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    0.21 mi

    Harry's Bar

    Calle Vallaresso, 1323, Venice 30124 Italy
    0.21 mi from Centurion Palace

    Harry's is one of those great Italian landmarks on the Hemingway trail. It figures prominently in the novel "Across the River and Into the Trees." It also claims to have invented the Bellini cocktail.

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    0.13 mi

    Ai Gondolieri

    Sestiere Dorsoduro, 366, 30123 Venice, Province of Venice, Italy
    0.13 mi from Centurion Palace
    1 review

    Venice is the most difficult place in Italy in terms of food, it is overwhelmed with the touristic, bad places. However if you want to experience fine Venetian dining, Ai Gondolieri is the one you should go... Amazing wine menu, seasonal touch on the menu, like asparagus in May, lovely atmosphere with character... Love this place.

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    0.22 mi

    Le Cafè

    Campo Santo Stefano, 2797, 30124 Venice Province of Venice, Italy
    0.22 mi from Centurion Palace
    1 review

    On my first visit to Venice, my friend and I continuously stumbled upon this cafe without having intended to. Granted, it's in the largest square in the San Marco sestiere (after San Marco itself). The cafe serves excellent toasts and pastries, but the stars of the menus are their delicious and exotic iced teas and their desserts which are actually ...

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    0.13 mi

    Campo S. Barnaba

    Campo San Barnaba (Dorsoduro), 30123 Venice, Italy
    0.13 mi from Centurion Palace
    2 reviews

    Today is a really beautiful day in Venice. This Campo is quite small with a church on one side used for small expositions. There is an arch connecting to fondamenta of Tolentini, which is a very peaceful calle, perfect for lunch time. There is also a bar in Campo San Barnaba with outside tables, perfect for a coffee or something ...

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    0.11 mi

    Bar Longhi

    The Gritti Palace, Venice, Venice, Italy
    0.11 mi from Centurion Palace
    1 review

    In Venice, when the sun is shining and the weather is sweet, there's a place you can stop and rest your feet from tourist explorations with delicious drinks and gourmet cicchetti. The Gritti Palace is one of the fanciest hotels in this beautiful city, but you don't have to stay there to get to the essence of the place. If ...

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    0.47 mi

    The Grand Canal Restaurant

    Calle Vallaresso 1325, Venice 30124, Italy
    0.47 mi from Centurion Palace
    16 reviews

    awesome place

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    0.54 mi

    Pasticceria Tonolo Di Franco Tonolo E C Snc - Pasticceria

    Calle de San Pantalon, 30123 Venezia, Italia
    0.54 mi from Centurion Palace
    6 reviews

    I agree with Rachel. Any cafe which has a line up of old Venetian grandmas every morning is a good sign of quality sweets. Their cream filled pastries are delicious but if you have a salt tooth, then go for the mini pizzas which are fresh out the oven!

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    0.38 mi

    Gelateria Nico

    Fondamenta Zattere al Ponte Longo 922, 30121 Venice, Italy
    0.38 mi from Centurion Palace

    best gianduiotto ice-cream in town

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    0.7 mi

    Bacareto Da Lele

    Campo Dei Tolentini 183, Venice, Italy
    0.7 mi from Centurion Palace
    3 reviews

    One of the best places to take a glass of wine and eat "cicchetti" (small breads with mixed food)

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    0.37 mi

    Le Bistrot de Venise

    Calle dei Fabbri 4685 30124 Venice, Italy
    0.37 mi from Centurion Palace
    3 reviews

    On my 3 visits to Venice, I've eaten here twice. Both occasions were excellent. The food was incredible and the service was perfect. Highly recommend any and all of the pasta dishes. They served an appetizer of fresh Parmesan cheese with a bit of honey - unusual combination but they complemented each other wonderfully.

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    0.56 mi

    Harry's Dolci

    Giudecca, 773, Venice 30133 Italy
    0.56 mi from Centurion Palace

    This isn't the famous Harry's (that's in the central Venice area), but this offshoot is delightful and much less crowded. It's across the Canale della Guidecca in the Giudecca district, but we had a very nice long lunch here outside, overlooking the canal and highly recommend this place.

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    0.56 mi

    Osteria alle Testiere

    Calle del Mondo Novo, 5801, 30122 Venice, Italy
    0.56 mi from Centurion Palace
    4 reviews

    Amazing, amazing food is served at this tiny restaurant off of San Marco, but book a table now, because reservations are hard to come by and you won't want to miss the opportunity to make this part of your Venice experience.

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    0.59 mi

    Ristorante Osteria Da Fiore S.R.L.

    Sestiere San Polo, 2202, 30125 Venezia, Italia
    0.59 mi from Centurion Palace
    6 reviews

    By far the worst Michelin star restaurant I have ever been to 1. Service was extremely slow (it was NOT busy at all) 2. They put wine bottle far away, but never poored the wine themselves, we had to ask 5 or 6 times to refill our glasses 3. The courses were not served in a smooth tempo, starter was ...

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    0.33 mi

    Gran Caffè Quadri

    Piazza San Marco, 120 30124
    0.33 mi from Centurion Palace
    3 reviews

    The other grand cafe on the square. Unfortunately pales in comparison yet is still a fun stop. On the other side of the square the friendly rivals even have dueling bands that take turns playing so as not to interrupt the other.

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    0.35 mi

    I figli delle stelle

    Giudecca, 70/71, 30133 Venice VE, Italy
    0.35 mi from Centurion Palace
    3 reviews

    Ambitiously called "children of the stars" this romantic restaurant lives up to its name, for lunch or for dinner. The restaurant sits on the banks of the Grand Canal across from Saint Mark's. In the evening there is simply no better view in Venice. The food is incredible and the service superior. Be sure and get a glass of their ...

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    0.36 mi

    Food & Art Judecca

    Giudecca Calle Larga Dell'asilo 30133, Venezia
    0.36 mi from Centurion Palace
    1 review

    A great place for breakfast, lunch or an evening apéritif. Located on a quiet courtyard with plenty of space for children to play and dogs to roam, there is a fresh, fun atmosphere around Food & Art Judecca. Also a student lunch cafeteria, the food is delicious and gourmet. Here you will find a familiar, local atmosphere mixed with artsy ...

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    0.45 mi

    Rosso Pomodoro

    Calle Larga San Marco 404, 30124 Venice, Italy
    0.45 mi from Centurion Palace
    3 reviews

    Very cute pizza spot and delicious pizzas - definitely something for everyone. The service was a bit snooty, but otherwise, all was great.

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    0.93 mi

    Pasticceria Dal Mas

    Cannaregio, 150/A
    0.93 mi from Centurion Palace
    4 reviews

    Made me eat everything possible lol

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    0.55 mi

    Caffè del Doge

    S. POLO, 609, Venezia, VE 30125, Italy
    0.55 mi from Centurion Palace
    3 reviews

    A nice little spot to stop of coffee and a pastry. We tried Chocolate with Grappa, which was insane, but definitely something to try once.

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    0.73 mi


    158 Santa Croce, Venice 30135 Italy
    0.73 mi from Centurion Palace

    On Talentino canal, small, cute. Life music - street musicians

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