Carlton Inn Midway

4944 S. Archer Avenue, Chicago, IL 60632
3 reviews

I was pleasantly surprised by the Carlton Inn, with its dark green and red color scheme, fenced off patio, and fitness room. The guestrooms are fairly simple, standard, and clean. I thought the soap and lotion dispenser in the bathroom was odd, but I'm sure it's more environmentally friendly than the usual single use bottles. The motel offers both free ...

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  • 1
    1.57 mi

    House of Blues

    5700 South Cicero Avenue, Chicago, IL, United States
    1.57 mi from Carlton Inn Midway
    23 reviews

    Located next to the Chicago River, House Of Blues has a few options…You can even join as a member, most people however come for the concerts upstairs in this small venue. There's a restaurant on the first level as well.

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  • 2
    4.77 mi

    Nuevo Leon Restaurant

    1515 West 18th Street, Chicago, IL, United States
    4.77 mi from Carlton Inn Midway
    6 reviews

    It's still a nice place to get lunch, and we appreciated the yummy meatball-and-potato snack to tide us over. My chicken mole was very good, the kids liked their tacos, and the refritos were rich and well-seasoned. But I guess I expected more variety on the menu.

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  • 3
    3.33 mi

    Lou Malnatis Pizza

    3859 West Ogden Avenue, Chicago, IL, United States
    3.33 mi from Carlton Inn Midway
    3 reviews

    A must-see for Chicago deep dish pizza, fab bar

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  • 4
    4.83 mi

    Cafe Jumping Bean

    1439 W 18th St
    4.83 mi from Carlton Inn Midway
    4 reviews

    Fantastic little corner cafe, filled with yummy options! They have the BEST Mexican hot chocolate! It's served in a large pint glass. Every drink I've ever had here has been fantastic. Plus, they have tons of board games (like chess) to keep one busy for hours.

  • 5
    2.07 mi

    Giordanos Pizzeria Restaurants

    6314 S Cicero Ave, Chicago, IL 60638
    2.07 mi from Carlton Inn Midway
    1 review
  • 6
    4.16 mi

    Churro Factory

    2214 South Wolcott Avenue, Chicago, IL, United States
    4.16 mi from Carlton Inn Midway

    Had a frozen banana coated in chocolate and coconut. Very refreshing on a warm day. Also churros, crepes. Delicious.

  • 7
    2.37 mi

    Home Run Inn

    4254 W 31st St, Chicago, IL 60623
    2.37 mi from Carlton Inn Midway
    1 review

    Original Mom and Pop Pizza forget about Uno or any others they are NOT Chicago style

  • 8
    4.48 mi

    El Ideas

    2419 W 14th St, Chicago, IL 60608
    4.48 mi from Carlton Inn Midway
    1 review

    **FUNNEST DINNER WE'VE HAD IN CHICAGO** Man, Chicago has some fantastic food choices. We couldn't decide: TRU, Alinea, or maybe El Ideas? All different, but after further thought, we were sold on the "supper club", BYOB, and no dress code concept. We were charged $145 for each person (excluding tax and gratuity) seven days beforehand. Taxi (via über) was around ...

  • 9
    1.41 mi

    Luigi Stefani Pizzeria

    1.41 mi from Carlton Inn Midway
    1 review

    Luigi Stefani Pizzeria is located in the Midway Airport Terminal food court. I thoroughly enjoyed the pizza from Luigies!

  • 10
    4.21 mi

    Burger King

    7205 Archer Avenue, Summit, IL, United States
    4.21 mi from Carlton Inn Midway
    1 review

    It's been here for all 44 years of my life--hard to believe. It's standard Burger King fare. Charbroiled burger fast food.

  • 11
    4.22 mi

    Barnelli's Pasta Bowl

    5532 South Harlem Avenue, Summit Argo, IL, United States
    4.22 mi from Carlton Inn Midway
    1 review

    Nice quick Italian pasta dishes that do not come with table service prices.

  • 12
    3.64 mi

    Skyview Restaurant

    6334 Ogden Avenue, Berwyn, IL, United States
    3.64 mi from Carlton Inn Midway
    1 review
  • 13
    13.69 mi

    Lou Malnati's Pizzeria

    439 N Wells St, Chicago, IL 60654
    13.69 mi from Carlton Inn Midway
    51 reviews

    For Chicago-style deep-dish pizza, Lou Malnati's is the very best in the city. What sets this place apart is the cornmeal crust, a flavor/texture combination that works great with the heavy tomato sauce and some spicy Italian sausage.

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  • 14
    7.37 mi

    Garrett Popcorn

    26 W Randolph St, Chicago, IL 60601
    7.37 mi from Carlton Inn Midway
    40 reviews

    This stuff is terrific especially when it is fresh. The smell when you walk in any of the stores will make your mouth water. Messy, gooey but the best. Make sure you ask for a sample.

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  • 15
    7.76 mi


    100 W Ontario St, Chicago, IL 60610
    7.76 mi from Carlton Inn Midway
    41 reviews

    Can't beat a Chicago hot dog. I somehow did not miss ketchup. The pickle and condiments are key to getting the crunch and freshness! The atmosphere is chaotic and fun; I felt like I was at a theme park:)

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  • 16
    8.08 mi

    Giordano's Pizzeria on Rush

    730 North Rush Street, Chicago, IL 60611
    8.08 mi from Carlton Inn Midway
    37 reviews

    If you are visiting Chicago for vacation or just a weekend getaway, I highly recommend that you try "Chicago" deep dish pizza at least once during the visit. I haven't been to many pizzerias in Chicago, but Giordano's Pizzeria serves excellent deep dish pizza. The wait for a seat during lunch and dinner is proof of the restaurant's popularity and ...

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  • 17
    8.32 mi

    The Signature Room at the 95th

    875 North Michigan Avenue, Chicago, IL 60611
    8.32 mi from Carlton Inn Midway
    33 reviews

    The Signature Room at the 95th offers the BEST skyline view of Chicago while diners enjoy a great meal. If you are not in the mood for dinner in the classy dining room I still recommend heading to the lounge for a couple drinks to go along with the magnificent view.

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  • 18
    7.68 mi

    Gino's East of Chicago

    633 N Wells St, Chicago, IL 60654
    7.68 mi from Carlton Inn Midway
    25 reviews

    You can argue until you're blue in the face and all the ice on Lake Michigan melts about which joint serves the truest and most authentic deep-dish Chicago-style pizza. Born and raised in Chicago, Gino's East is the place I keep coming back to. Pizzeria Uno and Due may have the tourist cachet, and Lou Malnati's and Paisano's are definitely ...

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  • 19
    7.85 mi

    Pizzeria Uno

    29 E Ohio St, Chicago, IL 60611
    7.85 mi from Carlton Inn Midway
    35 reviews

    A reasonable place to try a Chicago pie but a bit too institutional / touristy. I far prefer Gino’s East – has better atmosphere and I prefer the pizza.

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  • 20
    8.08 mi

    Giordano's Pizza

    730 North Rush Street, Chicago, IL
    8.08 mi from Carlton Inn Midway
    27 reviews

    The wait here on a Saturday afternoon was ridiculous I think it was an hour and a half. Since our hotel was right around the block we decided to order a pizza to go. They told us to come back in an hour and our Chicago style deep dish should be ready! It was delicious filled with sausage, mushrooms green ...

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