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    101 reviews

    Recent short visit to the city en route to Patagonia and loved Santiago. Only had a couple of nights but it was enough to inspire to come back and really explore this vibrant and cool city

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    San Pedro de Atacama

    21 reviews

    San Pedro de Atacama se encuentra en el desierto al norte de Chile, es un lugar fantástico para descubrir. Puedes encontrar interesantes lugares de belleza exótica como los Geysers del Tatio, El Valle de la Luna o las Catedrales de Tara. Muy cerca se encuentra el Salar de Atacama, donde podrás visitar la laguna Chaxa y contemplar Flamencos.

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    Northern Chile and the Atacama Desert

    1 review

    Death Valley minutes begore sunset.

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    Easter Island

    12 reviews

    Easter Island, or Rapa Nui according to the locals, has seen hard times. You probably know it for the gaint moai that reportedly led to the deforestation of the island. Now it's an annex of Chile and survives off the tourist trade. There are some great beaches here.

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    27 reviews

    Artsy and chaotic, this city is everything I love about South America. I enjoyed just about everything from roaming around taking of photos of street art, to hitting all of the "touristy" spots like the funiculars and Pablo Neruda's eclectic house, and even to eavesdropping on the conversations of old sailors down at the bars by the docks. Definitely worth ...

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    Easter Island

    5 reviews

    Easter Island is an amazing trip. It takes a bit of travel to reach since it's one of the most remote islands in the world, but once you are there you're in for a treat if you're the outdoorsy sort of person. There's not much to do but hike, enjoy the scenery, and eat some of the best seafood you ...

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    Puerto Montt and the Lake District

    1 review

    The Chilean Lake District is a spectacular region dotted with emerald-colored lakes and snow-capped volcanoes--there are various tours in the region as well as a good ski resort. Puerto Montt is the gateway to the region. Travelers either stay here or in Puerto Varas, a nearby resort town with distinctly German architecture. If you're planning to head to Argentina's Patagoinia, ...

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    Torres del Paine

    21 reviews

    One of the most beautiful, rugged places on earth is located near the southern tip of Chile! Torres del Paine boasts glaciers, lakes, gushing waterfalls and towering spires. Bring warm clothes, though. Gets cold at night, even in the summer!

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    6 reviews

    Patagonia is...absolutely beautiful. It's a combination of empty roads, massive wilderness, and widely varying nature (some views include huge forests, massive glaciers, and deep blue lakes at the same, confusing, time). Activities are relatively unlimited, so long as you enjoy outdoors, and cities and towns - although few and far between - are almost of the ski resort type. Despite ...

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    Puerto Varas

    9 reviews

    Puerto Varas, the town with two faces. Everybody meets here, international backpackers, Chilean tourists from the North, bird watchers, motor bikers, trekking experts and novices, animal lovers, notorious gamblers. But there is also another Puerto Varas, a more and less charming Puerto Varas, home of the poor and home of the street dogs. I love that town for its diversity ...

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    Vina del Mar

    28 reviews


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    Punta Arenas

    7 reviews

    Punta Arenas is the last major settlement in Chile and a gateway to Antarctica by either sea or air. Chances are you're waiting to go somewhere else if you're here. When I was there in early 2013, there was a lot of construction so I expect the waterfront and city will be much nicer soon.

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    Puerto Natales

    6 reviews

    Like most towns in Patagonia, Puerto Natales is more of a launching pad for nature based activities than anything else. That said, its a great launching pad. Why? Well, for starters, it has the best town mascot of all time: the megladon! What is that? Apparently a giant, now extinct sloth. And yes, it's everywhere - from the town entrance ...

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    Chiloé Archipelago

    1 review

    Take the ferry from Puerto Montt to get to this pheomenal area. Make sure to see the wooden church but most important is to purchase some of the amazing knitted are supporting the Chilotes and getting beautiful,useful souvenirs

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    16 reviews

    Pucon is a charming part of the lake district in Chile, and reminded me of Oregon or Washington in the US. Black sand beaches make the lake a landmark, and a good place for an easy weekend of camping and lounging, or a good base camp to climb Mt. Villarica

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    1 review

    This is a wonderfully charming town on the second largest island in Patagonia - Isla de Chiloe. It has some great lodging, restaurants and a thriving art scene. It's central to a couple of gorgeous national parks.

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    6 reviews

    I wrote my own little tour in Providencia, check it out

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    Las Condes

    2 reviews
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