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    0.15 mi

    Hard Rock Cafe

    0.15 mi from Capuchin Crypt
    4 reviews

    A good place to eat. Good food, good service, good music and friendly staffs. I simply love this place wherever it is in the world. They rock hard :)

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    0.05 mi from Capuchin Crypt
    2 reviews

    A very 'candid' environment for this completely white restaurant, very close to Piazza Barberini. It has big glass window letting give a look outside to the traffic and people passing by. It is very elegant and raw fish is exposed behind the restaurant window. It could be a chance for a romantic date.

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    0.14 mi

    La Terrazza dell'Eden

    0.14 mi from Capuchin Crypt
    1 review

    Located near Parco Borghese with a pleasing high viewpoint, the bar at the luxury Hotel Eden restaurant, La Terazza, was a pleasant spot for an afternoon libation. A great variety of cocktails and other drinks are available. Drinks come with a large variety of tasty bites. Order a second drink, and a whole new array of plates and bites are ...

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    0.18 mi

    Hostaria Romana

    0.18 mi from Capuchin Crypt
    1 review

    Tucked away in a small street near Piazza Barberini, hardly any tourists, but the food is amazing and inexpensive. See my review here:

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    0.13 mi from Capuchin Crypt
    1 review

    Great food. Service was very good. Went there with a 5-year old and she got a special dish. Italians really love kids. Great peaches (summer), super risotto, excellent grilled fish.

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    0.14 mi

    Colline Emiliane

    0.14 mi from Capuchin Crypt

    via degli Avignonesi, 22 (Tel. +39 06 4817538) – TripAdvisor: Opening time: 12:45-2:45 pm – 7:30 pm - 10:45 pm Closure: Sunday evening and Monday. Family run Emilian Restaurant. Delicious homemade pasta (tagliatelle alla bolognese, lasagne, tortellini in brodo, ravioli, pumpkin tortelli), excellent meat (Giambonetto, bollito), and mouth-watering homemade desserts (zabaione, amalfitana and caprese are my favourite ones!). Reservation ...

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    Gargani S.R.L.

    0.22 mi from Capuchin Crypt
    1 review
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    0.23 mi from Capuchin Crypt
    2 reviews

    This is the fanciest McDonald's I've ever been to! It's always interesting to see what they serve up at foreign McDonald's, here I saw that they do indeed serve a "Royal" instead of a Quarter Pounder. And they also have some kind of Gelato alongside the regular McFlurry.

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    Ristorante Alla Rampa

    0.23 mi from Capuchin Crypt

    They say it's impossible to find a bad meal in Italy. Even when the restaurant is located right next door to the most touristy of areas. This holds true for Alla Rampa. Situated right next to the Spanish Steps, this is one of my favorite pasta driven restaurants in Rome. But careful filling up on the linguini and save room ...

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    0.11 mi

    Enoteca Barberini

    0.11 mi from Capuchin Crypt
    1 review

    Great service, reasonable prices for the area and live music. Located near the Piazza Barberini, Enoteca Barberini is a solid choice for food and drink in this tourist area. The cheapest glass of wine runs four euros. Not too shabby. Say hello to Simone, the bartender, who is both wise and friendly.

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    Birreria Albrecht

    0.19 mi from Capuchin Crypt
    1 review

    The air-conditioned dining room and free Wi-Fi alone makes Restaurant Birreria Albrecht a worthy place to visit. The fact that they have beer makes it ever better. I stopped in when the restaurant was pretty much empty. I sat down, ordered a beer and made use of the wireless Internet. Another traveling couple came in, and they sat them right ...

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    Il Localino

    0.25 mi from Capuchin Crypt
    1 review

    This restaurant is located near the Borghese Galleria where we had an afternoon tour booked. They feature seafood, which is very fresh, too fresh if you do not care for semi-raw shrimp and langoustines. The server saw this and took them back to the kitchen for a light searing. After a massive amount of seafood antipasti, we did not manage ...

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    Terrazza Barberini

    0.12 mi from Capuchin Crypt
    1 review

    This restaurant near the Palazzo Barberini, has a rooftop terrace where you can dine. We found it was too hot to sit in the sun so opted to lunch inside where the windows were open so we could still appreciate the fresh air. The menu was Italian with nice seafood offerings. Not great, but still enjoyable.

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    Ristorante Ciao Bella Srl

    0.04 mi from Capuchin Crypt
    1 review
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    0.61 mi

    Giolitti - Centro Storico

    0.61 mi from Capuchin Crypt
    45 reviews

    Rome has many excellent gelaterias. The Giolitti gelateria is among those frequently recommended as amongst the best. When Michelle Obama was in Rome she came her with her daughters. The most difficult decision is making a choice amongst the many flavours.

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    Caffè Sant'Eustachio

    0.79 mi from Capuchin Crypt
    19 reviews

    One of Rome's classic bars, with some of its most famous caffe. Be sure to try the crema, which is drops of coffee and sugar whipped into a frothy delight and dribbled into your coffee. Sure, it's packed, but worth it.

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    Il Gelato di San Crispino - Trevi Fountain

    0.28 mi from Capuchin Crypt

    Is there something wrong with me? I simply didn't like this place. The gelato flavors were some of the weakest I had during my 4 week trip around Italy (and I ate gelato an average of 4 times per day). It was sorely overpriced (about 1 Euro MORE per cup than other places) and the employees would "flattten" the scoops ...

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    0.96 mi

    Trattoria Monti

    0.96 mi from Capuchin Crypt


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    0.62 mi from Capuchin Crypt
    10 reviews

    Everybody knows about Gusto, but that's cool. It's cavernous, modern place, with a view of ivy-bedecked ruins, that serves a sort of holy grail meal for expats in Rome...Sunday Brunch. The pizzas and normal dinner menus are very good, too.

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    0.73 mi

    Ciuri Ciuri

    0.73 mi from Capuchin Crypt
    5 reviews

    Unfortunately I have not yet been to Sicily. But I've had cannoli in New York... and I had no idea. I didn't think I liked cannolis until I had one here. Absolutely delicious!!! It's supposed to be one of the best Sicilian bakeries in Rome. I haven't tried any other because I kept going here!

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