City Suites Hotel Apartments

Ras Abu Abboud Road , P.O Box 9786, Doha, Qatar
1 review

Pros: We stayed here for the proximity to the airport as we were on a long layover. It is very close, only a 3 minute taxi ride away. Some grocery stores and fast food restaurants nearby. Room was spacious and clean: it was an apartment, after all. Reasonable value compared to exorbitant hotel costs elsewhere in Doha. Cons: Though close ...

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    0.9 mi


    0.9 mi from City Suites Hotel Apartments
    2 reviews

    Competent Moroccan spot with a lovely rooftop. A good place to sit and enjoy a pastilla and shisha as the sun sets.

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  • 2
    0.93 mi

    Asia Live!

    0.93 mi from City Suites Hotel Apartments
    1 review

    This restaurant is so much fun whether you are sitting at the grill or not. I have done both and they are equally a great experience. The restaurant is small enough that everyone gets to see every flip, cut and crack. I haven't ordered anything I didn't like. The sushi and sashimi taste really fresh and refreshing. The teppanyaki also ...

  • 3
    0.9 mi

    Khariss Cafe

    0.9 mi from City Suites Hotel Apartments

    A pleasant spot to grab coffee and people watch in the souq. The background scenery here makes for good photos if you want to sneak a few of passing locals.

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    0.9 mi

    Al Adhamiya

    0.9 mi from City Suites Hotel Apartments

    Competent restaurant offering a mix of Iraqi and Lebanese food. The nice location on the main thoroughfare of the souq makes for good people watching. The bread here was among the best we had in Doha. A decent if unexceptional spot for mezze, biryani, grilled meats, etc.

  • 5
    0.9 mi

    Cafe Tasse

    0.9 mi from City Suites Hotel Apartments

    Pleasant cafe serving up coffee, hot chocolate, tea, desserts and shisha. The location on the main street of the souq makes for great people watching. A good place to relax and popular with both expats and locals.

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  • 6
    0.63 mi

    Fish Market

    0.63 mi from City Suites Hotel Apartments
    1 review

    Don't be deceived by the name, which fools you into thinking this is a simple affair with fish fresh off the boats. It's in fact the beach front restaurant of the InterContinental Hotel, so it's a Disney-fied sort of 'market'. Even so, the setting is pleasant enough and the seafood brunch every Friday a good draw.

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  • 7
    1.35 mi

    DOH Doha International

    1.35 mi from City Suites Hotel Apartments
    4 reviews

    Not much to do. Very limited options for food and drink (can only get alcohol in one of the premier lounges). There is a lot of area dedicated to duty free shopping, but it is pretty crammed, so it gives a sense of claustrophobia. If you are going to spend more than a couple hours waiting for your next flight ...

  • 8
    2.02 mi


    2.02 mi from City Suites Hotel Apartments
    1 review

    I was there for the chicken, and they delivered! Great tender, crispy spicy chicken, just like I wanted. The hummus was spicy too, a nice change from what I'm used to.

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  • 9
    1.55 mi

    Chi'Zen Restaurant Doha

    1.55 mi from City Suites Hotel Apartments
    1 review

    This Chinese restaurant is as good as it gets in Doha. It is located in the very stylish Oryx Rotana hotel. The staff is very friendly, the menu is excellent and every dish is sizzling your taste buds. I love the dumplings and the tofu main dishes. They also serve an excellent sparkling wine there.

  • 10
    2.4 mi

    Al Mourjan

    2.4 mi from City Suites Hotel Apartments
    1 review

    Good Lebanese food with stellar views of the skyline. Our bread was a bit stale but the muhammara and other mezze were excellent. This is the only restaurant on the Corniche and a great way to enjoy views of the city and the Burj Qatar. Al fresco dining is a must in the evening hours.

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  • 11
    2.79 mi

    Il Teatro

    2.79 mi from City Suites Hotel Apartments
    1 review

    When you visit Il Teatro where you might need to bring your own flashlight. It is really dark in there, but as long as you don't trip of anything in the dimly lit restaurant, the food is delicious. The buffet is much more delicious than many other buffet fare and allows you to sample everything they have to offer. It ...

  • 12
    1.5 mi

    Sara Restaurant

    1.5 mi from City Suites Hotel Apartments
    1 review

    The antidote to most of the more homogenised bling of Doha's restaurants is this Pakistani place with friendly staff and yummy curries. If you're particular about whether your 'meat' curry contains goat or lamb, you might want to ask before ordering. Very reasonably priced, by local standards.

  • 13
    1.55 mi


    1.55 mi from City Suites Hotel Apartments
    1 review

    Palmoma's guacamole is probably the best I have had in Doha. It is delicious and will make you go back for more. On the weekends they have a band that comes in, I believe it is just on the evenings, but it may well be on week nights as well. This is a fun place for dancing, dining, and eating ...

  • 14
    1.55 mi


    1.55 mi from City Suites Hotel Apartments
    1 review

    This is a quiet restaurant where we have been the only guests on more than one occasion. Service can be a bit slow, especially for a restaurant so sparsely visited, but the food is worth it. Main meals are served in candle heated mini chaffing dishes which is a nice touch, but can clutter your table in short order. The ...

  • 15
    1.36 mi

    Costa Coffee @Doha International Airport

    1.36 mi from City Suites Hotel Apartments
    2 reviews

    Average coffee shop in the Doha Airport. Outside of the premier lounges, Costa is probably your best option for food and drink

  • 16
    2.99 mi

    The Lobby Lounge at the Ritz Carlton

    2.99 mi from City Suites Hotel Apartments

    Late night tea drinking spot for Doha's movers and "Sheikhers." Filled with local men who wheel and deal into the late evening. Alcohol is also served. Good people watching but minimal mingling.

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  • 17
    2.22 mi


    2.22 mi from City Suites Hotel Apartments
    1 review

    Be aware that the menus can be huge and unwieldy. Depending on where you are sitting the band can be pleasant background noise or a teeth shatteringly loud distraction. Have them reseat you if you don’t want to be near the band. The food I have had there has always been good. Sometimes they are a bit heavy on the ...

  • 18
    2.43 mi

    Al Shaheen Restaurant Sheraton Doha Resort & Convention Hotel

    2.43 mi from City Suites Hotel Apartments
    1 review

    We went to Al Shaheen for the Friday brunch. As far as views go for a Friday brunch in Doha this is one of the best. You have a panoramic view of the whole city. The food ranged from schwarmas to omelets and many things in between. A chocolate fountain is always a surefire way to keep the brunchers happy. ...

  • 19
    3.24 mi

    Market by Jean-Georges

    3.24 mi from City Suites Hotel Apartments
    1 review

    Quite nice, but not all that I expected from Jean-Georges. While everything was tasty, the flavors didn't show much on the local side - to me it was not so different from any hotel restaurant, though better quality than average.

  • 20
    6.62 mi

    Salad Boutique

    6.62 mi from City Suites Hotel Apartments
    1 review

    The salads are crazy! Huge and creative presentation...

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