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    • Stefanie Schwarz commented on this trip

      Hello again :)
      First of all, I advise you to leave your plans more flexible, don't book anything in advance (what is Grayline?). The weather can be quite a mixed bag and you should head for the Alps (Neuschwanstein, Garmisch, Berchtesgaden) only on nice sunny days (check webcams on internet - sometimes Munich is gray and the Alps sunny.)
      Olympic park is fantastic to see the sunset - either from the tower or the hill. Don't miss nearby BMW Welt which is spectacular by night (it's open until midnight).
      As far as I know there are bus tours to Neuschwanstein which include a stop at Linderhof.
      I would take Oberammergau out of the list. Choose only one Alpine destination and stay for the night, because the train trip is too long (3hours). Alternatively, take an easier daytrip, like to Chiemsee (rent a bike and cycle, it's heavenly! I prefer quaint Frauenchiemsee island to the Herrenchiemsee Schloss), or to Tegernsee, absolutely gorgeous....
      Leave Dachau for a rainy day. Do you like art? you could spend another rainy day in the Pinakotheken or the Deutsches Museum, or go swimming at Müllersche Volksbad.

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    • Stefanie Schwarz commented on this trip

      Hi Chantal, I don't know if that helps you, but hardly any locals know about this place, it seems more of a foreign tourist thing ... the first time I read about it was in Lonely Planet ;)
      The reason might be that there are simply too many other breathtaking places to visit in the Alps. Berchtesgaden is always worth a visit, and you can hike up to the Kehlsteinhaus:
      but I gather that getting further up is only for experienced hikers.
      You can also go to nearby Königssee (which is was most people associate with Berchtesgarden). Absolutely no reason to be upset! :)

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    • Pro 2014
      Rachel E. commented on this trip

      This is incredibly strenuous and stressful. You have planned trips to 11 different cities in nine days and want to add two more.

      Just to give you an idea of the time one of the day trips would take, on last year's train/bus schedule (one train per hour, one bus per hour so you have to hit the connection just right) the Neuschwanstein + Fuessen trip will be a minimum of 9:00AM-7PM (and that's not even really exploring Fuessen). That's also if you get a tour time at the castles right when you arrive and not a few hours later (they fill up, first come-first serve style).

      You have the distinct advantage of being based in Munich so you don't have to rush from place to place. My advice would be to sort through what you absolutely MUST do and what would be nice. Give yourself the flexibility so that if you are exhausted and just need a day to walk around the Englischer Garten, you can and won't feel guilty.

      This is a lovely part of Germany, but I lived there for 3 years and only visited 6 of the places you mentioned. At some point I realized I was just "ticking boxes" to say I'd been there rather than really enjoying a place or experiencing it.

      I'd hate for you to get overstressed or ill due to such a strenuous schedule.

      If you want particular recommendations, let us know and we'd be happy to help.

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    • Christopher Jones commented on this trip

      The German train system conveniently has an english version of their website, which could be helpful in planning:

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    • Pro 2014
      Rachel E. commented on this trip

      Also if you go on, click English, you can enter the destinations you're interested in and it shows you the regional options as well.

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    • Zora O'Neill commented on this trip

      Here you go!

      (courtesy of my train-loving husband! he searched 'regio munchen' on

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    • Sylvia Lett commented on this trip is a website to check out for Europa....Germany

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    • OstbahnhofOrleansplatz, München, Deutschland
      Sylvia Lett recommended Ostbahnhof
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