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    Rosemary Tsai
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    3 Sep 24, 2012

    I'm not really a fan of it and I'm not really just a-ok with it either... so I guess I'm an ok-fan of them?

    Pizza = not so great = best is BBQ chicken & nothing else (3 stars)

    Pasta = not so great = best is Kung Pao spaghetti (4 stars)

    Salad = nothing is great except Waldrof Chicken Salad = DO NOT let them load the dressing on (5 stars)

    Dessert = Strawberry Shortcake is the BOMB, but it's only seasonal (4 stars)

    Service = slow and mean attitude! (0 stars)

    Bottom line~ come here once in a while when I got nothing else in my head that I wanna eat or try

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