Going to Chengdu, China

Dec 04, 2012 - Dec 06, 2012

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    • Matthew Crompton recommended Chengdu
      Another take on a Chinese big city from those normally experienced in Beijing and Shanghai, Chengdu is famous for its hotpot (huoguo - 火锅) and the beauty of its women - both are said to be as fiery as ... read more
      they come! A great base for exploring southwestern China, the city's got good accommodation in all price ranges (including the budget category that's often hard to find in China), and some fantastic restaurants and bars, along with a solid expat scene. And if you want to see pandas, the center in the city's northern suburbs is probably the best place on Earth to do it.
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      Matthew Crompton

      And certainly eat huoguo while you're there. Good luck! =)

    • Fanglin Road Bar StreetFanglin Road, Qingyang, Chengdu, Sichuan, China
      Matthew Crompton recommended Fanglin Road Bar Street
      A classic Chinese "bar street", this neighborhood is packed with bars and clubs of a distinctly Chinese bent, which means small dance floors, awkward dancing, and tons of tables. There may be the ... read more
      occasional karaoke performance. Drinks are usually pricey, so it's best to pre-game.
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      Matthew Crompton

      A decent spot for going out in Chengdu.

    • Matthew Crompton recommended People's Park
      While it may not be particularly creatively-named (virtually every city in China has a People's Park!) this green space in central Chengdu makes a lovely stop while you're exploring the city. There's ... read more
      a lake, and a lovely 'Chinese-style' garden (stunning when the fruit trees are blooming in spring!), but my favorite thing to do is to visit the tea-house in the center of the gardens for a cup of chrysanthemum tea. It's the perfect compliment to people-watching, as the locals play mah-jong and get their ears cleaned with terrifying metal implements!
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      Matthew Crompton

      Have a chrysanthemum tea at the tea-house here.

    • Wenshu Temple 15号 Wenshuyuan Street, Qingyang, Chengdu, Sichuan, China
      Matthew Crompton recommended Wenshu Temple
      The grandest of Chengdu's Buddhist temples (and set in a cool neighborhood of nifty little lanes), Wenshu Monastery is a fantastic collection of Chinese Buddhist halls, gates, gardens and pavilions, ... read more
      and is a popular place for the people of Chengdu to come and make offerings or just enjoy the grounds. The temple and its surrounding neighborhood is one of my favorite places for photography in Chengdu, and though this temple is a reconstruction (like most temples in China, sadly), it's still got loads of character, and more than merits a visit.
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      Matthew Crompton

      Very worth a visit!

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