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    Hong Kong

    723 reviews

    Need I say more?! Hong Kong is a popular cosmopolitan destination for very good reasons. It is clean, safe, has efficient infrastructures, and is very modern.

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    543 reviews

    Capital of China, Beijing is a wonderful place to visit when you tour the Motherland. The city is huge and there's lots to see. A superb blend of modern architecture and the old/ancient (The Hutongs) makes Beijing a very unique city. Lots of cultural sites to see, including the Forbidden City, Great Wall, Temple of Heaven, etc.

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    62 reviews

    beautiful city in the center of china. of course the terracotta army is by far the most famous attraction here, but the city is definitely worth a longer stay, three days should be the total minimum. Within in the city, one should visit the bell & drum tower, the two Goose Pagodas and the muslim quarter at least, but of ...

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    409 reviews

    Many people think that Shanghai is just a modern city, but that is a far cry from the truth. Although it is very modern Shanghai also has many sights related to Chinese history and culture. In addition it is very easy to navigate, many people speak English and it is a small metropolis - most sights are easy to reach ...

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    115 reviews

    Guangzhou, the business town. Exports from China are mainly concentrated on places like these on their Map. Business vibrancy is what u feel when visitng Guangzhou. Wholesale exports pertaining to almost any of ur needs in almost any kind of Business u have which is related to the Service Industry. The city has fullfledged malls away from the centre into ...

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    107 reviews

    a really different city in China. very modern, everything is new. but but people are from all over china. mostly from villages.and this made very poor chines culture in this city comparing to other cities of China.

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    84 reviews

    Often visited as a day trip from Shanghai, the city of Hangzhou makes a fine alternative base for exploring the area. At the center of the city is the West Lake (Xi Hu), an enormous collection of gardens, bridges, and pavilions that's as lovely as anything China has to offer. Outside of the lake area (which is quite large, but ...

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    44 reviews

    Beautiful Island Ring Road, a proud of local residence.

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    60 reviews

    A beautifyul city of 9.6 million people! Never felt claustrophobic though. There is about five distinct downtown centers! A "must go" is Tianfu Square, outdoor shopping mall that extends 10 blocks! Well known Western and Asian designer stores, restaurants, bistros, as well an many local merchants! Bartering is a way of life in the latter! Enjoy! Later, stroll along the ...

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    146 reviews

    Macau is like a version of Vegas where limited English is spoken. You'll see The Venetian, MGM, and Wynn, to name a few. Of course a Vegas-inspired city wouldn't be complete without the casinos. It gets more interesting: you'll see Chinese characters and Portuguese words/names in the signage, and Portuguese influence amidst all the Asian settings. Even in December, the ...

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    50 reviews

    Visting amazing Guanxi The incomplete average non backpackers guide Currently I’m being held captive at a beautiful hotel restaurant overlooking the Rd Bridge in Gualin. This is maybe the last large lunch I will eat……… courtesy of the Guangix tourism Bureau that is,but far from shedding a tear I have been stuffing my face with free food, as is the ...

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    21 reviews

    An amazing city. Seriously consider medication for altitude. Be sure to take it easy the first day. Consider taking or buying a mask to help with all the smoke from incense.

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    42 reviews

    One of the most striking old towns in China. Yes, it is preserved to be kitschy, but thank goodness the communists didn't tear down this little piece of history. In the western parts of China, the air is clear and the beauty of the mountains enhances the splendor of walking along the canals here.

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    17 reviews

    An industrial engine of the country, Wuhan is located at the end of the Yangtze river, and is another bustling city of five million people that does not make many global headlines. Not many foreign tourists here.

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    14 reviews

    Sanya is really emerging as one of the IT tropical resort town within Asia. It is a quick 1.5 hr hop from HKG and it is world's away. Luxury international resorts have been popping up along side of luxury local China brands. Choices are available to fit different budgets, but the feeling of being away from it all is likely ...

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    27 reviews

    I like!

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    15 reviews

    One of my dream university.

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    24 reviews

    Kunming is known as "The City of Eternal Summer" in China. Not so much this morning when I opened the window. If you are planning on visiting better come in the spring.

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