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I wound to go on vacation in cape verde,is there anything special to see our do?

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Ben recommended Chã das Calderias
Meaning Plateau of the Crater, this scenic area is situated along the edge of an enormous mouth of the original volcano on Fogo Island. The terrain here looks more like mars than what we would be ... read more
familiar here on earth. Expanses of red and black volcanic soil and the looming presence of a picturesque Volcano displays firsthand the creative power of mother nature. If you are a fan of the outdoors, and don't care about getting some dirt on your shoes, consider taking a tour on up to this popular Cape Verde natural attraction.
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Hey Nikki. Cape Verde doesn't have all that many noteworthy attractions, besides Chã das Calderias, but along with the beaches, visiting this impressive location will more than warrant a vacation. Chã das Calderias is a remnant of Fogo's fiery past. In addition to volcanic scenery, there are a number of farms here that take advantage of the nutrient rich soil to produce various high quality fruits and vegetables; including grapes, which are made into a popular wine that is available around the island. Consider checking it out and have fun ether way!

Pablo Romano recommended Praia
Praia and Cabo Verde have some of the warmest most welcoming people i have ever come across, the landscape is pretty much arid volcanic island type but the culture is as untainted as it gets. There is ... read more
more tourism at ilha do Sal because that is were the big airliners stop over while crossing the Atlantic and there is also excellent wind for kite surfing as well as regular wave surfing.
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