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    0.22 mi

    Oxford Street

    0.22 mi from Charlotte Street Hotel
    130 reviews

    Major shopping street containing most of the major department stores in the West End which has improved a lot trafficwise since cars were banned. Worth it for Selfridges.

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    0.2 mi

    British Telecom Tower

    0.2 mi from Charlotte Street Hotel
    6 reviews

    An icon of London, although it looks strange to me since they removed the microwave dishes. Sadly it is no longer possible to access the viewing gallery and the revolving restaurant at the top went out of business long ago.

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    0.11 mi

    Bourne & Hollingsworth

    0.11 mi from Charlotte Street Hotel
    3 reviews

    This place is pretty legendary. Off Rathbone Place which is off Oxford Street, but as BarChick says, it's worth looking for. Eclectic, but great mix of bar and pub which is rare in England.

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    0.12 mi

    All Souls Church

    0.12 mi from Charlotte Street Hotel
    2 reviews

    All Souls Church was built in 1824. It's one of the few original structures that remain on Regent Street. It's a circular Church with a large stone spire, and it looks out-of-place on this bustling, commercial, street. However, it's a very beautiful church.

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    0.18 mi

    The Lion King

    0.18 mi from Charlotte Street Hotel
    2 reviews

    Disney has really gone to town with this musical. I would suggest trying to sit in the stalls by one of the inside aisles then you get the animals coming straight past you. But what a first number! What costumes, what brilliant puppetry. Gosh and Goodness! The Circle Of Life!!

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    0.12 mi

    Long Bar At The Sanderson

    0.12 mi from Charlotte Street Hotel
    2 reviews

    Love the atmosphere here (though the clientele can get a little douchey), and though it's expensive the cocktails are pretty great. Food is also pretty delicious. While the other reviewer noted poor service... it's London, I don't have very high expectations when it comes to smiley and attentive waitresses.

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    0.87 mi

    Trafalgar Square

    0.87 mi from Charlotte Street Hotel
    304 reviews

    A perfect place to meet and plan a day from. The Mall and Whitehall run directly from it, the National Gallery sits at one end, the National Portrait Gallery is just around the corner, St Martin-in-the-Fields is adjacent, good for classical concerts. Most great locations are very close and easily accessible by foot.

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    0.42 mi

    The British Museum

    0.42 mi from Charlotte Street Hotel
    223 reviews

    Arguably the world's single greatest museum. Don't miss the Assyrian reliefs, the Rosetta stone, the Elgin marbles, the Lewis Chessmen, etc. If you can read without moving your lips, you owe it to yourself to spend an afternoon here. And if you can't, ask your parents to take you here.

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    0.62 mi

    Piccadilly Circus

    0.62 mi from Charlotte Street Hotel
    237 reviews

    The Times Square of London! Always super crowded but what an electrifying vibe. If you're travelling alone it can be especially fun to blend in and get lost in the crowd.

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    0.79 mi

    The National Gallery

    0.79 mi from Charlotte Street Hotel
    133 reviews

    Wow, fantastic to see the paintings! So beautiful and wonderful to see the British King and Queen's paintings.

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    0.67 mi

    Covent Garden

    0.67 mi from Charlotte Street Hotel
    108 reviews

    One of my favorite places in London. Love the little cafes and shops and of course, you need to stop at Neal's Yard! The cobblestone road also give such a quaint and cozy feel.

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    0.85 mi

    Madame Tussaud's

    0.85 mi from Charlotte Street Hotel
    124 reviews

    This is a very touristy, but fun thing to do in London. If you like pop culture, it's quite fun to see the wax models of famous people throughout history including political figures, celebs, and athletes. Bring your camera and snap loads of pictures, and be sure to take a picture with the Queen!

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    0.92 mi

    St James's Park

    0.92 mi from Charlotte Street Hotel
    79 reviews

    A very beautiful park with a lot of different sort of birds and a small lake. Also, it's perfect for a little break from sightseeing, because it's located right next to Buckingham Palace.

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    0.93 mi

    Regent's Park

    0.93 mi from Charlotte Street Hotel
    67 reviews

    One of my favourite London parks. Used to spend many evenings and weekends exploring it. Terrific for running as well. Definitely not as wild as Hampstead Heath, but that's the charm. Much prefer it to Hyde Park, which is nosier and dirtier.

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    1.0 mi

    Green Park

    1.0 mi from Charlotte Street Hotel
    59 reviews

    OK as an open space in the centre of London, but there isn't much to see here. I tend to use it as a cut through from Piccadilly to Victoria.

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    0.62 mi

    Leicester Square

    0.62 mi from Charlotte Street Hotel
    66 reviews

    On a sunny afternoon, no better people watching can be found than sitting in Leicester Square. Situated in West End in the heart of the theatre and cinema district, there's bars and restaurants, shops of all variety and booths selling half priced theatre tickets. Cars aren't allowed so the square is a sea of pedestrians of every age and shape.

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    0.8 mi

    Selfridges Department Store

    0.8 mi from Charlotte Street Hotel
    58 reviews

    Selfridges is a old and famous department store (now with it's own miniseries). I found it ostentatious and overperfumed.

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    0.46 mi

    Hamleys Toy Store

    0.46 mi from Charlotte Street Hotel
    44 reviews

    The memory of my first visit here as a wee lad is still seared in my memory & similar feelings of awe must overcome most kids who are allowed into this palace of material dreams on Regent Street. Super selection for parent's and the kid left in some of us adults.

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    0.46 mi

    Oxford Street

    0.46 mi from Charlotte Street Hotel
    46 reviews

    the most expencive street in London and the uk however shops are often the same price as usual if they are retailers

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    0.39 mi

    Carnaby Street

    0.39 mi from Charlotte Street Hotel
    46 reviews

    What to say about Carnaby Street: a concentrate of strange shops and very original people. The first time I went I saw a boy with a rat, keeping it as a domestic animal. It is a must go in London.

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