California State University - Fullerton

800 North State College Boulevard, Fullerton, CA
5 reviews

Loved my time spent here and love the university. I got my degree here a few years ago with Public Health/Health Science - great program. The Student Union is awesome. I went back just to look around... I miss it. The campus is great. Parking is crap but that's every university. They have a new gym - awesome... paid for ...

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    0.42 mi


    0.42 mi from California State University - Fullerton
    8 reviews

    so this place is like down the street from Cal State Fullerton. I wish I had a place like this while I was in college so you get a 10" pizza - it's basically an individual size really, even the guy there said that. You start with a plain crust (it's a thin crust) and you get to choose what ...

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    0.46 mi

    Wildflour Cupcakes

    0.46 mi from California State University - Fullerton
    2 reviews

    Yeah, Cupcakes are kind of my thing. I've loved them for a while and I love a good one. So when this place opened recently I had to try. They were so tasty, fresh, and the staff was really friendly. I even met the owner and she helped me out for a big event that I had. They have plenty ...

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    0.42 mi

    What's Up Men

    0.42 mi from California State University - Fullerton
    2 reviews

    What's up? Well nothing really...I wish I knew so I could have chosen to eat at Pieology next door. My friend Jules C and I were searching for a place that was open after 9pm to grab some noodle soup on a cold night in Fullerton and I stumbled upon What's Up Men on Yelp. The name was intriguing so ...

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    0.45 mi

    Boardwalk Fresh Burgers & Fries

    0.45 mi from California State University - Fullerton
    1 review

    I'm a burger guy, but I'm trying to be a healthy guy too. And we all know burgers aren't salads. :-). But if its a healthy turkey burger with only meat as the ingredient then you know it will be good. They just opened a month ago and have a few franchises. The turkey burger wasn't greasy, wasn't huge, and ...

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    0.58 mi

    Mr BBQ

    0.58 mi from California State University - Fullerton
    1 review

    I've been on a Korean BBQ quest lately. When I thought I've found the best one, another one comes along I need to try. Can it get any better? Yes it can, better than Gen Korean? (my current KBBQ Champion) Mr BBQ just did it, hail the new Champ!! We went for lunch ($12.99) but the price is going up ...

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    0.5 mi

    Five Guys Burgers & Fries

    0.5 mi from California State University - Fullerton
    1 review

    Now I had tried another Five Guys once and was not very impressed. But today, I tried it and wow. It was pretty darn good. So good in fact that it gave my thoughts about getting an In-N-Out next time a run for the money. The little burger, has 1 patty. The regular burger and cheeseburger have 2. The Cajun ...

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    0.45 mi

    Pepe's Mexican Restaurant

    0.45 mi from California State University - Fullerton
    1 review

    Ok let me just preface this by saying, if you are a health conscious vegetarian goofball dont read any further. If you dont mind a lil grease (the flavoring in a nice place [read hole in the wall] like this) or other intangibles that would make the hoity toity stick their noses up, get your butt over here. They make ...

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    0.77 mi

    burrito grill

    0.77 mi from California State University - Fullerton
    1 review

    So I had to make a quick run to the bank for a lunch which never seemed to get there... So I finally get out of the office at around 2:15-2:30 starving and having to do some other stuff... so right after hitting the bank, I spy this place. Immediately I think CHA-CHING!!! SCORE!!!! Its taco time. Unlike the last ...

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    0.45 mi

    Thai Basil

    0.45 mi from California State University - Fullerton
    1 review

    After having been here a few times over the last few years, this place just doesnt stand out hardly at all to me. Some of the items are good some are meh. Nothing has been great and nothing has been terrible. That just isnt what I am after in the end. Average is not whats going to make me happy. ...

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  • 10
    0.53 mi

    Big's Grill

    0.53 mi from California State University - Fullerton

    This place is nice and the food is good and at good prices. I enjoy coming here to watch bands. The drinks are great and service staff is good. Parking at times have been tricky when the place is packed. It is nicely located by CSUF, but also right down the street from Fullerton PD. So be careful! Once you ...

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    0.44 mi

    Panera Bread

    0.44 mi from California State University - Fullerton
    1 review

    I never really knew where Panera Bread fit into the scheme of things, but upon visiting one, I now know. The common thing that I saw here were students with textbooks and lounging senior citizens. I cannot say I am a fan of the place, but from the outside, it's certainly welcoming and clean. On the inside, there was plenty ...

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    0.45 mi

    Shortstop BBQ

    0.45 mi from California State University - Fullerton
    1 review

    My friend and I headed to the Fullerton Best Buy Truck Squad and I picked this truck to get my main entree. She headed to the Lime Truck. I decided on the Tri-Tip sandwich with a side of fries. 7 bucks. not too bad. The Tri Tip came with a blue cheese slaw. I don't know what went wrong. Sounded ...

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    1.47 mi

    Congregation Ale House

    1.47 mi from California State University - Fullerton
    15 reviews

    Let us pray Beer at a congregation. If this is wrong, I don't want to be right. Haha.... They have a solid selection of beers and if you have a hard time agreeing upon their suggestions, they come with samples and smiles. $7 lunch specials - your pick of a burger+fries combo or a sausage (in between flatbread)+fries. Add a ...

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  • 14
    2.39 mi

    crepes bonaparte

    2.39 mi from California State University - Fullerton
    7 reviews

    Nutella, banana, cinnamon, caramel, warm apples, you name it, they got it, and it's going to be amazing! Good quality crepes and a good assortment of dessert or other types of crepes.

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  • 15
    2.84 mi


    2.84 mi from California State University - Fullerton
    10 reviews

    Waffles sandwiches?! Why didn't anyone think about this sooner? Definitely interesting... I tried their buttermilk fried chicken & waffle. The honey waffle complimented the fried chicken very well. The waffle was very crispy and full of flavor. But the cole slaw made it a little soggy, so you better think twice about waiting for your friends order to finish... They ...

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    1.28 mi

    Summit House Restaurant

    1.28 mi from California State University - Fullerton
    9 reviews

    I've been here 5x now since my introduction to it 2 years ago. We usually reserve this place for special occasions and we're never disappointed. This was Anniversary stop #1 last year, and since our date fell on a Wednesday, we took advantage of the Prime Rib Wednesday Special for $24.95 (Cottage Cut) We typically request to sit in the ...

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  • 17
    2.41 mi

    Heroes Bar & Grill

    2.41 mi from California State University - Fullerton

    If you are a big drinker this is the perfect place to start your night. If you're a girl who goes to Cal State Fullerton it's very likely you are starting your night here with a $10 Adios Mother F****r. Peanut shells on the floor. Never pretentious.

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  • 18
    2.34 mi

    The Matador Cantina

    2.34 mi from California State University - Fullerton
    8 reviews

    I don't have anything much to say about Mexican food~ Not to be offensive, but just not my kinda food ya know. Hey, if you think I'm mean, read those reviews that give Shabu Shabu a 1 or 2 star because they don't like given a pot of water to boil their own food in..... At night though, this place ...

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  • 19
    2.67 mi

    Carthay Circle

    2.67 mi from California State University - Fullerton
    5 reviews

    Not many wheat-free options, but the quail was delicious!

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  • 20
    2.25 mi

    Wahoo's Fish Taco LLC

    2.25 mi from California State University - Fullerton
    5 reviews

    I have come here for about 8-10 yrs. I dont think I have ever had a bad experience. Several avg experiences but mainly rather tasty grub overall... Definitely a worthwhile place to stop and if you forgot your phone in the car so you wouldnt get txts, emails, or phone call emergencies, well guess what, they still have OC Metro ...

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