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    Kate Rivas
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    5 Jul 05, 2012

    Take the ferry from Puerto Montt to get to this pheomenal area. Make sure to see the wooden church but most important is to purchase some of the amazing knitted are supporting the Chilotes and getting beautiful,useful souvenirs

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The Las Vegas Golf Club was the first in town – a manicured green oasis in the middle of a vast desert. At the time, it was considered among the best in the world – designed by the legendary William P. Bell. Today, the design is considered outdated, even after a recent $5 million tuneup. But it still provides a delightful and player-friendly time. The mature, tree-lined fairways pose the only serious obstacle in the course. The club is a municipal course, so the price is right as well.


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Isla de Chiloe
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Feria Yumbel
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El Tren Libros
El Tren Libros
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