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    101 reviews

    A few years back I passed through Santiago on my way south to Patagonia. While trekking and backcountry were the focus on my overall trip, I must say that my couple days in this town left a lasting impression. I have rarely been into a Latin American city that was quite so clean, organized, and...efficient? Yes, I think that's what ...

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    San Pedro de Atacama

    21 reviews

    San Pedro de Atacama is a great jumping off point for exploring the deserts around. It is a small, sleepy desert town with a thriving Chilean hippy scene. A nice place to kick around for a few days.

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    Easter Island

    12 reviews

    Easter Island, or Rapa Nui according to the locals, has seen hard times. You probably know it for the gaint moai that reportedly led to the deforestation of the island. Now it's an annex of Chile and survives off the tourist trade. There are some great beaches here.

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    27 reviews

    Valparaiso is the right next to Vina, but is less expensive, more proletarian. There are phenomenal inexpensive seafood restaurants right by the beach. The seafood is all fresh and you really cannot go wrong. I prefer Vina but Valpo is definitely worth visiting.

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    Torres del Paine

    21 reviews

    The Torres del Paine national park showcases the impressive peaks of Patagonia, as well as several lakes and glaciers. You'll see plenty of wildlife, including wild guanacos and condors. The scenery is stunning, and if you're in southern Chile, this is probably the reason you are here.

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    Puerto Varas

    9 reviews

    Puerto Varas, the town with two faces. Everybody meets here, international backpackers, Chilean tourists from the North, bird watchers, motor bikers, trekking experts and novices, animal lovers, notorious gamblers. But there is also another Puerto Varas, a more and less charming Puerto Varas, home of the poor and home of the street dogs. I love that town for its diversity ...

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    Vina del Mar

    34 reviews

    a bit crowded in the Chilean summer

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    Puerto Natales

    6 reviews

    Like most towns in Patagonia, Puerto Natales is more of a launching pad for nature based activities than anything else. That said, its a great launching pad. Why? Well, for starters, it has the best town mascot of all time: the megladon! What is that? Apparently a giant, now extinct sloth. And yes, it's everywhere - from the town entrance ...

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    16 reviews

    Very cool little town in the lake district. Main attraction is Volcan Villarica, a huge, snow covered active volcano that you can climb (with a guide) and look inside to see the lava! You need a guide to get to the top (there are plenty in town), and typically the hike requires ice picks and crampons to help you grip ...

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    6 reviews

    I wrote my own little tour in Providencia, check it out

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    6 reviews

    Hermosas playas

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    Valle Nevado

    9 reviews

    Fantastic runs. Beautiful conditions. Wonderful scenery. I am a fan! Food and wine selection at the lounge is also quite fantastic. It is true. The best skiiing/boarding ive done is always after a few. But this place needs not those few.

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    Puerto Montt

    10 reviews

    Friendly city, point of departure of the Carretara Austral, idealy situated for starrting excursions to the Llanquihue Lake, the saltos de Petrohue,the Osorno volcan etc.

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    6 reviews

    Antofagasta es una ciudad puerto en el norte Chileno. Es la Capital de la Región y posee 400.000 habitantes aprox. Se encuentra a 4 horas de San Pedro de Atacama por tierra.

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    3 reviews

    la ciudas más linda de Chile.

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    6 reviews

    This beautiful, sleepy little beachside getaway is a lovely place to spend a day or two. The little cafes down at the beach are some of those places where, while there (and maybe sipping a beer or two), you can't imagine any place on earth you'd rather be.

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    Isla Negra

    1 review

    I highly recommend a visit to Isla Negra to see Nobel Prize poet Pablo Neruda's ocean front home. A lover of the ocean, he could only admire it from afar because of his seasickness. Located close to Santiago and to Valparaiso/Vina del Mar this is an excellent side trip to catch a glimpse of Chilean history and culture. Full of ...

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    2 reviews

    located southwest of Santiago, nice little city, beach ressort and according to Fodor's "widely one of the best surfing places in South America year-round."

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