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    • The Atlantis Paradise IslandCasino Dr, Paradise Island 4777, Bahamas
      Catarina recommended The Atlantis Paradise Island
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    • Pineapple FieldsBanks Rd, Eleuthera
      Katie Pierce recommended Pineapple Fields
      This was a little slice of heaven. My family had rented a cute beach house but the water was out for 4 days straight so an act of desperation drove us to Pineapple Fields. It's one of the few resorts ... read more
      in Eleuthera after Hurricane Bob (I believe), which destroyed places like Club Med. Pineapple Fields is actually right next to the gorgeous club med beach, which was almost deserted. If you want a beach getaway that feels like a private vacation, this is your spot. You may even see come celebrities doing the same (Mariah Carey is a frequent visitor of this part of the island).
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      Katie Pierce

      As far as places to stay in Eleuthera, this spot and its bar/grill are highly recommended! The beach there is beautiful!

    • Katie Pierce recommended Dunmore Town
      Harbour Island is a sweet and small island just off of Eleuthera Island. It's home to beautiful beaches, shopping restaurants and all the amenities the jet-set type like. It's got a quirky style and ... read more
      lots of culture!
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      Katie Pierce

      I'd recommend staying in Harbour Island with the ladies. It's got a lot to offer and it's a lot more developed than Eleuthera (We rented a cottage on the beach in Eleuthera and it was without running water the entire trip due to infrastructure issues, a sort of problem you'd never have in Harbour Island). I'd then head over to Eleuthera for a few days for peace, quiet and complete relaxation!

    • Lucayan National Park25 Miles East of Freeport, Freeport City Bahamas
      Pro 2014
      Arlo Hemphill recommended Lucayan National Park
      Best protected area on Grand Bahama Island and a true natural treasure at that. It's a great place to see all of the island's ecosystem's in one place, or just enjoy the sun, sand and sea. I want to ... read more
      come back and dive the cave system.
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      Arlo Hemphill

      Grand Bahama is not amongst my favorite islands, but as it's probably the biggest port of entry following Nassau, there's always the chance you might end up. If so, check out Lucayan National Park - it's a pretty interesting place, and very diverse for it's size. Another good thing about Freeport is the casino - put it all on black!

    • Pro 2014
      Arlo Hemphill recommended Eleuthera
      Very long and very narrow, this is one crazy-shaped but stunningly beautiful and idyllic outer island. The reefs are in pretty good shape, allowing for great diving and snorkeling. It's a perfect ... read more
      little hideaway to get off the grid for awhile.
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      Arlo Hemphill

      My favorite island in the Bahamas is Eleuthera. It's a long and narrow spit of land, separating the royal blue waters of the Atlantic from the turquoise Bahamian Bank. The beaches are fantastic and the island is very quiet and low key. Yet, you can find a party if you look for one...

    • Venetian Resort Hotel Casino3355 Las Vegas Blvd South, Las Vegas, NV 89109

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