prado at Balboa Park

    37 reviews

    The food was good but not fantastic but I do love how it's right within the park. A nice place to dine after a fun day at the park.

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  • 27

    Pizzeria Mozza

    38 reviews

    Overhyped and/or overpriced? That's what I wanted to know when I made a reservation. Conclusion: It's pricey, but deserves all the accolades. The pizzeria half of Osteria Mozza restaurant has just a half-dozen tables inside a wine cellar-style room. The menu is refreshingly simple, but still creative: Italian wines by the glass, classic appetizers with a twist like bruschetta with ...

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  • 28

    Humphry Slocombe

    I consider myself an adventurous eater, but I often dislike the flavor profiles offered here. You can only have so much of cucumber milk, salt and pepper, or peanut butter curry, in my opinion. I do like the Blue Bottle Vietnamese Coffee, though. For ice cream purists, this place might not be for you. Portions are small and the flavors ...

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  • 29

    The Girl & the Fig

    38 reviews

    One of my top ten affordable, casual, comfortable places for French food. To start with, order the pastis-scented steamed mussels drenched in white wine and garlic sauce. Next, order the top sirloin burger. It's delicious! For dessert, get the lavender crème brûlée. You will go home wanting more!

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  • 30

    Mitchell's Ice Cream

    35 reviews

    Oh, the flavors! I loved all the tropical flavor options! Grab a number and try to make up your mind between all the delicious flavors while you wait to be called... I wish I lived nearby so I could buy one of the to-go tubs and have this deliciousness in my freezer! Instead, we settled on multiple flavors to share ...

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  • 31

    Osha Thai - 2nd Street

    40 reviews

    I'm not a huge fan of Osha but everyone else seems to like it a lot so I always feel like I'm missing something. This resturant is one of seven SF branches. The food is adequate, the decor is so-so, and you're not paying through the nose. Reliably OK.

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  • 32

    21st Amendment

    44 reviews

    There is just something that keeps me coming back here! The unique beers, cool staff, amazing breakfast ... And they have outdoor seating! Its a great place to bring friends togther!

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  • 33

    The Cheesecake Factory

    50 reviews

    Such a convenient location, great food, great cheesecake. I love their sweet corn tamales cake, thai chicken lettuce wraps, kobe burger, and ahi tare tare! I usually have to get it all the time! Yes, all of them because I can never decide!!!!! Food is very consistent, always the same. It's the service that always changes. Sometimes good, sometimes it ...

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  • 34

    Yank Sing

    37 reviews

    Yank Sing has amazing dim sum! I think some dim sum joints in Arcadia can top Yank Sing, but it is still delicious dim sum and probably the best in the Bay Area. It is pricier than the average restaurant for dim sum, but well worth it.

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  • 35

    Blue Bottle Coffee - Ferry Building

    35 reviews

    Blue Bottle in the Ferry Building? Yes, please! You can get most of their favorites here, including the Humphrey Slocombe Affogato. It involves Humphrey Slocombe's Secret Breakfast ice cream (bourbon and corn flakes—yum!) and a double shot of freshly pulled Blue Bottle espresso. For something lighter, they have a range of delicious drinks, most notable of which is the Iced ...

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  • 36


    38 reviews

    I met Sam Rockwell here once. Sadly, I wasn't fully acquainted with his filmography to have a brilliant conversation beyond, "hey... I love your movies (don't say Ninja Turtles, don't say Ninja Turtles!)." You'll find half of San Francisco at Zeitgeist on a sunny afternoon. Grab a pitcher and join the crowd if you like, but I personally prefer coming ...

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  • 37

    Brenda's French Soul Food

    36 reviews

    My taste buds were blown away! My friend and I ordered the watermelon sweet tea, crawfish beignets, and the hangtown fry. The tea was so refreshing. The crawfish beignets were big; I thought they were a bit too spicy for my taste but still delicious. I didn't know what crispy oysters were and was amazed! They were breaded and crunchy, ...

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  • 38

    Bouchon Bakery

    37 reviews

    Located in beautiful Yountville, this is how my bf and I started our morning in Napa Valley. We grabbed some coffee and gobbled up some baked goods before we started the wine tasting. The bakery is small, so there's a line out the door. As we were waiting, a woman came out and asked if we wanted to sample some ...

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  • 39

    Boudin Sourdough Bakery & Cafe

    43 reviews

    After our trip to Alcatraz we were ready for a Clam Chowder bowl. We walked right down to Fisherman's Wharf and right upstairs into Boudin. The cafe downstairs is extremely "lively", if you are looking for a calmer, quieter little spot to enjoy lunch I'd say go upstairs to escape most of the tourists. We had a sample of the ...

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  • 40

    Father's Office

    37 reviews

    This is one of my must-visit places when I'm in L.A. Best burger of all time? Maybe. It's definitely up there. I've tried a handful of other items on the menu and it's all been great. The fine selection of beers doesn't hurt, either.

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