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We are going to Sorrento, Italy for our honeymoon and need advice on things to do, places to stay, and places to eat. Can you help?

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    • Pro 2014
      D'Maris Coffman recommended Positano
      La dolce vita. This is the Amalfi coast at its most emblematic. Great shopping, awesome beach area and loads of cafes and good restaurants. Like a flashback to the 80s.
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      D'Maris Coffman

      Probably best to rent a tiny car. I gather it can be done by bus but that's not as much fun. And there is nothing like doing the Amalfi coast with the wind in your hair!

      Pro 2014
      Travis Katz recommended Positano
      Positano is a picture-perfect village on the Amalfi coast, with brightly colored houses clinging to the cliffs overlooking the Mediterranean sea. Like all of Italy, it is a little touristic, but less ... read more
      so than its larger neighbor, Sorrento, and its charm is tough to match. There is a nice little stony beach here where you can hang out.
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      Travis Katz

      Definitely come spend some time in Positano!

    • Sveta Berlyant recommended Capri
      Capri is a very picturesque Island with two cities: Capri and Anacapri. You can get there by charter boats (25 min from Sorrento and 45 min from Naples) When it’s windy and sea isn’t calm this trip is ... read more
      not quite a pleasure. Special climate and good air quality on island are good for people with lung problems. European Aristocrats have enjoyed this place for many centuries. Now island attracts a lot of tourist around the world. Prices aren’t cheap. They have unique lemons, they produce unique perfumes, and of course the best choice of amazing corals (Angel skin coral jewelry are the best)
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      Sveta Berlyant

      Have a happy time there!

    • Pro 2014
      Travis Katz recommended Pompeii
      Pompeii was much more amazing than I had expected. The ancient city itself is perfectly preserved, giving you a deep look back into the past - with painted murals, mosaics, perfectly preserved ... read more
      kitchens with pottery. They also have plaster casts of the people who were caught when the volcano exploded. You can see their actual looks of terror, mouths open, frozen in time. It leaves a deep impression.
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      Travis Katz

      This is a short drive from Sorrento and a must see. BTW - if you go to my profile and click to my custom guides, you can see my honeymoon guide in Italy there and see more pics.

    • Pro 2014
      Travis Katz recommended Hike from Sorrento to Positano
      The most amazing thing we did in the Amalfi Coast was do a hike between the towns of Sorrento and Positano. We got information for where to start in the tourist information center. The hike took about ... read more
      4 hours, and took us up on the cliff tops far above the towns, with open pastures, sheep and sweeping views of the ocean. We were there in September, so wild blackberries were everywhere. You should plan to pack a sandwich and a warm jacket in case a storm moves in. But if your legs don't mind a good walk it is one of the best things you will do!
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      Travis Katz

      This is a must do - best way to escape the crowds and have the Amalfi Coast to yourself!

    • Hotel Mega MareCorso Caulino (SS. 145) Punta Scutolo, 80069 Sorrento, Italy
      Pro 2014
      Travis Katz recommended Hotel Mega Mare
      Located on the edge of a cliff overlooking the ocean, the Mega Mare is awesomely located. Most rooms have private balconies overlooking the water - a great place to catch a sunset. There is also a ... read more
      small, nice pool with fantastic ocean views as well - and we often had it to ourselves. The hotel also has an amazing restaurant, where you can sit on a balcony and watch the sunset over the ocean - it was very romantic. Main downside of this hotel is that it is a bit outside of the town of Sorrento. That is partially a blessing, as Sorrento is a bit hectic. But it does mean you have to arrange transport if you want to go into town every time.
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      Travis Katz

      We stayed here for my honeymoon and it was amazing!

    • Bellevue SyrenePiazza della Vittoria 5, 80067 Sorrento, Italy
      Pro 2014
      Alex recommended Bellevue Syrene
      In what was one of the greatest travel accidents of all time, I found this place and ended up spending two of the most comfortable nights of my three-week stay in Italy here. I would dare anyone to ... read more
      find a better view than Bellevue Syrene's view of the Bay of Naples from their terrace or restaurant. You'd think that would be enough, but they've got a fantastic restaurant, beyond excellent customer service and equally stunning rooms.
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      Yes! I LOVED this hotel. Super-romantic, too.

    • Da PeppinoVia Balsamo 77, 80065 Sant'Agnello, Italy
    • Palazzo GuardatiVia Sant'Antonino 24 - 26, 80067 Sorrento, Italy

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