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Located in the Antigua Province of Saint George, Cassada Gardens is brimming with activity. Visitors here can find a wide variety of services, including great places to stay, things to eat, and sites to see. There are a few educational establishments here, including the ministry of educations, and A & B Hospitality Training Institute, whose services can be rented out for catering. For the avid ... read more
shopper, there are some unique stores in this province, including Colombian Emeralds International and Flo's Perfume Plus. Entertainment in the form of live action plays and musical performances can be seen at the treetops Entertainment. Cassada Gardens is also very close to the Saint John’s area of the island, so both share lots of attractions. Beaches here at Saint George overlook the northern Atlantic Ocean, with Jabberwock being one of the most popular. Visit this populated area of the island if you wish to enjoy all the modern comforts of home in a tropical and friendly environment.

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