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  • Camden Town
    Sorath Soomro
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    5 May 28, 2014

    Having lived in London my whole life I thought I'd seen everything I possibly could have but London never stops giving. Camden Town is just 10 minutes from central London on the tube which makes it easily accessible to anyone visiting in and around London. It's a completely different shopping atmosphere to that of mainstream London with its unique and diverse range of fashions which inevitably attracts a very diverse crowd - all the more reason to check it out! There are also many inexpensive places to eat; I remember buying an unbelievably big slice of pizza from the market for a ridiculously cheap price! Overall, a place which you can't leave London without visiting!

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  • Camden Town
    Ana Peralta
    5 Jul 20, 2014
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  • Camden Town
    Alice Bennett
    5 Jun 18, 2014
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