Christ the Redeemer

Corcovado, Rio de Janeiro - State of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
82 reviews

There are lots of people here at pretty much any time. But, with patience, and an understanding that all people do not reflect the value of gentle behavior, it is a worthy expedition. The statuary itself is remarkable. In my opinion, this is the 'must see' of Rio. The city is a lot... and I mean A LOT of fun. ...

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  • 1
    0.78 mi

    Mr Lam

    0.78 mi from Christ the Redeemer
    1 review

    Se não estiver com dinheiro nem pense. Mais uma vez o Eike Batista acertou a mão. Talvez a maior surpresa gastronômica do rio pra mim em 2012. Fora a surpresa do menu degustação ( tudo aensacional) que tem um ritual todo especial para comer ( sem talheres) tem uma sobremesa sensacional. Um ovo que não é ovo. É cocada mole ...

  • 2
    3.3 mi

    Bar e Restaurant Urca

    3.3 mi from Christ the Redeemer

    great place to take visitors to see the beatiful view and meet cariocas. good food and beer. very traditional!

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  • 3
    1.89 mi

    Palaphita Kitsch

    1.89 mi from Christ the Redeemer
    4 reviews

    This place is absolutely awesome. We found it by accident while biking around the lagoon Rodrigo de Freitas. It's a bar spread around the grass with wooden benches and high little "tree houses" with mattresses and throw pillows so you can sit down, relax and have a drink or two or three. The staff is super friendly and nice, the ...

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  • 4
    2.37 mi

    Garota de Ipanema

    2.37 mi from Christ the Redeemer
    14 reviews

    Local restaurant good for a quickly lunch sandwich or salads

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  • 5
    3.46 mi

    Rio Scenarium

    3.46 mi from Christ the Redeemer

    Loved it. Very nice ambient full of decoration, nice food and music. A bit expensive, though worth it.

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  • 6
    2.46 mi

    Sushi Leblon

    2.46 mi from Christ the Redeemer
    14 reviews

    Rio is sushi crazy these days and Sushi Leblon is its raw fish temple. I had Bonito, Scallops, White fish with hot peppers and Spicy Tuna roll. It's not that big a place and I remember one night seeing a line of guys in suits and backpacks being served beers from the bar while they waited outside...don't see that too ...

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  • 7
    3.83 mi

    Confeitaria Colombo

    3.83 mi from Christ the Redeemer
    11 reviews

    If ou come to the old city centre, make sure you come and have something sweet at Confeitaria Colombo. This is old school Rio glamour, with beautiful old mirrors, and amazing sweets. A little piece of the past, tucked away amongst the busy streets.

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  • 8
    2.33 mi

    Bibi Sucos

    2.33 mi from Christ the Redeemer
    9 reviews

    Very good food and natural juices spot in the Leblon beach.

  • 9
    2.25 mi

    Porcão Ipanema

    2.25 mi from Christ the Redeemer
    7 reviews

    This is one of the famous Brazilian churrascarias - you go in, and they come by every few minutes with different cuts of meat, fresh off the grill, and carve you slices at your table. The meats are succulent and delicious. You get a little card with a pig on in that is green on one side and red on ...

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  • 10
    2.84 mi

    Forte de Copacabana

    2.84 mi from Christ the Redeemer
    8 reviews

    The Forte de Copacabana sits at the mouth of the Guanabara Bay and was constructed in 1907 to protect Rio de Janeiro from a naval attack. I found the forte to be very interesting, and it is worth a visit while in Rio.

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  • 11
    2.42 mi


    2.42 mi from Christ the Redeemer
    6 reviews

    Bebi o São Jorge e gostei muito. Melancia, vodka, manjericão. Não é nada pra ficar "louco", mas é bem saboroso.

  • 12
    2.13 mi

    Starbucks Coffee

    2.13 mi from Christ the Redeemer

    Melhor cafe do mundo. Local agradavel para leitura e conversar.

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  • 13
    2.37 mi

    Zazá Bistrô Tropical

    2.37 mi from Christ the Redeemer
    6 reviews

    Go upstairs if you's really romantic. Food is not cheap but tastes really good.

  • 14
    2.21 mi

    00 (Zero Zero)

    2.21 mi from Christ the Redeemer

    Excellent place to dance and party late. Check the night as the programs changes....almost always good but make sure music genre or whats happening is what you're looking for.

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  • 15
    2.6 mi

    Bar Veloso

    2.6 mi from Christ the Redeemer
    4 reviews

    This is a must try place...the best food, the best service and the most fun atmosphere. Great casual place to sit out with friends, have some ice cold beer, delicious local food and relax!!!

  • 16
    2.32 mi

    Bar Bracarense

    2.32 mi from Christ the Redeemer
    4 reviews

    This is THE place to come to get a feel of carioca life. Amazing food, bar stools, cold beer, watching people pass by. Ah, that's the life. An eternal local favourite

  • 17
    2.52 mi

    Garcia e Rodrigues

    2.52 mi from Christ the Redeemer
    4 reviews

    Expensive but totally gourmet. A great place to grab and elegant lunch after or before a long afternoon shopping. Lots of goodies to tempt you, sweet or savory, so make sure you save room for dessert. Also many wonderful gift items available here to bring home or to gift a new carioca you want to impress...

  • 18
    2.62 mi

    Bar do Mineiro

    2.62 mi from Christ the Redeemer
    4 reviews

    Located on a cobbled street in the artistic enclave of Santa Teresa, Bar do Mineiro is an old school favourite, famous for its chunky fejioada, tiny prawn pasteis and shots of ginger cachaca. It is the perfect place to head after a sunday afternoon soaking up Santa's colonial charm, where live samba bands swing past to entertain the mix of ...

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  • 19
    2.25 mi


    2.25 mi from Christ the Redeemer
    3 reviews

    One of the best places to try the authentic Brazilian barbecue.

  • 20
    2.55 mi

    Restaurante Carlota

    2.55 mi from Christ the Redeemer
    3 reviews

    Just fell in love with this tiny little bistro. Desserts will drive you crazy. Check out for other spots around Rua Dias Ferreira.

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