Castel Sant'Angelo

Lungotevere Castello 50, 00186 Rome, Italy
85 reviews

The Mausoleum of Hadrian, usually known as Castel Sant'Angelo, is a towering cylindrical building in Parco Adriano, Rome, Italy. It was initially commissioned by the Roman Emperor Hadrian as a mausoleum for himself and his family.

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    0.75 mi

    Il Margutta RistorArte Vegetariani dal 1979

    0.75 mi from Castel Sant'Angelo
    4 reviews

    This is a Vegetarian and Vegan restaurant. The presentation is fabulous and the quality of the food is wonderful. Italians do food well, but this place really ups the game. The restaurant is also an art gallery with ever changing works on the walls. Great food, great ambiance. its not cheap, but then quality isnt always.

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  • 22
    0.49 mi

    Taverna Le Coppelle

    0.49 mi from Castel Sant'Angelo

    Had my first italian pizza at Le Coppelle and I was certainly not disappointed, specially because the pizza was amazing. I ordered the traditional Margherita and loved every single bite of it. The sauce, mozzarella and basil combination was superb. And the "thin cooked to perfection" crust was also great. Now I totally understand why italian pizzas are so famous. ...

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  • 23
    0.75 mi

    Antico Caffè Greco

    0.75 mi from Castel Sant'Angelo
    4 reviews

    The most expensive espresso you could ever drink, but the ambience is so unique that it worths...

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  • 24
    0.59 mi

    Insalata Ricca

    0.59 mi from Castel Sant'Angelo
    4 reviews

    My favorite lunch place in all of Rome when I'm in the mood for a salad. They have a menu that will blow your mind with over 30 different salads. They're enough to fill you up for lunch and if you cannot find a salad you like on this menu, you just don't like salads! My favorite is the one ...

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  • 25
    0.46 mi

    L'Enoteca Cul de Sac

    0.46 mi from Castel Sant'Angelo
    4 reviews

    This is a modern little place close to Piazza Navona where you can order lovely cheeses and meats a la carte. The wine list is phenomenal as well. Chic and modern, but very Italian.

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  • 26
    0.53 mi

    Gelateria della Palma

    0.53 mi from Castel Sant'Angelo

    My friend was curious about the gelateria that had more than 150 flavors-- and this is it. It was good-- not great. I wouldn't revisit, and to be honest--after tasting Giolitti's-- she wishes she hadn't too. So that's Della Palma-- there if you're curious but life is too short for simply ALRIGHT gelato.

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  • 27
    0.81 mi

    Dar Poeta

    0.81 mi from Castel Sant'Angelo
    3 reviews

    Everyone's favorite pizza spot. That's why we made it our first stop as soon as we arrived. It was as delicious and tasty as people made it out to be-- but beware, it was also full of tourists. Ask them for recs on what pizza to get, but if they don't have any (which was the case for us), just ...

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  • 28
    0.89 mi


    0.89 mi from Castel Sant'Angelo
    3 reviews

    It is a great restaurant in the jewish neighbourhood of Rome... The owners are around to take good care of you... Food is seriously good & authentic...

  • 29
    0.55 mi


    0.55 mi from Castel Sant'Angelo
    3 reviews

    Great food, not so fast but friendly service ... Very good restaurant around campo di fiori...

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  • 30
    0.33 mi

    La Focaccia

    0.33 mi from Castel Sant'Angelo
    3 reviews

    Next to Piazza Navona, this pizzeria offers the best pizza in Rome!

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  • 31
    0.89 mi

    La Trattoria degli Amici

    0.89 mi from Castel Sant'Angelo
    4 reviews

    I stumbled on this cool restaurant in Trastevere one night when the restaurant my hotel recommended was having a private party and I was looking for somewhere else. So glad I found this! Not only the food and service is good, it has a great mission of giving the disabled opportunities to work in food businesses. Very warm ambiance enhanced ...

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  • 32
    0.8 mi

    Osteria Margutta

    0.8 mi from Castel Sant'Angelo
    3 reviews

    Lovely restaurant in lovelier Via Margutta.

  • 33
    0.48 mi

    Gelarmony Gelateria Siciliana

    0.48 mi from Castel Sant'Angelo

    Nice assortment of flavors, and the gelato is pretty good. Not usually a fan of the panna, but theirs is pretty good. One of my favorite places to grab a coppetta in Rome!

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  • 34
    0.85 mi

    Sora Margherita

    0.85 mi from Castel Sant'Angelo

    Without any obvious signs and reservations necessary for weekday lunch (the only time they're open besides weekend evenings), you need to read a review to know to come here. In the heart of the Jewish Ghetto, Sora Margherita specializes in Roman and Jewish cuisine, my two favorites in the world. It's become fairly touristed, but the food is still well ...

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  • 35
    0.31 mi

    Il Convivio Troiani

    0.31 mi from Castel Sant'Angelo
    3 reviews

    Among the best restaurants in all of Rome, and one of the only to have been awarded the Michelin star, Il Convivio Troiani is a great choice for the discerning connoisseur. Combining traditional elements of Italian cooking with contemporary trends resulted in a one-of-a-kind menu that has been the talk of the town. Visitors here can expect a delicious meal ...

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  • 36
    0.78 mi

    Bir & Fud

    0.78 mi from Castel Sant'Angelo
    5 reviews

    The pizza and beer get great reviews but the atmosphere here is brutal. Definitely not romantic Rome. Feels more like something you'd find in Lan Kwai Fong or the Latin Quarter.

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  • 37
    0.74 mi

    Da Augusto

    0.74 mi from Castel Sant'Angelo

    fantastic rigatoni cacio e pepe (Rigatoni cheese and pepper) and abbacchio (roasted lamb)

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  • 38
    0.74 mi

    Dal Bolognese

    0.74 mi from Castel Sant'Angelo
    3 reviews

    Very nice place. Great air con... The location is very nice and the food is great. I know it is famous for people watching, but I went there at 3pm and it was not very full. Highly recommend before shopping in the area.

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  • 39
    0.86 mi

    Antica Pesa

    0.86 mi from Castel Sant'Angelo
    3 reviews

    Good food, good service. Convenient location near lots of bars in Travestere.

  • 40
    0.51 mi

    Ristorante Maccheroni

    0.51 mi from Castel Sant'Angelo
    3 reviews

    Trendy place in a lovely piazza. The primi are good, the kitchen is open. I think that at least 2-3 euro of each dish's price is a trendy tax, however. The food's good, but not to-morire-for.

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