Chamberlain West Hollywood

1000 Westmount Dr., West Hollywood, CA 90069
5 reviews

The Chamberlain is one of my favorite hotels in West Hollywood. It's modern and cool without a pretentious feel. One thing that makes this a standout is the location. A few blocks off of Santa Monica Blvd, you can park your car and walk to some of the hippest, trendiest restaurants in all of Los Angeles. The Staff is the ...

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  • 1
    0.12 mi

    Trader Joe's

    0.12 mi from Chamberlain West Hollywood
    5 reviews

    Located on the 2nd floor of a strip mall, I've never found this Trader Joe's to get as busy as all the other TJ's I've been to in LA (some of them are RIDICULOUS). Parking, which is at the back of the structure, has never been an issue. Keep in mind - this TJ's is on the smaller scale compared ...

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  • 2
    0.21 mi

    Mel's Drive-In

    0.21 mi from Chamberlain West Hollywood
    7 reviews

    At a diner on this spot, Charles Manson entertained young girls. Later, NeilmYoung drove all the way from Canada in his hearse to meet Stephen Stills on the sidewalk outside and form Buffalo Springfield.

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  • 3
    0.23 mi


    0.23 mi from Chamberlain West Hollywood
    6 reviews

    The Chef Event "EAST MEETS WEST" Pioneer event where all of Nobu chefs in the US came to LA & modeled their specialty dish. Food was amazing & the pineapple martini was just a cherry on top! Can't wait for the next event! Nobu was sooooo down to earth, super friendly too!

  • 4
    0.09 mi

    Kitchen 24

    0.09 mi from Chamberlain West Hollywood
    4 reviews

    Reasonable and very tasty. Great Breakfast-Lunch-dinner. Huge outdoor terrace. Great people watching.

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  • 5
    0.18 mi


    0.18 mi from Chamberlain West Hollywood
    3 reviews

    I happened across this restaurant while searching for another, actually. Upon arriving at the other, my group unanimously decided that we had to go back to try that 'really cute place with the garden in front' instead. Good choice. Okay, so, the 'farm fresh' thing may be a bit tired at this point, but the movement started for a reason: ...

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  • 6
    0.2 mi

    Caffe Primo

    0.2 mi from Chamberlain West Hollywood
    3 reviews

    Fresh squeezed juices for $6!! So yummy and each one with different purposes to make you feel your best.

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  • 7
    0.18 mi

    WeHo Bistro

    0.18 mi from Chamberlain West Hollywood
    3 reviews

    Really great restaurant! they have free parking which is a major plus in West Hollywood! The wait staff is fantastic a d accommodating. Definitely try their crepe selection!

  • 8
    0.16 mi

    Le Petit Four

    0.16 mi from Chamberlain West Hollywood
    2 reviews

    Sunset Plaza, one of the best place for casual lunch and dining. A lot of celebrieties.

  • 9
    0.18 mi

    Cravings Restaurant

    0.18 mi from Chamberlain West Hollywood
    2 reviews

    Good outdoor spot for a power lunch as you sit among the beautiful people while closing your 3 picture deal.

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  • 10
    0.17 mi

    BLT Steak LA

    0.17 mi from Chamberlain West Hollywood
    1 review

    one of my favorites!

  • 11
    0.2 mi

    Restaurant At Sunset Marquis

    0.2 mi from Chamberlain West Hollywood
    1 review

    Sexy hotel with cool music vibe. You're bound to bump into the great and the good of the indie/rock world. Chill next to one of the pools with an organic smoothie (double parked with a glass of champagne) and watch Morrissey saunter to his chalet apartment

  • 12
    0.19 mi

    Fresh Corn Grill

    0.19 mi from Chamberlain West Hollywood
    1 review

    Big portions, yummy salads and extremely delicious fish tacos. I had the salmon tacos and they were some of the best tacos I had in a long time. Their salsas are fresh and made in-house. It's a great casual lunch spot!

  • 13
    0.21 mi


    0.21 mi from Chamberlain West Hollywood
    2 reviews

    veggie plate with ranch - what you'd expect, nothing new, nothing wrong baked brie - twas good with the grapes chocolate cake bites - quite tasty, loved the size cioppino - nice sized shrimp in that lil bowl short rib bite - delish but super tiny, literally a taste crustini with the beet pesto - pretty good and crunchy

  • 14
    0.57 mi

    The Abbey Food & Bar

    0.57 mi from Chamberlain West Hollywood
    21 reviews

    one word: dang! This place has by far the hottest dancers ever! I love the whole idea. One guy had these cool contacts on and was doing flips through the pipes on the roof! Not to mention the place is huge! There's a spot for non-dancers and dancers. The food is pretty good for being bar type food. I especially ...

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  • 15
    0.8 mi

    Red O

    0.8 mi from Chamberlain West Hollywood
    6 reviews

    A Rick Bayless masterpiece. Fresh Mexican-style bistro. Amazing margaritas. Be prepared to wait if it's a busy night!

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  • 16
    0.53 mi

    Urth Caffe

    0.53 mi from Chamberlain West Hollywood

    I'll go straight to the point. This place is a major cluster f*ck 90% of the times I've been there. And trust me, I've gone A LOT at all times of the day as I worked right next to this place for 3 years. It takes 30+ to get a damn drink. And perhaps just as long to get a ...

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  • 17
    0.56 mi

    Sweet Lady Jane

    0.56 mi from Chamberlain West Hollywood

    Triple Berry Shortcake!!! (seriously. it's amazing.) You can get whole cakes or just a (massive) single slice. You really can't go wrong here - plus take time to appreciate how intricately decorated each cake is! Each cake has a specific decoration assigned to it. Don't try to ask that they don't put flowers on the cake ... they'll tell you ...

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  • 18
    0.59 mi

    Carney's Restaurant

    0.59 mi from Chamberlain West Hollywood
    8 reviews

    Inexpensive, fun, watch Sunset Blvd, great food- and surprisingly great side salad...(I didn't expect much to be sure).

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  • 19
    0.55 mi


    0.55 mi from Chamberlain West Hollywood
    8 reviews

    Exceptionally good American / French fusion cuisine in a lovely setting. This James Beard award-winning chef doesn't live off of her reputation and still delivers excellent food. The indoor / outdoor setting is signature LA and a wonderful urban oasis.

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  • 20
    0.79 mi

    Real Food Daily

    0.79 mi from Chamberlain West Hollywood
    9 reviews

    The dishes are hit or miss for me, but overall, I've had many good experiences here. Their desserts are super delicious and their TV Dinner is like a nice warm hug for your taste buds. My favorite, though, is their Not-chos! I can't stay away from them!

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