Chote Chitr

146 Prang Pu Thorn, Bangkok Thailand
2 reviews

The best meal that I had in Bangkok. The prawns in Chee Chun curry are a must!

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  • 81
    1.19 mi


    1.19 mi from Chote Chitr
    1 review

    Looking to eat a luxurious meal while in Bangkok? Patara is it. Located in the commerce area of Bangkok, Patara caters to fine dining connoisseurs and business folk in town looking to splurge on an expensive meal. The food is delicious and the restaurant is fancy and beautiful. Expect to pay Western prices for this dining experience (75-100 USD per ...

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  • 82
    3.01 mi


    3.01 mi from Chote Chitr
    1 review
  • 83
    2.99 mi

    Supia Korea Restaurant & Cafe

    2.99 mi from Chote Chitr
    1 review

    I really like it

  • 84
    2.22 mi

    Ajisen Ramen

    2.22 mi from Chote Chitr
    1 review
  • 85
    2.52 mi


    2.52 mi from Chote Chitr
    1 review

    Good price. Good food Chill place....sparkling pink wine home made pizza & pasta

  • 86
    2.78 mi


    2.78 mi from Chote Chitr
    1 review

    French-Vietnamese restaurant in The World Trade Center. It's in a quiet zone so the customers can enjoy food with their business conversation. The service is quite excellent.

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  • 87
    1.16 mi

    eden garden ratchabui

    1.16 mi from Chote Chitr
    1 review
  • 88
    2.5 mi


    2.5 mi from Chote Chitr
    1 review

    Very nice restaurant with reasonable prices (staring at 150B mains) inside luxury shopping centre. With terrace next to a nice water feature. Food was amazing. Staff was little bit slow. But I will come back for sure:)!

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  • 89
    2.27 mi


    2.27 mi from Chote Chitr
    1 review

    Very polite, good service. Decor is unique, and they've got sky dining though just 6 floors up, it's still nice to sit outside and have drinks and dinner.

  • 90
    4.33 mi

    Cafe Siam (Le)

    4.33 mi from Chote Chitr

    Quality has dropped a little bit over the last few years but this is still one of my Bangkok favorites. The restaurant is a colonial style home in a residential neighborhood that isn't too far from Lumphini Park. The menu includes both Thai and French fare. I'm a big fan of the Massaman curry. Grab dinner downstairs but ask to ...

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  • 91
    2.49 mi

    Ban Khun Mae Restaurant

    2.49 mi from Chote Chitr
    1 review

    Excellent Thai food offered up in a tradition setting and reasonable prices. It isn't as luxe as some of my favorite spots but this is an excellent option in Siam Square. Popular with locals and foreigners -- if you can't handle spicy, let them know.

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  • 92
    2.05 mi

    Thompson Bar and Restaurant

    2.05 mi from Chote Chitr
    1 review

    Jim Thompson is right on the beaten tourist path. That said, the food here is excellent and the atmosphere is quite nice. A nice stop if you are visiting the museum or doing a little shopping.

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  • 93
    3.43 mi

    Romsai Restaurant

    3.43 mi from Chote Chitr
    1 review
  • 94
    2.43 mi

    S&P Siam Square

    2.43 mi from Chote Chitr
    1 review
  • 95
    2.44 mi

    Mazzaro Boutique&Restaurant

    2.44 mi from Chote Chitr
    1 review

    15/20; Food 8/10, Ambience 3/5, Service 4/5. Family-run restaurant on an unremarkable road near the river and easily accessed by boat/on foot from Shangri-La, Mandarin Oriental and Peninsula hotels. Darkish modern decor, offset somewhat by modern art, but nonetheless a bit gloomy. Friendly staff. Only tasted the Thai half of the Thai+Italian menu and this was very good. Noodle dishes ...

  • 96
    2.27 mi

    Himali Cha Cha Restaurant

    2.27 mi from Chote Chitr
    1 review

    The food wasn't visually appetizing but it did taste good. We especially liked the use of very fresh herbs.

  • 97
    2.17 mi

    Fangnam Coffee House

    2.17 mi from Chote Chitr
    1 review
  • 98
    3.9 mi
  • 99
    4.45 mi

    Mama Dolores

    4.45 mi from Chote Chitr
    1 review

    Good pizza but takes too much time for waiting!

  • 100
    1.25 mi

    Family Steak

    1.25 mi from Chote Chitr
    1 review

    A quickly steak restaurant in the Don Muang International airport. So don't expect too much but I enjoy a meal, reasonable price. Staffs are nice but they can talk only a little English.

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