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Going with a group of guys to Mexico City. Looking for good (local, not pricey) places to eat, great bars and the top discotheques!!! Yeah!

This trip is NOT geared towards history or culture. Thanks.

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    • Jennifer Kho commented on this list

      Pata Negra bar in La Condesa is a good place to start or end the night, and it's surrounded by many other great bars. Enjoy!

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    • Pulqueria Mesones 55, Centro, Cuauhtémoc, Mexico City, Distrito Federal, Mexico
      Zora O'Neill recommended Pulqueria
      Let's just say, pulque is a very special drink. And I've got to thank Mexico City's hipsters for making it cool again, and making what was a dying old-man bar into a very groovy place indeed. This ... read more
      place is the size of a shoebox, and both times we went we sort of had to loiter around a little bit waiting for a seat to open up. But conveniently you can get your pulque in a foam go-cup, so if you just want to taste the stuff without hanging out with all the super-bizarre characters here, that's an option too. I loved the tomato version! Note that it closes on the early side (8 or 9?), when the pulque runs out. So go in the afternoon if you want to taste all the flavors--they change daily.
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      Zora O'Neill

      Definitely have some pulque while you're there. It's a unique buzz, and the bars that serve it are really time-warped, with a hipster over-layer.

    • XochimilcoAvenida Mexico Xochimilco, Santa Cruz Acalpixca, DIF 16500 Mexico
      Zora O'Neill recommended Xochimilco
      The _coolest_ party scene ever. You rent a boat and head out to this huge network of canals--where everyone else has rented boats and filled them with many more people and festivities than you have. ... read more
      You just glide around between them, and you can flag down the boats with mariachis on, and they'll play a few songs for you. Just heads-up to a couple of common scams: boat captains will try to charge you per person, but the fee is per boat, and posted everywhere. Also, there are boats that prepare food and will serve it on your boat--these tend to overcharge tourists, so set the price to start. On the other hand, your captain will get you a cooler full of beers and other drinks, and at least in our case, priced these fairly. You pay at the end for what you drank. Oh, and one last thing: don't worry when you get down to the docks and it seems like nothing's happening and you might be all lonely on your boat. The party is up around the corner--you'll get there!
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      Zora O'Neill

      Relatively wholesome fun... For nighttime, you should go to Plaza Garibaldi, where the mariachis gather.

    • Arena MéxicoDoctor Lavista 189, Doctores, Cuauhtémoc, Mexico City, Distrito Federal, Mexico
      Baxter Jackson recommended Arena México
      If you like the film 'Nacho Libre' or anything that is quintessentially Mexican, you'll love the sports theater that is 'La Luche Libre' i.e, (Mexican Wrestling). The closer your seat to the ring, the ... read more
      more likely you are to become part of the action and watching the crowd react to the luchadores is almost as much fun as watching the wrestlers themselves. Grandmas get so into it!
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      Baxter Jackson

      Good guys night out fun!

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