Ciragan Palace Kempinski

Ciragan Caddesi No. 32 Besiktas, Istanbul 34349, Turkey
19 reviews

You can barely tell that this is a hotel now, and not a palace any longer. Amazing location right on the water and close to historic tourist sights.

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  • 1
    0.16 mi

    Ortaköylü Kumpir

    0.16 mi from Ciragan Palace Kempinski

    Kumpir is a jacket potato, mixed with lots of butter and topped with a seemingly unlimited amount of toppings. Ortakoy is the home of Kumpir in Istanbul and this small stretch has stall after stall selling them. Hard to choose which is best so just go for the one that takes your fancy -- same goes for the toppings! Follow ...

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  • 2
    0.82 mi

    Ismet Baba Restoran

    0.82 mi from Ciragan Palace Kempinski
    2 reviews

    It is a very typical istanbul meyhane on the bosphorus... Lovely view especially in the sunset & cash only... The neighbourhood is pretty special too...

  • 3
    0.92 mi

    Mia Mensa

    0.92 mi from Ciragan Palace Kempinski
    1 review

    right next to more famous assk kahve - same view but nicer staff (and a v nice mgr) - had brunch which was thorougly enjoyable

  • 4
    0.35 mi

    Ortaköy Police Café Restaurant

    0.35 mi from Ciragan Palace Kempinski
    1 review

    Ortaköy Police Café Restaurant is managed by Istanbul Police. I had a good chance and went there by invited on a special occasionally. The restaurant has a spectacular views of the Bosphorus. The facility of Ortaköy Police Café Restaurant are a VIP lounge, restaurant, bakery and tea garden sections. Foods and services are excellent. However, I'm not quite sure that ...

  • 5
    2.68 mi

    360 Istanbul

    2.68 mi from Ciragan Palace Kempinski

    I really liked 360 Istanbul. The view was spectacular as its on the last floor, the crowd was really cool and after dinner the place turned into a club so we turned to drinks and dancing! The food was average, but i think it was an exception as we got a menu.

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  • 6
    3.71 mi


    3.71 mi from Ciragan Palace Kempinski

    Turkish ice cream, called dondurma, is known for its chewy, elastic texture and for being slow to melt (both a bonus for those who like to take a long time playing with their food). In addition to the usual combination of milk and sugar, this dessert gets its unique qualities from two extra ingredients: mastic and salep. The former is ...

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  • 7
    2.12 mi

    Maiden's Tower

    2.12 mi from Ciragan Palace Kempinski
    12 reviews

    For a James Bond fanatic like myself, Maiden's Tower (Kiz Kulesi) was a must-stop. The World Is Not Enough, the submarine, the incomparable Sophie Marceau in THAT sequined dress, the garrote torture scene, SOPHIE bleedin' MARCEAU! Hello?!?

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  • 8
    3.81 mi

    Pierre Loti

    3.81 mi from Ciragan Palace Kempinski
    8 reviews

    really nice, photographic view. even it's a foggy day.

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  • 9
    2.69 mi

    Saray Muhallebicisi

    2.69 mi from Ciragan Palace Kempinski
    6 reviews

    Another popular chain specializing in desserts. Go here for the baklava and other pastries, but go to Mado for ice cream.

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  • 10
    2.7 mi


    2.7 mi from Ciragan Palace Kempinski
    7 reviews

    Even if you don't smoke, it's worth trying the hookah at least once. Turkish hookah bars enjoy a laid back vibe, with Turks puffing away and the sound of bubbling filling the air. The smell is fragrant as most hookah tobacco is flavored. I prefer coffee but I've tried peach, grape and strawberry. Tophane is more of a neighborhood than ...

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  • 11
    3.52 mi

    Hamdi Restaurant

    3.52 mi from Ciragan Palace Kempinski
    6 reviews

    Nice spot for kebabs - not casual though, white tablecloths. Somewhat touristy but ask for a table on the top floor for views - a lot of Turks dining when we were there. Great mezes. Near Spice Market so might be nice for lunch after day of touring.

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  • 12
    2.75 mi

    Karakoy Gulluoglu

    2.75 mi from Ciragan Palace Kempinski

    I am a huge fan of baklava and grew up eating it at special family dinners so I was really excited about searching for the best baklava in Istanbul. Through research online, I found this place and the place lived up to my expectations. This place has a real old-world vibe to it and is frequented by locals and doesnt ...

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  • 13
    2.8 mi

    Canim Cigerim

    2.8 mi from Ciragan Palace Kempinski
    5 reviews

    Seriously tasty liver kebab... (they have meat too, if you are too afraid to try) Great after clubbing... Thats what we do in Istanbul...

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  • 14
    1.35 mi

    Zuma Restaurant

    1.35 mi from Ciragan Palace Kempinski
    5 reviews

    Ever since dining at Zuma for our first anniversary, my wife and I have made a point of making our anniversary dinner the most extravagent meal we eat each year. While I was in Istanbul, writing for Time Out magazine, Istanbul won the Time Out Food and Drink Award for best new restaurant in 2008. Set right on the Bosphorus ...

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  • 15
    3.24 mi

    Kale Café

    3.24 mi from Ciragan Palace Kempinski
    4 reviews

    The food here is Yummy. Plus the location is very far from tourists. Sorta place where locals hang out. For vegetarians, their potato pancakes are good and ofcourse tea!

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  • 16
    2.48 mi

    Inci Pastanesi

    2.48 mi from Ciragan Palace Kempinski

    by walking only 10 min. best profiterol dessert at town. very old

  • 17
    3.69 mi

    Hafiz Mustafa

    3.69 mi from Ciragan Palace Kempinski
    4 reviews

    Great pastry shop. Best variety of Baklava and Turkish delights and lots of other nice sweet stuff to try.

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  • 18
    3.44 mi

    Hafız Mustafa Şekerlemeleri

    3.44 mi from Ciragan Palace Kempinski

    the best baklava ever !!! and beautiful view, this is a must visit if you are near the old city.

  • 19
    2.09 mi


    2.09 mi from Ciragan Palace Kempinski
    3 reviews

    The two main attractions to eating at Kitchenette are the decor and the outdoor setting. In the summertime Bebek is one of the most fashionable districts, especially at night. Dinner by candlelight at Kitchenette surrounded by young, chic Turks and Europeans is one of the best ways to feel in touch with modern Istanbul. Kitchenette's western fare is not bland ...

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  • 20
    2.9 mi


    2.9 mi from Ciragan Palace Kempinski
    3 reviews

    I've never actually been here but my wife and I used to order food from Picante online using Yemek Sepeti, Istanbul's main online delivery service. It was definitely the most serviceable Mexican food in the city.

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